10 Random Facts That Will Tickle Your Fancy

Curious tidbits to impress your friends

Here are ten random facts in neat little visual cards. From fruit that could blow your face off to N64’s Goldeneye never having its famous multiplayer, sit back and prepare for your eyebrows to launch off your face. These are some unbelievable facts!

Amazing random facts
Cats sleep for 70% of their life

It’s true! Cat’s spend the majority of their lives sprawled out snoozing in the sun. Compared to the average human sleeping one third of their day, it sounds pretty damn sweet. You might also find it interesting that cats need 7 times less light to see at night than humans so that’s another way that makes cats so amazing.

Amazing and random facts
19th of March is National Chocolate Caramel Day

19th of March is indeed National Chocolate Caramel day. It’s generally spent celebrating the magnificent combination that is chocolate and caramel while stuffing down as many cakes, cookies, slices, tarts, cheesecakes, puddings and spoonfuls of ice cream that you can possibly handle. So go on, punch someone in the face and remind them of what a grand day it is.

Random Facts that are amazing
A group of pugs is called a grumble

Not much needs to be said about this random fact other than should you find yourself surrounded by enough pugs to make it a grumble count your blessings for you are about to have the best afternoon of your life.

Random facts to tickle your fancy
Notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar had so much cash hidden it is estimated that rats ate $1 billion of his profits per year

‘The King of Cocaine’ Pablo Escobar (1949 – 1993) was a notorious Columbian drug lord. He is regarded as the most wealthy criminal in history with an estimated net-worth of US$30 billion dollars as of the early nineties.

Amazing random facts
Over 4 million Japanese golfers have hole-in-one insurance. An average policy pays out over 3000 dollars for holing an ace.

There is indeed a sector of the insurance industry that caters to golfers getting a hole in one. It is said that it originated in Japan as it’s customary for the lucky golfer to throw lavish parties for all his friends. So the hole-in-one policy was born to cover the cost of celebrations.

Wow they are some great random facts
Goldeneye’s famous multiplayer on N64 was a last minute addition

Believe it or not N64’s seminal shooter Goldeneye nearly shipped without the iconic multiplayer that made it so famous. In fact it was developed in just a month without management at Rare or Nintendo knowing about it. Sliding doors moment much?

Random facts that are amazing
One Google query uses 1000 computers and takes just 0.2 seconds to retrieve the answer

Next time your Internet seems to be running slow try and remember that every query has to travel on average 1500 miles to a data centre and back again to come up with the answer.

Random facts to make you smarter
The Fruit of the Sandbox tree can explode launching seeds up to 40 metres at 240 kph

The Sandbox or Dynamite tree has a pumpkin-like fruit that can explode with extraordinary impact. Native to tropical regions of North and South America, the explosive fruit poses a real threat to farmers who often report of their cattle getting injured from the propelled seeds of this deadly tree.

Random yet amazing facts
Feel The Curves Coca-Cola campaign recalled for obscene imagery

In the mid 80’s Coca-Cola launched an ad campaign in South Australia to reintroduce their contour bottle with the slogan ‘Feel The Curves’. The campaign prompted a total recall of all advertising material after it was discovered that the artist responsible for the visuals added obscene imagery as a joke. He lost his job and was sued by Coca-Cola for the stunt.

Random Facts!
60% of the apps in the Apple Store have never been downloaded.

Next time your Great Aunt tells you that ‘You’ve just gotta make one of those apps. They all make a ton of money.’ don’t listen to her and remember that there are over 2000 flash light apps in existence.

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