Real Dinosaur Sightings That Have Scientists Baffled

Could Dinosaurs Still Be Alive Today?

From a dinosaur spotted deep in the Congo to sightings of a lake-dwelling dinosaur in upstate New York, we take a look at real dinosaur sightings that have scientists baffled.

10. The Lake Champlain Monster


In 2005, fishermen, Dick Affolter and his stepson, Pete Bodette captured this bizarre footage while out fishing on Lake Champlain. The lake, which extends from New York to Vermont and into Quebec, Canada has long thought to be home to a large, water dwelling creature nicknamed ‘Champ.’

At first, the video shows a long snake-like creature swimming just below the surface as one of the men can be heard saying ‘Boy! That looks like a serpent!’. Later, the tail of the creature can be seen close to the fishermen’s boat as it propels the beast through the water.

The footage has been studied by two retired FBI image analysts who both concluded that it was authentic and had not been manipulated in any way.

Many now believe that this video proves that there is indeed some sort of prehistoric creature, possibly even a plesiosaur lurking beneath the surface of the lake.

Native American tribes living in the region have long told stories of a mysterious creature that lives in the lake and more recently, there have been over 300 reported sightings of the beast.

In 1873, stories of the mysterious creature caught the attention of famous showman, P. T. Barnum who offered a large reward to anyone who could catch the beast.

In 1883, Sheriff Nathan H. Mooney claimed to have seen a water serpent while standing on the shores of the lake. He noted that the creature appeared to be between 25 to 30 feet in length and that he was so close to the beast that he could see “round white spots inside its mouth.”

 - Real Dinosaur Sightings That Have Scientists Baffled

Bizarre Zoology

In 1977, Sandra Mansi captured this photo while on holiday with her family at Lake Champlain. It appears to show the head and neck of a large creature rising from the surface of the lake.

While skeptics have since suggested that the photo may show little more than the top of a submerged tree trunk, it certainly hasn’t deterred the many people who flock to the lake each year hoping to catch a glimpse of ‘Champ.’

9. Pterosaur Filmed in China


Uploaded to Amazing Mystery Videos’ YouTube channel in 2014, this video appears to show a pterosaur flying through the sky. supposedly filmed in 1973 by a military group near the city of Yantai, China, the video is brief and the quality low, however it does show some sort of large, winged creature.

The beast looks to have a sizable crest on its head which has led several viewers to suggest that it may in fact be a tapejara – a pterosaur thought only to have existed in Brazil.

This then poses the question. If it is in fact a real tapejara, a creature thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago, what is it doing showing up in a recent video that was filmed in the middle of China?

8. Live Dinosaur Caught on Camera


This video was uploaded to Real Paranormal Videos in 2016 and appears to show evidence of a living dinosaur.

It is difficult to see the creature in any great detail as it moves rather fast and only appears on camera for a brief moment before disappearing behind a thicket of reeds. However, unlike some of the other videos on this list this footage is actually fairly good quality. If you zoom in on the creature you can definitely see the resemblance to a velociraptor, the intelligent, bipedal dinosaurs seen in the Jurassic Park films.

Since its release, the video has caused mixed reactions from viewers. Some believe that it does indeed show a living dinosaur while others are more reserved, suggesting that the video may simply the work of a clever editor.

7. Woolly Mammoth Spotted in Siberia


In 2012, this mysterious footage surfaced that reportedly shows a woolly mammoth crossing a river in Siberia.

While woolly mammoths mostly disappeared around 10,000 years ago, several isolated populations managed to survive until as recently as 4,000 years ago. They coexisted with early humans who hunted them for food as well as used their bones and tusks for tools and art.

Could it be possible that a small population of these ancient creatures still roam the remote Siberian wilderness?

While the footage does appear to show a mammoth, several people have pointed out that the creature may simply be a very large bear that is holding a fish in its jaws. As the video quality is poor, its difficult to prove either way.

What do you think? Could this video have actually captured proof that woolly mammoths still roam the Earth or is it little more than a hungry bear in search of its dinner?

6. Prehistoric Monster Seen in River


This video was uploaded to Seamonstervideos’ YouTube channel in 2008. It shows what many believe may be some type of prehistoric marine lizard that appears to have a three-pronged tail.

While some skeptics think that the creature may just be a seal, the video clearly shows that the beast is far larger. Others still, think that it may be a manatee with an injured tail possibly caused by a collision with a boat propeller. However, if you slow the footage down, it genuinely looks like the tail of the creature has three prongs.

As there are no details on where the footage was taken, it’s difficult to comment further. However, one thing is for certain. Whatever the creature is, it’s big.

What do you think? Could it actually be some sort of prehistoric beast? Or perhaps even some sort of animal yet to be discovered? Let us know what you think it might be in the comments section below.


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