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  • 8 Bizarre Traffic Accidents Caught on Camera

    December 22, 2016
    From a mysterious flying creature slamming into a windscreen to a bolt of lightning striking a moving car, join us as we take a look at 8 bizarre traffic accidents caught on camera. 8. Flying [...]
  • 6 Teleportations Caught on Film

    December 20, 2016
    From a man that teleports out the way of a speeding train to a mysterious scientist that appears in front of a truck, join us as we take a look at 6 teleportations caught on film. [...]
  • 15 Weird Toys You Don’t Want to Get This Christmas

    December 17, 2016
    From a clairvoyant Jesus robot to practice cigarettes, join us as we take a look at 15 weird toys you don’t want to get this Christmas. 15. Undercover Maid There’s nothing like empowering young girls [...]
  • 15 HUGE Mistakes in your Favourite Movies

    December 14, 2016
    From cameramen standing around in the final cut of Harry Potter to head banging Stormtroopers, join us as we take a look at 15 HUGE mistakes in your favourite movies. 15. Malcolm X During a scene where [...]
  • 6 People with REAL Superpowers Caught on Camera

    December 12, 2016
    From an invisible soldier to a man spotted flying in India, join us as we take a look at 6 people caught using superpowers! 6. Super Strength To ease us into this list is a [...]
  • 10 REAL People Behind Popular Internet Memes

    December 8, 2016
    Ever wondered who Bad Luck Brian really is? Or whatever happened to The Ermahgerd Girl or the Success Kid? Join us as we take a fascinating peep at 10 real people behind popular internet memes. [...]
  • Did You Know? – 20 Amazing Facts #9

    December 6, 2016
    Here are 20 amazing facts! From explosive bacon to the most expensive car ever sold at auction, join us as we take a look at 20 eyebrow raising facts! 20. During WW2 there was a Disney [...]
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  • 7 Times People Broke The Internet

    December 1, 2016
    From a greased up Kardashian’s butt to the most star-studded selfie ever taken we take a look at 7 times people broke the internet. 7. Kim Kardashian’s Greasy Butt  Glamour Although most people can’t tell [...]
  • 20 Int-ARRRRRR-esting Pirate Facts

    November 30, 2016
    From buried treasure to whether they really had wooden peg legs, join us as we examine the myths and legends of pirates with these 20 int-arrrrrrr-esting pirate facts. 20.    While ‘piracy’ usually designates maritime piracy, [...]
  • 10 Pets That Killed Their Owners

    November 25, 2016
    From a woman mauled to death by her pet tiger to a man torn apart and eaten by his pet lizards and spiders, we take a peep at 10 pets that killed their owners. 10. [...]
  • Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels 2016

    November 23, 2016
    From a kid that pisses in buckets to the king of Youtube himself PewDiePie, join us as we take a look at the top 10 most subscribed Youtube Channels of 2016. (NOTE: Due to the [...]
  • 10 Creepiest Statues Ever Created

    November 22, 2016
    From a statue of a giant spider to figures in a spooky Thai hell garden we take a look at the 10 creepiest statues ever created. Expansion By Paige Bradley Pinterest Representing the human desire [...]
  • Bizarre Human Behaviour Caught on Camera

    October 5, 2016
    From a guy chimping out in an office to a naked man back flipping through a train station, join us as we examine some truly bizarre human behaviour caught on camera. 10. Russian Office Rampage [...]
  • 5 Halloween Urban Legends That Will Scare You Stiff

    September 29, 2016
    From LSD laced temporary tattoos for kids to a college campus massacre, join us we regale scary Halloween stories with these 5 urban legends.     5. Blue Star Tattoo   This Halloween urban legend, [...]
  • 10 UFO Sightings Caught on Camera

    September 27, 2016
    From a UFO caught on the BBC News to a flying object dropping glowing orbs down on Earth, join us as we take a look at 10 UFO sightings caught on camera.     10. [...]
  • 10 Paranormal Sightings Caught on Camera

    September 16, 2016
    From a possible skunk ape sighting to an Area 51 interview with an alien, join us as we take a cautious peep at 10 paranormal sightings caught on camera.     10. Ghost Scares Dog [...]
  • 5 Monsters Caught On Tape

    September 14, 2016
    From a dragon filmed flying over England to a creature caught lurking in the depths of a sewer, we take a look at 5 monsters caught on tape. Japanese Tsunami Monster This footage taken during [...]
  • DID YOU KNOW? – 20 Amazing Facts #8

    September 14, 2016
    Here are 20 amazing facts! From augmented golfers to which fingernail grows the fastest, join us as we take an educated peep at 20 amazing facts about this big ole world. 20. The Statue of Liberty’s [...]
  • Japan’s Most Haunted Places

    September 12, 2016
    From the spirit of a world war 2 soldier visiting a military base to the tormented screams of murdered young girl, join us as we take a look at Japan’s most haunted places.     [...]
  • 10 Creepy Websites You Have To See!

    September 6, 2016
    From ordering freshly gargled milk to perusing satanic rituals, join us as we take a look at 10 creepy websites you just have to visit!     10. White Power Milk This website offers milk [...]
  • 7 Surprising Hillary Clinton Facts You Need to Hear!

    August 31, 2016
    From admitting to being a robot to possible links to murder, join us as we take a look at 7 surprising Hillary Clinton facts.     7. She Used To Be A Republican Hillary Clinton [...]
  • 10 Animal Photos Taken At Just The Right Time

    August 26, 2016
    From a man with a horse’s head to a cat with a jet pack, we take a funny look at 10 animal photos taken at just the right time. 10. derStandard.at This photo proves that [...]