Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels 2016

From a kid that pisses in buckets to the king of Youtube himself PewDiePie, join us as we take a look at the top 10 most subscribed Youtube Channels of 2016.

(NOTE: Due to the rapid, ever changing nature of subscriber counts, we’ve rounded down to the nearest whole number and added the > symbol to give an approximate value of each channel’s subscriber count)




10 – TaylorSwiftVEVO



No real surprises here considering the sheer volume of media attention Taylor Swift gets. With an estimated net worth of US$250 million, 10 Grammy Awards and a string of hugely popular albums, it’s little wonder her Youtube channel is in the top 10.

The channel is claimed by VEVO, which is the biggest Youtube network in the world. Now, if you don’t know what Youtube networks are, they’re basically like glorified talent managers that represent channels.

Each month Taylor Swift’s Youtube channel gets approximately 168,000,000 views and earns around US$500,000.

Subscriber count: >20,475,000

9 – OneDirectionVEVO



Another VEVO claimed channel here with One Direction.

With five hit albums under their belts, these pouty-lipped, lover boys have sent young girls and boys into a frenzy across the world. Deviously formulated by Simon Cowell in the seventh season of British X-Factor, this money making, musical juggernaut knows only one direction – that’s straight to the bank.

Their Youtube channel alone makes around US$200,000 per month, wracking up 85,000,000 views every 30 days.

Subscriber count: >21,138,000

8 – ElrubiusOMG



Spanish born Rubén Doblas Gundersen, better known as El Rubius posts a range of video content from gaming and vlogs to comedy skits. He started uploading to Youtube in 2006. The channel didn’t gain traction till around 2012 when his Chat Roulette series, videos of him trolling video chat users, brought in millions of subscribers, making him the second most subscribed to Spanish channel on Youtube.

Subscriber count: >21,734,000

7 – Smosh



Smosh are a sketch comedy duo that began uploading videos to Youtube way back in 2005. Best known for their video game inspired skits and songs, their first viral hit came when they lip-synced the Pokemon theme, wracking up millions of hits.

Since Youtube went live, Smosh have held the most subscribed to crown on three separate occasions, from May to June 2006, then from April 2007 to September 2008 and finally their last reign at the top lasted from January to August 2013.

Subsriber count: >22,469,000

6 – RihannaVEVO



Yet another VEVO channel here, this time it’s Rihanna.

Being one of the best-selling singer song writers of all time, it’s only natural that she’d have one of the highest ranking Youtube channels to date. Boasting over 200 million record sales worldwide, Rihanna has won eight Grammy Awards and has been consistently played on the radio for over ten years.

Her Youtube channel gets around 160,000,000 views per month, wracking up over 200,000 subscribers every 30 days.

Subscriber count: >23,508,000


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