Cute dogs. I dare you not to smile

Who couldn't love these cute dogs?

These cute dogs are enough to warm anyone’s day. So take a break from whatever you are doing to take a peek at these adorable Canines. Even Oscar the Grouch would have to smile at these primped pooches.

Cute fluffy dog with grey fur.

Dump a Day

This cute pooch is just too cuddly!

This is one of our super cute dogs.

Pet Bucket

This cute dog is a Pomeranian/Huskie mix known as a Pomski. These cute dogs will only grow to about a third of the size of a full Huskie.

Fluffy small dog.

Cutest Paw

It that a dog or an Ewok? Either way it’s totally adorable!

Cute dogs need to take their power naps.

This adorable pooch thinks its all too hard. He needs his beauty sleep if he is to be a serious competition contender.

Dogs with fuzzy fur.


These dogs are cunningly disguised as a pair of snowballs.

Cute dogs just want to be hugged.

Daily Pets

How could you not love a Pug’s face? Any time there are cute dogs around, you can bet at least one will be a Pug.

Large fluffy dog and small boy.


This pretty pooch has the hair of an 80’s idol.

Is that a teddy bear or one of the cute dogs?

The Hydrant

Is that a cute dog or is it a teddy bear? This cute dog can fit right in the palm of your hand.

Cute white dog.

Thai Racing Pigeon Community

This little fuzzy puppy want to be a cloud when he grows up.

Boo the dog is one of the cute dogs.

…and the winner of the cute dogs competition is Boo. Boo is a Pomeranian whose Facebook page has more than 5 million likes. That is one well loved pooch and winner of today’s competition. See I knew you would be smiling!