10 Supernatural Deaths That Have Left Authorities Baffled

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With today’s modern technology, an unsolved death is a rare thing. Still, there are those cases when even if the physical cause of death has been determined, the motive and circumstances behind it remain a mystery. Listed below are ten cases that many consider to be supernatural deaths with undetermined motives.

10. Carl Pruitt

Carl Pruitt murdered his wife with a chain. His death and many other Supernatural Deaths Have Left Authorities Baffled
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Carl Pruitt continued to demonstrate his displeasure with life even after he was dead and buried. In 1938 while living in Pulaski County, Kentucky, Pruitt discovered his wife cheating on him with another man. Rather than simply walking away and getting on with his life, Pruitt strangled his wife to death with a chain and then took his own life. Understandably, the family of Mrs. Pruitt requested that Pruitt be buried in a cemetery in another town, having no desire to see his grave every time they visited their loved one. Here’s where things start to get strange.

After he was buried, people began to notice unusual marks appearing on and around Pruitt’s grave. The grass on his grave was discolored, and circular stains began to appear on the gravestone itself, eventually taking the form of a chain. The strange chainlike formation naturally drew the attention of the curious, and soon rumors began to spread about Pruitt and his grave.

Around a month after the chain appeared on the grave, a group of young boys visited the cemetery to see the grave. James Collins, in an attempt to prove his lack of fear, tossed a rock at Pruitt’s grave, which chipped off a piece of the headstone. Shortly after, the boys left the cemetery on their bicycles. As he pedaled home, Collins had an accident on his bike that resulted in his bike chain wrapping around his neck, strangling and killing him. In a fit of grief and rage, Collin’s mother attacked Pruitt’s grave with an ax. The day after this incident, she became tangled in a clothesline while hanging laundry. As she struggled, she lost her footing and the clothesline wrapped around her neck, strangling her to death.

Three other people died after showing disrespect for Pruitt and his grave, including a police officer who had been dispatched by a local congressman to investigate the deaths associated with Pruitt’s final resting place. All three died as a result of some type of injury to the neck and throat – two by strangulation and in the case of the police officer, near decapitation. As a result of all of the tragedy associated with the cemetery, many family members opted to have their loved ones moved to other locations, and eventually, the graveyard became overgrown and forgotten. Carl Pruitt’s remains were one of the few that wasn’t moved.

9. The Jamison Family

The Jamison Family disappearance is considered mysterious. It's one of a few Supernatural Deaths That Have Left Authorities Baffled
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On October 8th, 2009, Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison along with their six-year-old daughter Madyson went for a 30-mile drive to view a 40-acre plot of land they were considering buying in the Sans Bois Mountains near Red Oak Oklahoma. All three of the Jamisons disappeared on that day, and it was four years before their bodies were found. People disappear all the time, but the circumstances that the Jamisons were in at the time of their disappearance were anything but normal. Many people today feel that theirs were paranormal deaths, due to the activities that were taking place in their lives at the time.

Gary Brandon, the Jamison’s family pastor came forward to say that the family had come to him for guidance because they believed that their house was haunted and that they were under spiritual attack. They revealed to Brandon that they had made contact with spirits in their home and that their daughter Madyson, in particular, was carrying on conversations with a little girl that had previously died in the house. Brandon went on to say that Bobby Jamison was particularly distraught by the haunting and that he requested “special bullets” that he hoped to use to kill the invading spirits. Niki Shenold, a close friend of Sherilyn went on to say that not only was the house haunted by a negative presence but that Bobby, who was typically known for being kind and even-tempered would suddenly go after his wife in a manner that was not at all like him. Sherilyn had told her friend that she was concerned that her husband was possessed.

Four years after they disappeared, the Jamisons were found in the woods, face down in a row, not too far from where their truck was found during the initial search. There has been some speculation that it was a murder-suicide, due to a hole that was found in the back of Bobby Jamison’s skull, but there were no similar wounds found on Sherilyn or Madyson. The autopsies were inconclusive as to the cause of death due to the amount of time the bodies had been exposed to the elements.

8. Zigmund Adamski

Zigmund Adamski's death is very strange, borderline paranormal. These are Supernatural Deaths That Have Left Authorities Baffled
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On June 6th, 1980, Zigmund Adamski, a 57-year-old coal worker left his home in Tingley in the late afternoon to do some shopping. When he didn’t show up for a wedding the next day, family members grew concerned and started asking around in an attempt to discover his whereabouts. According to those who knew him, Adamski was well thought of, with no known enemies, but he had apparently vanished.

It was several days later, on June 11th, 1980 that Adamski was discovered by Trevor Parker, in a coal yard near a railway in Todmorden approximately 30 miles from his home. Adamski was found on top of a ten-foot coal pile, positioned face-up and looking as if he’d been dropped or deposited there. He was missing his shirt but was otherwise clothed, and he had strange burns on his neck and shoulders. Even stranger was the fact that the burns had been treated with an unidentified ointment that the medical examiner couldn’t identify. Though Adamski had been missing for five days, he only had light stubble on his face, and his stomach contents suggested that he has recently eaten. Though the official cause of death was listed as a heart attack, many speculate about the possibility of extraterrestrial abduction as being the true cause of Adamski’s disappearance and death. Alan Godfrey was one of the first police officers on the scene, and he later claimed to have been abducted by aliens approximately six months after Adamski’s death and just a mile away from where his body was discovered. This further fueled the idea that Adamski’s was a paranormal death brought about by an alien abduction.

7. The Mutilated Man

This brutal murder can't be explained. It's part of a series of Supernatural Deaths That Have Left Authorities Baffled
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In 1994, an unidentified Brazilian man was found horribly mutilated in the Guarapiranga Reservoir, in the Southern portion of São Paulo, Brazil. The corpse was missing his left eye, left ear, and lips. His rectum had also been cored out, and numerous internal organs had also been removed. While this in itself is disturbing, the way in which his organs had been removed takes this into the realm of the strange and downright creepy. According to the medical examiners, the internal organs were removed from the body by some type of vacuum or suction mechanism. Several exit holes were found on his body, through which the organs were removed. The body had also been completely drained of its blood supply.

While the official cause of death was listed as a heart attack induced by pain and shock, there has been a lot of speculation as to who actually did this. Comparisons have been made between the mutilated man and the numerous cattle mutilations that have come to be associated with UFO sightings. The removal of organs and soft tissue was done quickly and with precision, and the site where the man was found was relatively clean of blood and other evidence. It is thought by many that the procedures performed on the man are beyond the technical expertise of man and that the mutilated man was the victim of alien experiments.

6. Michael Faherty

The spontaneous combustion of Michael Faherty is a trouble death indeed. It's one of many Supernatural Deaths That Have Left Authorities Baffled
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Dr. Kieran McLoughlin, the coroner for West Galway, Ireland gave his first verdict of death by spontaneous human combustion in his 25 years as a medical professional. On December 22nd, 2010, Michael Faherty was discovered in his living room at his home in Galway. His neighbor called the police after hearing a fire alarm and witnessing smoke pouring from the man’s window. Faherty’s body was completely burned, but the only damage to the house was the floor beneath him and ceiling above. A fire in the nearby fireplace was ruled out as the cause.

Spontaneous human combustion is believed by some to be the result of an internal chemical reaction that requires no external source for ignition. There is no definitive proof of this, and there is a lot of conjecture as to the real cause of the phenomena. There have been hundreds of reports of spontaneous human combustion, but unfortunately, there have only been a handful of cases that have actually been investigated with any real expertise.


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