10 Actors Who Were Permanently Injured for Movie Roles

These actors permanently injured themselves on set. You may want to seek out help from a Teaneck Personal Injury Lawyer if you suffer an injury at work like these actors, as they may be able to help you if you have been treated unfairly. Accidents will always happen unfortunately and sometimes these accidents will occur through no fault of your own. It can be incredibly frustrating if you have suffered an accident and it wasn’t your fault that’s why you can use law firms (such as Stewart Law Offices) to help you get the compensation you deserve. Accidents will vary as well, from metal plates and broken bones to severe, constant headaches, we count 10 actors who were permanently injured for movie roles.

10. John Wayne

John Wayne was permanently injured on set.

Over two hundred people worked on the John Wayne movie The Conqueror, made in 1955. Ninety one of these people contracted cancer, and forty six of them died as a result. Nearby in Nevada, the US government were conducting atom bomb tests and it’s thought that was a major contributor. John died from stomach cancer twenty five years later.

9. Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen was permanently injured during a role.

When Viggo Mortensen took his role as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies, he did most of his own stunts and, as a result, was injured quite a few times. When filming the scene where Aragorn floats down a river unconscious, Viggo almost drowned. He had teeth knocked out of his skull, only to get them repaired at lunch time and continue with filming once they were all back inside. There’s a scene where he kicks a helmet on the ground and screams. Director Peter Jackson wasn’t quite happy with the takes he had got, and so asked Viggo to do one more. He complied, and the scream you hear in the movie is a real scream of pain; Viggo broke two of his toes.

8. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was permanently injured on the set of a film.

Tom Hanks lost quite a bit of weight for a couple of his movies. In 1993 his movie Philadelphia he had to slim down to play a sick lawyer, who had been diagnosed with AIDS. A few years later in 2000 he played a man stranded on an island for four years in Cast Away. He considers both these roles contributing factors in his contraction of type 2 diabetes, as he had to lose and gain the weight rapidly.

7. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has been permanently injured many times on set.
Gazette Review

Jackie Chan does all his own stunts and is no stranger to pain and broken bones. He’s broken many bones is his body, including his ankle, nose, shoulder, chin, fingers, and even his eyebrow bone which almost caused him permanent blindness and tailbone damage that caused him to be temporarily paralysed. But what he considers his most serious injury was when he was making the movie Armour of God 2. He hit his head and sustained serious brain damage, and now has a metal plate in his skull and he can still feel the indent of where the injury occurred.

6. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig has permanently injured himself on the set of bond.
Daily Mail

Daniel Craig’s time as 007 has taken its toll on his body. During the filming of the first two movies, he’s had teeth knocked out, torn shoulder muscles, sliced the tops of his fingers off, bruised his ribs, but it was in Spectre (2015) that he did permanent damage to his body. He damaged his knee and production had to be halted for two weeks. The director wanted to halt it for six months, but Daniel insisted they continue filming without too much delay. He had a quick operation to get his knee back in working order, but has since had several operations to try and rectify the damage.

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