10 Ghost Photos That Can’t Be Explained

5. The Ghost of Dark Hedges

Ghost photos that can't be explained.

Photographer Gordon Watson took this photo while visiting the Dark Hedges, in Stranocum, County Antrim, a location made famous by the HBO series Game of Thrones.

A ghostly figure, known as the Grey Lady, is said to haunt this old stretch of road. She has been reported for many years by witnesses that say she floats the length of the road before vanishing at the last beech tree. Legend has it that it’s the ghost of an old maid that died mysteriously hundreds of years ago.

Many tourists flock to this road in the hope of seeing the Grey Lady, however it is thought that this is the first hard evidence of her existence.

Photographer, Kevin McAuley, examined the photograph and told the local newspaper the Ballymoney Times that it hadn’t been doctored or digitally enhanced in any way.  

4. Haunted School Yard

Ghost photos that can't be explained

Photographed in 1977, in an English school yard, this chilling image shows a transparent person walking behind a group of school children. Mrs Gregory, who took the photo during the children’s silver jubilee, was adamant that no one was walking in the background. Is this the spirit of a deceased school teacher?

3. Jessica Alba is Haunted

A ghost photo that can't be explained.

On January 13, 2016, celebrity movie star Jessica Alba posted a photo to her Instagram with the caption ‘I have no idea what that is ? freaky.’ In the background it’s clear that there is some kind of blue shaded figure staring at the camera. What do you think? Is this real or is she whipping up some good PR?

2. The Ghost of Balwyn Manor

These Ghost photos can't be explained

This unsettling photo was taken in November 2005 by photographer Tom Halstead. Halstead said he snapped this figure as it came up the stairs of the old mansion. He was using 35 mm film and reportedly the figure can be seen on the film’s negative which makes this very compelling evidence of the existence of ghosts.

1. Missing Limb

A ghost photo that can't be explained   

This photo was submitted to a ghost investigation forum in 2015. The user, who goes by the name of Peter, said he was taking some Christmas family photos when he noticed something disturbing. In one of the photos his daughter’s arm went missing and in it’s place a shadow with long slender fingers appeared. The shadow also doesn’t match what the little girl is wearing. It looks as though the dark figure is wearing a long dress.

So there’s our top 10 list of ghost photos that can’t be explained. Did this listicle of ghost stories scare you or are they all just fake? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.