The Scariest Dark Web Mystery Box Opening

Would you open a box from the dark web?

These are the scariest dark web mystery box openings. The dark web is a frightening and mysterious place. On this shadowy network, users can buy and sell just about anything. However, the most infamous sales to go down on the dark web are often highly illegal and deeply immoral. Many people, drawn in by the ugly mysteries of the dark web, have begun purchasing dark web mystery boxes that allow to own a piece of the cryptic network. Buyers have begun making viral YouTube videos to reveal the contents of their boxes. Below, read about the most disturbing mystery boxes that the dark web has sold.

10. Dark Web Mystery Box – The Mystery Odor

A channel known as MKP Studios purchased a dark web mystery box for the staggering sum of $50,000. Despite its hefty price tag, the box appears to have been hastily packaged and is anonymously dropped on the buyer’s front porch.

The largest item in the box is a sandwich-making machine that has been taped shut with the same duct tape that was used to seal the package. Upon opening it, the buyer finds a folded piece of paper covered with mysterious code.

Another item that he pulls from the box is a wad of tin foil labeled “NB73 2015.” The buyer notes that the small package has a disgusting odor emanating from it. He says it is one of the worst things he’s ever smelled. When he attempts to tear it open, he says that something is falling out of it, so he refuses to continue opening it on camera.

9. Dark Web Mystery Box – The Dirty Secret
User NameBran posted a video opening his third and last dark web mystery box. He made the video in an attempt to redeem himself after being highly emotional upon opening his earlier mystery boxes. Unfortunately, this one disturbs him even more than any he’s previously opened.

The box contains several smaller, wrapped containers. In one, he pulls out a mass of what appears to be used toilet paper. In another, he inadvertently dips his hand into urine. After this incident, he has to take time away from the camera before continuing.

The last item is a stuffed toy, much to his relief. However, unlike many other buyers who have uncovered stuffed toys, he declines from cutting into the stuffed toy to search for something darker, so we’ll never know what actually lurked inside.

8. Dark Web Mystery Box – The Bloody Surprise

User Jaskinho is no stranger to mystery boxes. However, the first time that he opts to open his dark web mystery box alone, he gets more than he bargained for.

The box contains a number of disturbing items, such as a mysterious SD card and several boxes that look like altars to demons. He is most disturbed when he pulls out a stuffed cat with a large gash across its stomach. What makes this most disturbing is the red stains that accompany the wound.

However, the box isn’t done yet. The buyer also finds a syringe with a red liquid inside. He is unable to determine if it is blood before his video is interrupted by a knock at the door. The police have come to confiscate his box.

7. The Bags
Kingrandom_Reacts is one YouTuber who takes his dark web mystery box seriously. He wears gloves and even a mask as he opens it. It turns out to be a wise decision.

As the buyer digs through the box, he comes across several items that leave him clearly disturbed, such as a knife and a used condom. The most disturbing items are in plastic bags

Many believe the incident to be fake, but no one knows for sure. Was this staged, or was this Youtuber privy to evidence to an unsolved crime?

6. The Demon

A Youtuber known as HypeMyke purchases a dark web mystery box and is surprised by the sheer size of the box that arrives. However, it is a smaller box waiting inside that is truly remarkable.

Inside his mystery package, he finds a Dybbuk box sealed in red wax. He opens it, immediately gagging at the stench coming from the box. HypeMyke collapses to the floor for several seconds before rising, evidently in a trance. He tells his friends to run before he begins chasing them, calling after them in a deep voice. After hiding briefly, his friends find him collapsed on the floor again. He awakens to tell them that a dark figure had entered his body after he opened the box. They later find a candle and a small clown doll inside the Dybbuk box.

5. The Absent Child

On Mind Seed TV, a user agrees to open a box purchased by a friend for $300 in Bitcoin on the dark web. The two put on gloves before diving into the box.

The items that come out of the box are innocent, but their innocence is what makes them so terrifying. They pull out a child’s backpack filled with items that a child would carry to school, a teddy bear, and a child’s clothing. They also find cryptic, empty bottles labeled with the numbers 5, 8, 10, and 12. Near the bottom of the box, they find a USB drive. In part 2 of the video, they plug in the drive and find disturbing videos showing insects, surgical proceedings, human remains, and two babies sleeping in a crib.

It is difficult to interpret the contents of this box, but the combination of these images with the child’s items certainly suggest something dark.

4. The Murder Box

A group known as The Boyz open a dark web mystery box that was advertised as a “murder box.” The name is not a false advertisement.

The box gives up a pair of shoes and a bit of rope before getting to the truly disturbing part: a garbage bag containing a dress that is saturated with blood. The buyers also find an expensive-looking knife before pulling out the clue that ties it all together: polaroids showing a figure, from the waist down, lying in the grass wearing the dress and shoes.

The video ends with the buyers reporting their discoveries to the police.

3. The Murder Weapon

A user named Killem decides to take the challenge and purchase his own dark web mystery box. Actually, he orders seven boxes, and five are delivered. He goes through the packages one at a time, uncovering a variety of odd items. However, the last package is the most disturbing.

After opening the box, the brave Youtuber first pulls out various items of women’s clothing. All appear to be used and all have had their tags removed. He then finds what he describes as a rather ordinary-looking knife. He and his companion quickly seem to suspect that the knife was involved in some sort of dark and deadly deed.

The box then turns up a USB drive. After several days, he decides to plug it in. The drive is titled “Do Not Open,” but he does it anyway. At first, the drive appears to be blank. However, after a moment the computer quickly begins to crash, and the video cuts out.

2.The Stalker
A Youtuber going by the name of ImJaystation went viral for opening one dark web mystery box, so he decided to purchase another. He paid $1,000 for his second chance to own a piece of the mysterious dark web.

His grand unveiling begins with some of the typical creepy items that are often found in these boxes. He pulls out what appears to be the foot of a large bird and a creepy baby doll with horns and red eyes. However, the box is filled with dirt, and the true horror of the box requires a little digging.

He pulls out what was buried in the dirt: several small Dybbuk boxes covered with occult and Nazi symbols and tightly sealed with red wax. After using a large knife to pry a sealed box open, he is truly shocked at what he finds inside: photographs of himself.

The photos appear to have been taken from outside his home. They show him relaxing in his house at a time when he believed that he was alone. He is understandably shaken by the reveal, believing that some hacker from the dark web may be stalking him.

1. The Monster

User Stromedy orders a dark web mystery box. The package that arrives is taller than he is. He uses a ladder to open and empty the box. The items that he pulls out are mundane: a tricycle, Apple products, and a stick. Although the items were likely stolen, he believes himself lucky to have received a lucrative box. However, he notes that the inside of the box seems smaller than the outside, suggesting a hidden compartment.

Later in the day, after dark, he begins to hear sounds coming from inside the box. He films himself knocking on the box, and something from inside returns the knock. Stromedy is convinced that there is something alive hiding inside the box. He is horrified when the box begins to move and runs before he can meet whatever is inside. The taps are soft and therefore hard to distinguish, but they’re frightening enough to prompt him to call the police.

In part two, the Youtuber claims that there’s some kind of animal inside the enormous box. He says it escapes at night and roams around the back yard. Sadly, Stromedy never produces any kind of strong proof which has lead many to speculate that the whole video is a hoax.