Miniature Animals Are Too Cute For Words

Miniature animal pictures to make you smile

These pocket-sized miniature animals will leave you smiling. From tiny horses to pygmy flying squirrels, join us as we take a look at some of the cutest and most adorable miniature animals.


‘Quit horsing around kid! You act like you’ve never seen a tiny horse before!’

A picture of a miniature horse standing next to a small boy - miniature animals.


This miniature ass is just redonkulous!

A picture of a miniature donkey trotting through a field of yellow flowers - miniature animals.


Meet Mark Hamill the miniature camel 

A picture of a miniature camel staring at the camera - miniature animals.

Cutest Paw

What a wee dear deer!

A photo of a miniature deer with white spotted fur - miniature animals.

Huffington Post Green

This miniature elephant is so small he gets lost in the tall grass!

A photo of a miniature elephant walking through the tall grass - miniature animals.


This snow covered miniature Japanese flying squirrel needs a pair of tiny mittens to keep his little paws warm

A photo of a pygmy Japanese flying squirrel with snow on it's back sitting on a branch.

Flying Squirrel

Squirrels Removal

This miniature marmoset needs a place to sleep for the night. How about right in the palm of your hand?

A picture of a pygmy marmoset lying on the palm of someone's hand.


This miniature sheep is about to pull the wool over this unsuspecting cat’s eyes 

A photo of a miniature sheep standing behind a cat.

Two By Two Acres

Are you calling me small? That really gets my goat!

A photo of a miniature goat standing on a path.

Deane Acres

‘No need to ham it up guys, I get it. I’m a tiny little pig!’

A picture of a teacup piglet sniffing the air, standing on green grass.