Top 10 Most Useless Gadgets Ever Created

Would you ever use any of these?

A clever invention is something that solves a problem, it makes life easier for the user. The following useless gadgets on this list do the exact opposite and fill a void that wasn’t even there in the first place. From dogs sending tweets to tanning your feet, join us as we look at the most useless gadgets ever created.



10. Air Conditioned Shoes

Just one of many useless gadgets

The first gadget on this list is not surprisingly from Japan. A company called Hydro-tech in Tokyo has created a pair of air conditioned shoes called ‘the cool breeze’.  Now from what I can tell these are a little misleading and aren’t exactly going to hum as you walk around the office blowing out perfectly cool air. They appear to just be ventilated shoes with some anti-bacterial mesh innersole. The website warns against walking on broken glass and nails as these objects may enter the vents at the bottom of the shoe and cut you up pretty bad. Sound advice I guess.

9. Like-A-Hug Inflatable Jacket

Really one of the most useless gadgets

The world has officially gone mad. The Like-A-Hug inflatable jacket is a gadget invented by a couple of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The vest-like jacket inflates as though you’re being hugged whenever someone ‘likes’ one of your statuses on Facebook.

Melissa Chow, one of the creators of the jacket writes on her website that ‘long-distance relationships and the limitations of video chat interfaces like Skype,’ were the inspirations for the bizarre invention. While the basic premise is admirable, the sheer absurdity of the gadget throws practicality out the window. I’m wondering what happens when one of your Facebook posts becomes popular say on your birthday for example when it’s likely that hundreds of likes may stream in. You’d be walking around in a wild display of inflation. You’d either look like you’re territory is being threatened or you’re having an immense fit of some kind.

8. Ice Meister Slicer

One of the most useless gadgets ever

This is pitched as an all-seasons sled. It is designed to have two giant iceblocks attached to its base so you can slide around in the summer. Now, from what I’ve seen it works pretty well on slick surfaces like tiling but I’m guessing as soon as this bad boy hits grass or dirt you’re gonna slide to one of two places: disappointment town or the dentist when you fly off and smash your teeth after it grips the ground.

7. Roll N Pour

Truly among the most useless gadgets
Roll N Pour

Are you having trouble pouring out of your novelty sized cartons of milk or soda? Well the Roll N Pour is here to reassure you that a gallon of milk is a perfectly normal amount of milk. Simply slide the freakishly large bottle into the Pour N Roll and experience the ease of pouring things again.

Perfect for kids, the elderly, the over indulgent, dogs, cats – you name it!

Become a Rock N Roller Roll N Pourer now!

6. NES Virtual Boy

Killer Tofu
Killer Tofu

This was Nintendo’s first foray into immersive 3D gaming and it was a complete flop. Released in North America in 1995 the Virtual Boy was billed as a portable video game console capable of 3D graphics but in actual fact it was just a red monochrome display that forced gamers into a sort of haunch as they smooshed their face into the goggles. Critics canned the Virtual Boy, complaining of nausea, headaches, poor playability and a lack of games. Nintendo pulled the console after just one year on the market.


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