10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

Australia's Most Haunted Places Are Sure To Creep You Out

Australia’s most haunted places. From a cottage that smells like burnt flesh to 15 witnesses claiming they all saw a ghost at once, join us as we take a terrified look at the top ten most haunted places in Australia.

10. National Film and Sound Archive – Canberra

National Film and Sound Archive - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

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The building that houses the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra was once the Australian Institute of Anatomy, where human body parts were preserved for research. It’s this direct link to death that gives this property the title of one of the most haunted places in Australia.

It is believed that the hundreds of body parts that were once housed here have imparted their spirit and still haunt the place today.

People say that ghosts still wander the hallways and reports of strange sounds and whispers are not uncommon. The downstairs corridor, that once housed human skulls, is said to be the hub of some major paranormal activity.

A contractor claims he was pinned against a wall by some invisible force while doing some routine work.

9. Boggo Road Jail – Queensland

Boggo Road Jail - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

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Boggo Road jail was once home to some of the country’s toughest inmates and criminals. Until 1913, it included an execution chamber. It also housed Ellen Thomson, the only woman ever to be hanged in Queensland.

Now running as a historic tour site, tour goers often report hearing strange screams and noises, and seeing people standing in abandoned hallways. Given its long and dark history, Boggo sure does have a long line of ghost tales surrounding it.

One ghost tour guide, who’s responsible for taking hundreds of tourists through the facility each year, recalls the night up to 15 people saw a strange shadowy figure standing by a gate. At first, one man spotted the entity and notified the guide. Seconds later, the majority of the group agreed that there was indeed something standing just metres from them. No one else was in the locked facility apart from the tour group. A young boy became so distressed by what he saw that he began to vomit uncontrollably.

8. Princess Theatre – Melbourne

Princess Theatre - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

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The Princess Theatre in Melbourne is said to be haunted by a former performer who died during a performance.

In March 1888, baritone Frederick Fedirici was performing a rendition of Faust in which he played Mephistopheles. In the final act Mephistopheles and Faust are lowered into the gates of Hell through a trapdoor in the stage. However, as soon as Fedirici was lowered, he suffered a heart attack and died on the spot. What’s surprising and creepy at the same time, is that even though Fedirici died before the play ended, he was allegedly seen thanking the audience at the end of the play with the remaining cast.

Notable actors such as Bert Newton, Marina Prior and Lisa McCune all claim they’ve had a run in with Fedirici.

To this day, the theatre reserves a front row seat for him for all opening night performances.

7. The Whole Town Of Picton – NSW

Picton - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

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The entire town of Picton in New South Wales is reportedly one of Australia’s most haunted places.

Famous ghost tours used to run through the town during the late 90s to around 2011, when council restriction forced them to close down.

The abandoned Redbank Range Train Tunnel is a hive of reported paranormal activity. The mountain underpass is 180 metres of pitch black nothing. The high number of suicides and murders that have taken place near the tunnel forced its closure in 1919.  People often report seeing light and shadows around the tunnels entrance, strange cold winds and screams.

Emily Bollard, a young teen who committed suicide here, is often seen wandering around late at night before disappearing into the nearby forest.

6. Devil’s Pool – Babinda

Devil's Pool - 10 MOST Haunted Places in Australia

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The Devil’s Pool in Babinda far north Queensland may seem like a stunning natural swimming pool but it’s actually extremely dangerous and has claimed at least 17 lives.

Ancient Aboriginal stories tell of a woman who committed suicide here after she was separated from the love of her life. It’s said that her ghost still haunts the area and has been known to attract men towards the deadly pool of water.

Since 1959, this place has claimed 17 lives, all but one have been male. While reckless behavior and dangerous undercurrents are a contributing factor to the deaths, it’s eerie that so many have been men. With all the tourists, businessmen and hikers falling afoul here, it’s easy to wonder about the siren’s call, luring so many men to their death.


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