Top 10 Best-Selling Video Games Of All Time

This list may surprise you!

5. Super Mario Bros. (NES)

5th of the list of best selling video games of all time.

The game that started it all. The original side-scroller that captured the hearts and imaginations of kids everywhere. Released way back in 1985, who would have thought this obscure, moustachioed plumber would stand the test of time. Heralded as Miyamoto’s masterpiece, this seminal game has it all: a fun cast of characters, brilliant design, responsive controls and an unforgettable sound track. Not only did it play well but it sold well, incredibly well. It was the highest-selling game of all time on a single platform for more than three decades. It has moved a whopping 40.24 million units worldwide.

4. Grand Theft Auto V (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC)

4th of the list of best selling video games of all time.

It’s hard to find a more complete gaming experience than Grant Theft Auto V. Gamers were thrown into a living, breathing open world that begged for mischief to be done. It had a memorable cast of beautifully flawed characters, a cinematic storyline that drove players from one insane scenario to the next and a selection of sweaters at Ponsonby’s that had you choosing outfits for hours on end. While it did receive some criticism for its violent subject matter it didn’t stop people all over the world buying this game in the millions, in fact it became the fastest selling entertainment product of all time, earning an outrageous US$1 billion in its first three days. To date it has managed to push 45 million copies worldwide.

3. Minecraft (Windows, OS X, Linux, Java, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Mobile)

3rd on the list of best selling video games of all time.

When the full version was released in 2011, this sandbox indie title amassed millions of raving fans and a heap of industry awards. Praised for its innovative gameplay this wacky game has seen players hording resources, building masterpieces and is responsible for more ‘let’s plays’ than Pewdiepie himself. In November 2014 Microsoft announced they were acquiring developer Mojang, including the Mindcraft IP, for a whopping US$2.5 billion. Microsoft most likely made their decision after taking a glance at the sheer amount of copies the game had sold which to date is a mind melting 65 million.

2. Wii Sports (Nintendo Wii)

2nd on the list of best selling video games of all time.

This might come as a bit of surprise but Wii Sports is indeed the second best-selling video game of all time. It should be noted though that this game was bundled with the Nintendo Wii which contributed significantly to its sales figures. Released back in 2006, it was a launch title for the Nintendo Wii and was the flagship game to introduce the new motion-sensing technology of the console. It was received well critically and commercially, garnering a number of awards. It’s sales figures are astronomical with 82.69 million units sold worldwide.

1. Tetris (Mobile)

The number one best selling video game of all time is Tetris.

And the number one selling game of all time is… Tetris! Wait what? Oh this is bull. We had that already! Wait wait. Before you throw your hot dogs at the screen and down vote this article hear me out. The Tetris earlier in this list was for Game Boy, this one is for mobile. Ahem… yeah it still feels cheap doesn’t it? Either way, the winner is Tetris for Mobile. 100 million units. That’s it I’m outta here.

Well there you go, the best-selling video games of all time. Now that you’ve reminisced on the countless hours you’ve sunk into these games, you might want to read about the surprising health benefits of playing video games! Contrary to what your parents have always said, video games can be very beneficial for your health. Enjoy!