5 Elite Secret Societies Revealed

Are the masses ruled by secret societies?

There’s something so interesting about secret societies. The Knights Templar, Freemasons, Illuminati, by their very nature they create intrigue, you immediately want to know more but are only ever given layered mystery in return. From assassinations to world domination join us as we look at 5 elite secret societies finally revealed.




Just one of the secret societies that may exist.

The Freemasons are the most well known ‘secret’ society, less secretive than others because it’s obvious that they exist to the general public but they are still shrouded in ancient allegory and symbolism creating a palpable sense of mystery.

The Freemasons have origins tracing back to the Stonemasons who at the turn of the 14th century regulated the qualifications of certain crafts. Freemasonry has a three level grade system based on medieval craft guilds which include apprentice, journeyman or Fellowcraft and Master Mason. At each level, secret handshakes, signs, words and rituals are taught to distinguish members and their level of masonry.

There is a lot of criticism surrounding Freemasonry particularly concerning their apparent pervasive influence in world politics. It is thought that the Freemasons have been plotting to take over the world for centuries, some claim that every American president has been a secret Freemason and that Masonic symbolism exists in federal buildings and in the street plan of Washington DC.

Skull and Bones

Just one of the secret societies that may exist.

Skull and Bones is a secret society run out of Yale University. Founded 1832, it is an elitist organization surrounded in mystery, boasting some of the US’s most prominent political figures as past members.

The Society meets weekly at what’s known as ‘The Tomb’, a sprawling complex used exclusively by ‘Bonesmen’ for private ceremonies. Little is known about what actually takes place in ‘The Tomb’ as all past members remain tight lipped about the society.

Prominent alumni include former US presidents George Bush snr and George Bush jnr, Supreme Court Justices Morrison R. Waite and Potter Stewart, Jame Jesus Angleton one of the founders of the CIA, and Henry Stimson US Secretary of War during WW2 just to name a few.

Many conspiracy theories surround The Skull and Bones society. They have been accused of psychological warfare and political manipulation on a grand scale with some suggesting that they control the CIA, acting as puppeteer for international drug routes, mass economical control and even the JFK assassination.

The Black Dragon Society

Ryōhei Uchida, the founder of The Black Dragon Society.
Founder of the Black Dragon Society, Ryōhei Uchida. (Image: kogaryuninjutsuint)

Founded in Japan in 1901 and named after the Amur River which in Chinese means Black Dragon. The society’s initial goal was to keep Russia out of East Asia but soon found its objectives rapidly expanding.

In the beginning, the Black Dragon Society shied away from illegal activities and boasted prominent political figures and high ranking military officers as members. However, the society soon discovered that less legal activities were a great way to amass power and fortune. Eventually they began training secret agents, dispatching them into China, Russia and Korea which afforded them significant political leverage. The Imperial Japanese Army even used the Black Dragon’s network for espionage, sabotage and assassination during many wars.

During its height in the 30s and 40s, the Black Dragon Society had secret agents stationed all over the world including parts of Africa, Western Europe, South America and the US.

The Knights Templar

Just one of the secret societies that may exist.

Founded in the early 12th century by French knight Hughes de Payens, The Knights Templar played a major role in the crusades protecting pilgrims travelling to the Holy Lands. Operating for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages, the Templars became one of the wealthiest organizations in Western Europe, managing vast fortunes and innovating financial techniques that would become the earliest forms of banking.

The Knights Templar eventually met with a sharp decline after King Philip IV conspired with Pope Clement V to charge the Knights with heresy. Many Templars were arrested and executed. It is believed that the order fell into secrecy and even to this day control vast world-wide assets and political clout. The Knights Templar has been linked with grand historical treasures such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail as well as claims of a direct bloodline to Jesus Christ.

The Illuminati

Just one of the secret societies that may exist.

The source of so many conspiracy theories and accusations. The scapegoat of the Internet. A mysterious organization that seems to pull the world’s strings and orchestrate some of the most controversial events in history.

Though ravelled in fiction, the Illuminati have very real and traceable beginnings. Founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt their original mandate was to separate church and state and lessen religious control over public life.  Fearing the growing influence of the Illuminati the Roman Catholic Church outlawed the secret society forcing them underground where their mystery and political power only grew further.

Conspiracy theorists have implicated the Illuminati in many world events such as the French revolution, the Battle of Waterloo, JFK’s assassination, some even believe that all US presidents pledge secret allegiance to the Illuminati in an effort to bring about the New World Order – a decree for the emergence of a totalitarian world government.

Secret societies, real or fake? You decide.