10 Alien Abduction Cases That Have the Government Worried

These stories are incredible!

5. The Colonel Shaw Attempted Abduction

The Colonal Shaw alien encounter is one of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases

This is among the earliest known alien abduction cases and was reported by the Stockton Evening Mail in 1896. Colonel Shaw had been traveling in a horse carriage together with a companion and they were headed towards Lodi, California.

Their horses became suddenly startled after they saw three strange beings by the road’s side. The creatures appeared to be slender humanoids that were about 7 feet tall, bald and with a soft velvet skin covering their bodies. They didn’t communicate but rather warbled towards them in a chant. They were holding lamps that seemed to shine unnaturally brightly. The humanoids were indescribably beautiful according to Shaw.

They attempted to lift him and carry him away but Shaw proved to be too heavy for them. They then put him down and floated away. Shaw attempted to follow them but they reached a huge spaceship which floated away.

4. The Abduction of Jesse Long

The Jesse Long story is one of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases

Long was only five years of age when he met with and was abducted by ETs for the first time. He had been playing in the woods with his brother when they came across a round structure in a small clearing. It was then that a tall figure surfaced and paralyzed them.

Long then recalls being carried into the craft and being put upon a table. He then saw and felt figures around him prodding at his legs. Jesse claims that he was then abducted multiple times over the next few years. Some of the experiments included extracting his sperm to make a crossbreed with an extra-terrestrial female.

Long says that in 1990, the aliens presented to him a baby that they claimed was his. He was introduced to a further nine of his hybrid kids.

3. The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas

Antonio Villas Boas is one of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases
Nexus Illuminati

Antonio Villas Bolas, a Brazilian farmer, saw a red-like star in October 1957. As the light got closer, Boas began making out the shape of a spaceship. It used three leg-like structures to land on his field. He attempted to escape on his tractor but was quickly captured by a small humanoid that had blue eyes.

Boas says that he was taken to the ship and covered with a gel-like substance. He claims to have been forced into having sex with a female creature that had pubic hair which glowed red. The aim of the aliens was to create hybrids that would be raised by ETs.

He was then escorted from the craft and arrived on Earth about 4 hours later. Boas had burns on his body and complained of nausea and headaches. Doctors eventually diagnosed him of radiation sickness.

2. The Maury Island Incident

The Maury Island Incident is one of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases
NW Legends Museum

Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman claim they were working as harbour patrolmen near Maury Island when they observed about six disk-shaped objects approximately 2000 ft above their boat. It’s approximated that they were about 100 ft in diameter plus a central hole which was about 25 ft.

According to the two men, one of the craft poured a strange substance that resembled lava or white metal onto their boat. The mysterious liquid is thought to have broken a worker’s arm and killed a dog as it landed on their boat.

Dahl claims that he was later contacted by a strange man wearing a black suit and was told to not talk about the Maury Island Incident.

Later Crisman and Dahl were contacted by an Air Force intelligence officer who was curious about the case. After recording all the details of the encounter the Air Force officer died in a car crash on his way back to California.

Some historians think that the Maury Island Incident was a hoax. They believe Crisman and Dahl made the whole thing up in an effort to sell the story for money to a local magazine.

Others however think the encounter has too many details to possibly be fake. It’s now known as one of the most famous alien encounter cases in recorded history.

1. The Abduction of Betty Andreasson Luca

Betty Andreasson Luca is one of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases
New England Folklore

On January 25, 1967, Luca was in the kitchen of her home at South Ashburnham, Massachusetts while her father, mother and her seven children were in the living room.

At around 6.30 p.m., the lights in the house suddenly flickered and went dark for a moment. This was followed by a reddish-orange pulsating light that shined through the kitchen window. She says she began calming her frightened kids as her father went to look at the situation. This is when he saw a clique of strange-looking humanoids approaching the house in hopping motion.

The five creatures came into the house through the wooden door. The frightened family was then suspended in the air into a state of unawareness. One of the creatures then went over to her dad while the leader of the E.Ts approached Betty and established telepathic communication with her. He seemed to be about 5 feet tall while the other four looked to be about 4 feet tall.

Additionally, they had pear-shaped heads, wide eyes, and very small noses and ears. Their mouths, it seemed, were slits that looked like scar lines to Betty. Additionally, each of the creatures had a blue uniform complete with a Sam Browne-type belt.

There was also an insignia of a bird which was fixed on their sleeves. They only had three digits on their hands. They had boot-like attire on their feet and seemed to float instead of walk.

Nevertheless, Miss Andreasson’s initial feeling of fright was quickly calmed by an overpowering sensation of friendship. When Betty expressed her concern for her family’s well-being, the beings released her daughter Becky – who was eleven at the time – temporarily from her unawareness state to assure her that they meant well.

Betty was then taken outside and made to board a small craft that was perched on the side of a hill whose slope faced Betty’s backyard. The craft looked somewhat like two saucers with one inverted on top of the other, with a small structure at the top.

This small craft then ascended and joined the larger parent craft. It was here that Betty underwent a series of physical examinations using strange equipment. Moreover, she described being taken to a strange place where she was given lessons on some bizarre object which made her have a painful yet ecstatic experience.

She was then returned by two ETs back home at around 10.40 p.m. here; she found her family still in suspended animation with one being that had been left behind to watch over them. The creatures than used some form of mind control to remove them from the suspended state, put them into bed, and the left.

Betty says that the ETs had instructed her to forget about them until the time was right and that there were certain memories locked in her mind that she would unlock in due time.

Betty was a devout Christian who had never heard of anything to do with extra-terrestrials before that and actually thought the creatures to be from her religious beliefs. Additionally, she had only had ten years of schooling and her interests only revolved around her family and church.

A year-long investigation was carried out to determine the authenticity of her claims where she and her daughter were passed through lie-detector tests, hypnotic regression sessions, and character-reference checks. Both Betty and her daughter passed the tests.