10 Alien Abduction Cases That Have the Government Worried

These stories are incredible!

From a lady who claims to have been abducted by aliens too many times to remember to a man who says he’s fathered children with an extraterrestrial female creature, we count 10 famous alien abduction cases that have left the government worried.

For years, the US government discounted any reports that had anything to do with aliens, quipped that it has no interest in E.Ts (Extra-Terrestrials) or UFOs and that Area 51 was just some people’s imagination. Any reports that seemed ‘official’ were quickly relegated to the conspiracy theories section or regarded to be musings of a person that had had too much pot.

Well, it seems the potheads were correct after all. The Pentagon has confirmed that it has launched a $22 million program that will collect and examine ‘anomalous aerospace threats’.

In the wake of this revelation, how about we examine ten of the most bizarre alien abduction cases that have intrigued both us and the government in spite of its prior stance.

10. The Hilary Porter Case

The Hilary Porter alien encounter stories are some of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases

Hilary Porter, a Wales native, has reported that she was abducted by ETs on numerous occasions throughout her life. Hilary remembers an incident that occurred when she was five as she was playing in a bush with long grass behind her house when a reptilian-like ET that had black holes for a mouth and nose, and a scaly skin appeared. She describes it as being exceptionally strong and standing over five feet tall. The creature then proceeded to grab her and carry her to a disc-shaped ship.

Hilary was then stripped bare and put upon a bed where the E.T began prodding her with a variety of instruments. It was at this moment that Porter blacked out.

Many years later, Hilary was driving with her husband when they suddenly arrived at a garage. Neither of them remembered how they got there. Later that day as she was undressing, she noticed a triangular red suction mark on her belly.

After being abducted countless times, Ms. Porter claims to regularly suffer from piercing migraines as well as waking up with bloodstains on her clothes, and bruises and scratches on her body at times.

Hilary, who has even worked for the Ministry of Defense, has recreated images from her memories with extra-terrestrials. She also claims of being able to communicate with these beings telepathically and that their purpose of visiting earth is to collect human genetic material.

9. Betty and Barney Hill

The Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case is one of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases
Open Minds

On September 19, 1961 an American couple Betty and Barney Hill claim to have been abducted by aliens. Their detailed accounts would become known as the ‘flagship case’ of alien encounters.

It all began on their way home to New Hampshire from visiting Niagara Falls. While driving down Route 3 Betty noticed a strange light in the sky. At first she thought it must have been a falling star only it began to move erratically in different directions. After watching the strange light for some time the couple pulled over just south of Twin Mountain so they could take a better look. Betty examined the bright light with a pair of binoculars and what she saw was a spinning disk with what appeared to be windows running its length. At first they thought it was simply an airliner but the craft suddenly descended in their direction with bright flashing lights. The couple returned to their car and drove to a nearby mountain pass, Franconia Notch.

For some time they watched the object as it flew back and forth across the night’s sky until it suddenly descended once more and hovered just above the road. Barney slammed on his brakes and exited the vehicle. He could see eight to eleven humanoid figures peering out of the windows of the craft. Barney claims to that one of the beings communicated with him: ‘Stay where you are and keep looking’ as a long structure lowered from the hull of the craft. Barney ran back to the car hysterically shouting ‘they’re going to capture us’. The couple drove off at high speed but the sky suddenly became black and empty. Almost immediately the couple could hear a strange rhythmic beep or buzzing sound surround the car.  It bounced off the car and left Betty and Barney with a pulsing, tingling sensation through their bodies before a second wave of beeps took place. The couple noticed they had driven 56 kilometres in just a few minutes. They felt numb and their minds were dull.

Upon arriving home in the early hours of the morning Betty and Barney found that their memories of the previous night were fragmented while having strange impulses. Betty insisted that her luggage be kept at the rear of the house and not in the usual spot. Barney felt the urge to examine his genitals over and over. Their watches stopped giving time. Mysterious concentric circles were found on their car that would send compasses into a spin. Betty found one of her dresses to be irreparably damaged, covered in a strange pink powder. However, she placed the clothing on the line and the pink powder blew away. The clothes were subjected to tests from five independent laboratories.

On September 21 Betty phoned Pease Air Force Base to report the UFO incident. She was interviewed by Major Paul W Henderson who would file a report stating that the Hill’s had misidentified Jupiter. The report was later changed a number of times from ‘optical condition’ to ‘inversion’ and finally ‘insufficient data’.

The couple would later go on to try hypnosis in an attempt to unlock some of the blurry memories of the encounter.  They were referred by psychiatrist Dr. Stephens to hypnotist Benjamin Simon of Boston.

Barney’s hypnotherapy sessions revealed memories of being taken aboard a craft and getting examined by three humanoid figures. Under the hypnosis, Barney said things like: ‘Oh, those eyes. They’re there in my brain’ and ‘I was told to close my eyes because I saw two eyes coming close to mine, and I felt like the eyes had pushed into my eyes’. Barney described a dome shaped object placed over his genitals to retrieve a sperm sample. A long tube was inserted into his anus, his skin was scraped. The humanoid examiners studied his ears, hair and teeth. One seemed to be counting the vertebrae of Barney’s spine. The beings seemed to be communicating through telepathy and a strange and unknown language was heard by Barney several times during the encounter.

Betty’s sessions were remarkably similar to Barney’s with many matching and telling details.  She showed considerable emotional stress during one of the sessions which had to be ended early due to anxiety.

During one session Betty recalled a star map that she had been shown during the abduction. Dr Simon suggested she recreate the star-map as a way of processing her memories more clearly. She drew the map and explained that the long solid lines were ‘trade routes’ while the dotted lines were to stars less visited.

Local news papers broke the story to the public with the Boston Traveller boasting the front page headline: ‘UFO chiller: Did THEY seize couple?’

In 1966, writer John G Fuller with the aid of the Hills and Dr Simon wrote a book, detailing the abduction, called The Interrupted Journey which became a huge success. The book featured Betty’s famous star-map.

The encounter has since been a constant fuel for fascination in the media. Movies, TV shows, documentaries have all featured the Hill’s mysterious encounter on September 19, 1961.

8. The Travis Walton Incident

The Travis Walton case is one of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases

November of 1975 saw a couple of Lumberjacks in Arizona reporting having seen their workmate Travis Walton being lifted through the air via a beam of light emanating from a craft above the trees. Even though the lumberjacks reported Travis as missing, the police suspected that his colleagues had murdered him and disposed of his body.

Nevertheless, Travis appeared five days later claiming that he had been captured by aliens. He recalled waking upon a table surrounded by little creatures in orange gowns. He described their skin as being smooth and chalky, with bald heads that were disproportionate to their bodies. Also, their eyes were shiny brown and huge.

Walton then escaped from the creatures and met some humans on board a UFO who were dressed in blue overalls. Instead of speaking to him, the humans applied a gas mask on his face which made him lose consciousness. The next thing Travis remembered was waking up on a roadside in Arizona.

7. The Allagash Waterway Abduction

This is one of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases
Ancient UFO

Many of the stories that involve being abducted by aliens usually miss the most important element that can verify their credibility: a witness. Well, this particular incident which occurred in 1976 involved four men that reported to have experienced the same abduction; it was a secret that they almost went to their graves with.

These men were in Maine in a canoe trying to get some fish when they observed a gleaming object in the sky that was about 80 feet in diameter with constantly changing yellow, green, and red colors. The men then watched as the object came down and beamed them together with their canoe with a blinding light.

It was only after several hours that they came to with no recollection whatsoever of what had happened during the abduction. Shortly after, they all began experiencing nightmares. They were all put under hypnosis where they revealed that their abductors were not people from Earth. Additionally, they took lie detector tests about their claims which they passed.

6. Sergeant Charles L. Moody Abduction

The story of Sergeant Charles L. Moody is one of the most Famous Alien Abduction Cases
Tall White Aliens

Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody was in Alamogordo, New Mexico when he encountered a disk-shaped object which was metallic and glowing as he was observing a meteor shower. The object departed the shower and fell about 300 feet away.

Frightened, Moody tried desperately to start his car but it wouldn’t turn over. The UFO hovered close to Moody’s car, he claims he could see several shadowy figures standing in a rectangular window on the side of the craft. It was at this point Moody felt a strange buzzing sensation and a wash of lethargy fell over him.

The next thing he remembers is that the UFO flew away. Suddenly his car engine started and he drove off in a cloud of dust.

When Moody arrived home he was shocked to realise that it was 3 AM and that nearly one and a half hours had passed unaccounted for.

Over the following few days strange ailments began to appear through Moody’s body. He suffered from a bizarre lower back pain, had a rash all over his lower body and had bouts of inexplicable anxiety.

Moody went to a doctor who suggested the symptoms were due to stress. The doctor suggested hypnotherapy to work through some of the anxiety. It was in these hypno sessions that terrifying memories began flooding back.

Moody recalled two beings about six foot in height standing over him while lying on his back. Next to the two taller creatures was a shorter one that seemed to be a leader of some kind. It was wearing a silver suit and had whitish, grey skin with a large bald head.

He then claims he was shown around the ship. The aliens showed Moody something they referred to as the ‘drive unit’ and explained that they were only on a landing craft. The mother ship was apparently in orbit some 400 miles away.

At this point the Air Force sergeant was made unconscious again.

Moody awoke in his car, dazed and confused as to what had just happened.


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