5 Cursed Youtube Videos | Viewer Discretion Advised

We dare you to watch them!

From a cursed 1930’s Disney cartoon to a Japanese commercial that allegedly killed an entire crew, join as we take a terrified look at 5 cursed Youtube videos.


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5. The Curse of Sarah Black

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This video is a collage of disturbing imagery coupled with an unnerving soundtrack. It’s been uploaded many times over different Youtube channels. It’s said to house the spirit of a young girl named Sarah Black. Supposedly born in Ireland, Black was an occultist that could communicate with other worlds. She died after a ritual went horribly wrong; her spirit is said to have imparted into this video. Anyone who presses play is doomed and will die a slow and painful death. And it all starts with a simple headache.

4. Suicidemouse.avi

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So this urban legend began as a creepypasta called ‘suicidemouse.avi’. Many thought the cursed video didn’t exist till it surfaced on Youtube in 2012.

The episode shows Mickey walking down a city street, looped over. It has a really unsettling soundtrack. It’s an out of tune piano played in an awful way that gives off a sense of dread, like something bad is about to happen. Poor Mickey, walks the street with a solemn look on his face far from his usual cheery self. Progressively the visuals become more and more erratic. The film begins to look like it’s burning in the projector. Soon a woman’s screams can be heard. As the screaming gets louder, Mickey seems to revel in the chaos as a smile cracks on his face. Eventually a Russian phrase is displayed on screen that roughly translates as: ‘the sights of Hell bring its viewers back in’.

The story goes that this is a long lost episode of Mickey Mouse from the 1930’s. When it was first discovered, an editor was assigned to review the footage. They say after watching it just once it became so maddening for the man that he ran out of the studio yelling ‘real suffering is not known’. He assaulted a nearby security guard, grabbed his gun and shot himself in the face.

Since then, viewers have reported feelings of dread and anxiety, some say they’ve had panic attacks soon after watching the video. Others claim, they’ve had suicidal thoughts.

3. The Broken Heart Curse

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This extremely disturbing video has been floating around the depths of the internet for a few years. It is said that a deranged woman created the video. Anyone who broke her heart would be tortured. She would keep her victims captive, documenting their decent into madness. Each murder added one by one to this video compilation. Ruthless experiments were carried out on her victims, the poor souls left in agony for weeks before dying.

2. The Kleenex Curse

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This Japanese Kleenex commercial is said to be cursed. It shows a young woman sitting on straw next to a baby dressed as a Japanese ogre. The ominous song ‘It’s a fine day’ by Jane and Barton plays in the background. Allegedly, the film crew who made this commercial all died in strange circumstances.

Sure the ad is off putting but nothing extreme. However, things go a little strange when you watch the commercial at exactly midnight. People say it becomes distorted and crashes the Youtube player.

Youtuber ‘Shrouded Hand’ claims that an anonymous viewer sent the below recording. Firstly, the viewer watches the video prior to midnight and all is normal. Then they wait till exactly midnight and hit play. The commercial plays as normal for a few seconds before some kind of interference seems to set in. The audio slows down and visual glitches flicker on the screen. A set of eerie black eyes are shown before the player crashes altogether.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GIraEWMVHk[/embedyt]


‘Shrouded Hand’ has said that when they first received the file, all power was cut to the house as soon as they finished watching the video. Even the laptop, which would normally turn to battery power, turned off.

What do you think, is this video really cursed? Or is it just a series of well set up hoaxes? Let us know in the comments section below.

1. wpkepkw

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Allegedly, this video titled ‘wpkepkw’ inexplicably disappears from Youtube’s search results. Sometimes it appears. Sometimes it doesn’t. Word has spread around the Internet that the video is cursed. Some say it’s of a person right before they die. Others say it’s a government mind control video gone wrong.

The video shows, what appears to be, a blurred out face. Some distorted sounds vibrate throughout, giving the viewer a sense of unease.

People who watch it say they experience mood swings, anxiety and depression. Some even claim they’ve become suicidal after watching the video. Viewers have even reported that the video stays with them. Images of the video flash up on their computers and phones while they browse the internet.

One such experience was documented by a Youtube channel called ‘IEEEWire’. It began when a friend told them about the supposed cursed Youtube video. After watching it they experienced some side effects. The image kept appearing on their computer. As they became increasingly frightened the image would flash on screen. They became so shaken with anxiety that they were forced to delete all traces of the video and never searched for it ever again.

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So there’s our list of 5 cursed Youtube videos. Did this listicle scare you senseless? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.