10 Creepy Websites You Have To See!

Have you visited any of these?

From ordering freshly gargled milk to perusing satanic rituals, join us as we take a look at 10 creepy websites you just have to visit! If you want to build your own website for your own business or maybe making something as weird as some of these then take a look at this website to help you choose a website builder. When it comes to making your website though you want to make sure that it is perfect. There are many ways that you can do this, for example, creating a user flow might help you when it comes to your website. You just have to find the thing that works for you though. Whether you are using your website for business or something else, there is always something else you can do to help your website.

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10. White Power Milk

Creepy websites
White Power Milk

This website offers milk that has been gargled by rich, white girls. White Power Milk claims that their milk becomes purified once rinsed in the mouths of their selection of, what they call, girls from the ‘upper echelons of society’. The gargling girls must be white, in peak physical condition and from an ‘elite’ pocket of society.

The milk, which is extraordinarily expensive at US$130 for 2 ounces, can be purchased with a video of your chosen white girl gargling the very milk you’ve ordered. The video is uploaded and sent to you via a private link.

So not only is the concept deeply troubling and elitist it’s actually difficult to tell whether the site is for real. In their FAQ the first question asks ‘Is this real? Do the girls really gargle the milk you sell?’ and the answer is yes. But in their terms and conditions one section says ‘a portion of the information on this website has been fictionalized’. So whether that can be read as this whole thing is a sick joke, remains a mystery.

9. Yyyyyyy

Creepy websites you have to see

This curious web destination is boggling to say the least. The landing page is a wash of nonsensical information. It looks like a collage of the Internet circa 2001. However, the strangest part is that the website changes every time you visit. I must have refreshed around five or six times and each time saw a different mish-mash of imagery, text and symbols. No one particularly knows the meaning of the website if indeed it has one at all. After researching this creepy website I came by a thread on 4chan where someone had discovered another disturbing layer of the puzzle. If you follow this link here, you can see what appears to be a live feed into someones bedroom. The grainy and dark webcam footage is super unsettling, one has to wonder whether it’s consensual.

8. Joy of Satan

Creepy websites you have to visit

The first thing you’ll notice about this creepy website is the Angel Fire goodness. The low quality banners, the eyeball searing contrasted coloured links and basic text. However, at its core is a rather in depth website concerning satanism and black magic. It tries to pose satanism as a genuine form of spirituality, offering advice and guiding articles on how to relinquish your soul to the devil. Creepier still, there’s a link to a Yahoo group that is actively recruiting young children into the practice of satanism.

7. The Snuggle Buddies

Creepy websites you have to visit.

This website offers a cuddling service for those in need of some human interaction. That’s right, you can actually hire people to snuggle with. All you have to do is jump on this creepy website, browse the available women (I don’t think men are available for cuddling), then choose whether you want them to come to your house or hotel or you can even go to the snugglers house. The website touts the therapeutic benefits of hugging, which can be beneficial on some levels, but the whole terminology of the website reeks of an escort agency – in calls, out calls, hourly rates – it all makes for a very uncomfortable concept.

6. Afterlife Telegrams

Creepy Websites you have to visit.


This creepy website doesn’t exist anymore and it’s probably for the better. Created back in 2003, Afterlife Telegrams would charge $5 per word for a message to be delivered to those who have passed away. How is that even possible? Well, former owner of the website, Paul Kinsella would recruit patients dying of terminal diseases and ask them to memorise his clients’ telegrams so they could pass them on in the afterlife once they died.

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