10 Creepy Websites You Have To See!

Have you visited any of these?

5. The Beatles Never Broke Up

Creepy websites you have to visit.

If you’re a fan of The Beatles and open to the possibility of inter-dimensional time travel then this odd website is sure to pique your interest. The owner of this website, known by his alias ‘James Richards’, claims to have come into possession of an unreleased Beatles album.

On September 9, 2009 Richards alleges that he hit his head while walking his dog by a desolate road just west of Turlock, California. When he awoke he was nursing a bandaged head inside a strange man’s house. It’s here he was told that he’d been taken to an alternate dimension. He said the man worked for a sort of multi-dimensional travel agency and was tasked with exploring unknown timelines in other universes.

To cut a long story short, Richards claims to have taken a cassette that contains an unreleased album of The Beatles, who in the alternate timeline never broke up. If you’re keen to have a listen, the album is uploaded to his blog.

One major critique of this whole concept is that the album is just a mashup of solo work produced by individual members of The Beatles. Richards defends this point by saying that even though in the alternate universe the band stayed together their future musical ideas would have been the same but manifested in a different form. I.e. their solo work from our reality became a future Beatles albums in the other realm.

For a Beatles fan, this creepy website is a fascinating read and it’s worth listening to the album one lazy afternoon. If nothing else, the mash up is pretty impressive.

4. Untitled

Creepy Websites you have to visit.

This very mysterious website seems to be the beginnings of an application to some kind of forum. All there is is a login button and an email address to apply for membership. It says you should already know what you need to apply. Googling the website comes up with very little information. Some say it’s a gateway to an underground hacking community.

3. The Last Meals Project

Creepy websites you have to see to believe.

This anti capital punishment website was created by artist and photographer Jonathan Kambouris. It documents the last meals of a range of prisoners on death row, from first time offenders to serial killers and the mentally ill.

The landing page is a series of photos of prisoners and their requested last meals. It’s a very unnerving and surreal experience browsing these photos. Observing the contents of someones very last meal while staring at their mug shot really drives home the finality of capital punishment.

2. Human Leather

Creepy websites you have to see.
Human Leather

This understated website is offering an incredibly creepy product – human leather. The goods are pitched at the most discerning of clientele, odd folk with very specific taste. There’s a range of belts, shoes, wallets and other accessories made from 100% human skin.

According to their FAQ, the leather is sourced from people who have bequeathed their skin prior to dying. They claim that it’s not illegal but with prices starting at US$15,000 it’s difficult to tell whether this website is a hoax or not. I’m not exactly about to cough up that much money just to see if a real ball-bag wallet turns up at my door step.

1. Magibon

creepy websites you have to see

Creep levels are at maximum with this one. Magibon was a vlog style Youtuber that starting uploading videos back in 2006. She was best known for her ‘staring videos’ where she’d look doe eyed into the camera for around 30 seconds. These videos became hugely popular, some wracking up millions of views. However, despite her growing popularity she inexplicably stopped uploading in 2015. And after some hefty googling no one seems to know where she went.

Now here’s the creepy part. Magibon.com is a very unsettling website that hosts two videos that play on loop. They depict a man in a gas mask known as ‘Frank’ writhing about on the floor. Disturbing imagery of dolls and bugs flicker on screen. Photos of Magibon are spliced in between these graphic scenes. Japanese phrases appear that translate roughly as: ‘I want Magibon’. ‘Wait to come back’ and ‘Let’s do it baby’. The final link on the website takes you to a page that just displays the words ‘I’m sorry’.

Ordinarily I’d just dismiss a website like this as the work of an Internet troll looking to frighten a few wayward visitors. But the fact that Magibon mysteriously stopped uploading videos over a year ago makes for a troubling conclusion.

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