10 Supernatural Deaths That Have Left Authorities Baffled

These will creep you out!

5. Christopher Case

Christopher Case died of mysterious circumstances, these Supernatural Deaths That Have Left Authorities Baffled

In April 1991, medical examiners listed heart failure as the cause of death for Christopher Case, a 35-year-old resident of Seattle. But was it really heart failure, or had Case actually been cursed by a witch whose affections he had refused? Case was a healthy, fit 35-year old that didn’t drink or use drugs, with no history of serious health issues. The only odd thing about Christopher Case was that he claimed to know that his death was on the way.

Case refused the advances of a woman he had met while in San Francisco. While getting to know one another, she had informed Case that she was a witch, unsettling Case, who then turned down her advances. Shortly after returning home to Seattle, Case became convinced that he had been cursed by the woman for his refusal. He called friends shortly before he died, telling them that the woman was attacking him during the night, leaving bruises and small cuts on his body and that there were strange things occurring in his home. He further stated that he was afraid for his life, feeling that he would die in the near future unless he could find some way to lift the curse.

Case’s friends began to worry about him, eventually calling the Seattle police department to request a welfare check after not having heard from him. What the police found was truly disturbing. His home was filled crucifixes and various talismans apparently intended to protect him from the curse. There were also numerous candles, and lines of salt had been poured along the walls, doors, and windows for further protection. The police found Case in his bathroom. He was discovered in his bathtub, fully clothed and kneeling. There were more candles, crucifixes, and salt in the bathroom around him. Case had died but from a heart attack? Or the curse of a spurned witch?

4. Gaurav Tiwari

Gaurav Tiwari may have been followed by an evil spirit. His death and many other Supernatural Deaths Have Left Authorities Baffled
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Gaurav Tiwari, a 32-year-old paranormal investigator was found unconscious in his Delhi, India home on July 8th, 2016. His family stated that they had heard a loud noise from the bathroom before discovering him unconscious on the bathroom floor. He later died at the hospital of apparent asphyxiation, and there was an unusual black line around his neck that was only discovered after he had died.

Tiwari was a prolific paranormal investigator, having visited over 6,000 homes in the course of his career. His family revealed that he had felt that a negative energy had attached itself to him around a month before he died. The death was ruled a suicide, but his family felt that even though he had shown some signs of depression due to a heavy workload, he was typically happy and had no reason to take his own life. Many now wonder if a negative energy in Tiwari’s life could have influenced him, causing him to commit suicide, or if he was physically attacked by a demonic entity.

3. John Edison Malacay

Blood splattered on the walls, the death of John Edison Malacay is troubling and possibly paranormal. This and many other Supernatural Deaths Have Left Authorities Baffled

Ten day old John Edison Malacay died under mysterious circumstances in December 2011. Located in Sitio Magay, Barangay Tangke, Talisay City, John Edison’s grandparents found red spatters that turned out to be blood on the floor of their daughter’s home in the early morning hours. Assuming that rats could be the cause of the spatters, Virgil Abarquez called to his daughter and told her what had been found. John Edison’s mother Kimberly found her child with blood draining from his mouth and nose as well as what looked like a puncture in his navel. The child was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

While authorities suspect foul play in the death of John Edison Malacay, his family along with friends and spiritual leaders believe that it is the work of some type of supernatural creature, noting that blood was also found on the ceiling of the home. Kimberly stated that her son was healthy and that no strange noises or activities had been observed that would indicate a normal human intruder. Neighbors stated that they had heard bird sounds and that bloodstains had also been spotted on the rooftop of the home.

2. Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam's death is very perplexing. It's one of many Supernatural Deaths That Have Left Authorities Baffled
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Elisa Lam’s strange behavior and bizarre death have baffled authorities. The 21-year-old Canadian student disappeared on January 31st, 2013 while vacationing at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Prior to her disappearance, Lam was captured on video surveillance, exhibiting unusual behavior on a Cecil Hotel elevator. In the video, she seems to be anxious. She is seen peering out of the elevator, almost as if she is afraid that she is being followed. Lam was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but was taking medication that seemed to alleviate her symptoms. Her family stated that she had never exhibited any type of suicidal tendencies.

Lam’s body was discovered on February 19th, 2013 in a rooftop water tank where she apparently drowned. Her body was only discovered after hotel guests began to complain about the water being foul.

The Cecil Hotel is known for its infamous guests, and it’s seen its share of tragedies. Richard Ramirez, better known as the Night Stalker lived at the hotel for a time, and there have been numerous deaths at the hotel since it opened in 1927. Today it’s known as one of the most haunted hotels in America. While Lam’s death was officially listed as an accidental drowning, many wonder if the hotel’s haunted atmosphere may have had a negative effect on her. There are also many questions as to how she made her way into the water tank in the first place. Doors and stairs leading to the roof are all locked and alarmed and are only accessible by staff. The fire escape is one explanation of how Lam accessed the rooftop, but only if she knew about its existence.

1. Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass incident is so strange. It's one of many Supernatural Deaths That Have Left Authorities Baffled
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Over the years, there has been much speculation about what actually took place during what should have been an enjoyable excursion by a group of Russian skiers. On the night of February 2nd, 1959, nine team members of the Dyatlov hiking and ski team died on the Eastern slope of Kholat Syakhl. There has been no concrete explanation for their deaths, or the events that led up to the incident.

The team set up camp on Kholat Syakhl after a course change brought on by a snowstorm. It would be several weeks before the first bodies were discovered. The ski team was expected to arrive in Vizhai on February 11th, 1959. Once there, they were to send telegrams to family members, telling them of their safe arrival. When no contact was made, the team’s families weren’t initially concerned, but when more than a week had passed with no contact, they requested that search party be assembled. It wasn’t until February 25th that a military pilot saw the derelict camp.

The rescue team discovered the camp in disarray, with the tent sliced open from the inside and clothing strewn about. Footprints of people dressed haphazardly in socks or bare feet lead investigators to the first two bodies, both men, dressed only in undergarments. The men were found near the forest and there were signs of a fire nearby. Three more bodies were found closer to the camp, and it seemed that they were attempting to return to the tent. It was thought that all five individuals died from hypothermia.

Two months passed before the final four team members were found in a ravine near where the first two bodies were discovered. All four bodies showed signs of major trauma or crush injuries and one body was missing their tongue. There were no external injuries, but small amounts of radiation were detected on the bodies and the clothing they were wearing.

After a final examination of the bodies, the remains of the camp, and the state that it was left in, investigators determined that the team died due to an encounter with a “natural force they were unable to overcome.” Access to the site was limited for a period of three years, with the investigation results listed as classified.

Many questions have arisen as to what really happened to the skiers. Numerous theories have been put forth, including a yeti attack, Soviet military tests, and UFOs. It has been noted that balls of light were seen near the camp and could have been responsible for the death of the ski team, but no official explanation for the lights has ever been given.