Top 10 Batman vs. Superman Facts You Need to Know

Which comic book icon will prevail?

Slated for release in March 2016, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice sets the stage for the ultimate brawl. Who will win? Batman? Superman? …most likely common sense will prevail and ‘justice’ will be the winner on the day. But until we know for certain, let’s examine the facts. So join us as we take a look at the top 10 facts about Batman vs. Superman.




10. Batman vs. Superman is based on a famous comic book

These are the top 10 Batman vs. Superman Facts

The Dark Knight Returns is a miniseries written by writer and filmmaker Frank Miller back in 1986. The story follows an older, embittered Bruce Wayne that is forced to re-don the Batsuit after years of retirement to stop a brewing sinister force. The president sees Batman as too much of a vigilante and is forced to commission Superman to help reign in the caped crusader.

9. We’re finally not seeing a Batman Origin story – this time around the audience will be treated to an older, scarred Batman. The story will explore a pre-established Batman that has years of crime fighting under his belt and due to some kind of personal loss has since retired. This will be a refreshing departure from the old your parents are dead, you should use that darkness to do good and stuff. But whether there’s enough on screen time to develop a nuanced Bruce Wayne, amongst Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luther, hints of Doomsday, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg, remains unlikely.

8. Wonder Woman movie debut – Despite being created way back in 1941, with dozens of comics, a TV show and countless bizarre spin-offs there has never been a Wonder Woman movie. During the 90’s, seven or more scripts were written for a feature length Wonder Woman film, with leads such as Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock rumoured to play the part, however the doomed projects never got off the ground. Batman vs. Superman will see the first ever Wonder Woman big screen appearance, setting the scene for a standalone Wonder Woman film sometime in 2017.

7. DC is doing the opposite of Marvel

These are the top ten facts about Batman vs Superman

While Marvel used individual origin stories to set up for Avengers it appears that DC is kind of doing the opposite. They’ve decided to start with the big ticket team films e.g. Batman vs. Superman to Suicide Squad to Justice League which will then spawn Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborge, Shazam and Green Lantern solo films. Whether the audience will follow this reverse formula remains to be seen.

6. Gotham City and Metropolis are neighbours – Director Zack Snyder revealed at Comic Con 2015 that the cities are indeed in close proximity to one another. Snyder envisions the dichotomy of the two cities as prosperous and impoverished. He sees Metropolis as a hub for wealth and success while Gotham is a poor, less affluent city filled with that he calls ‘downtrodden’ people.

Bringing the two cities together is in contrast to comic book lore which has always set the destinations far apart from each other.

5. Zack Snyder will dedicate a decade to DC – Snyder has said that by the time Batman vs. Superman comes out it will have been five years of work, then if everything goes to plan it will be another five years dedicated to Justice League.

4. Other actors considered to play the role of Batman – Long before the internet went into meltdown over the casting of Ben Affleck as the caped crusader there was a long list of leading men considered for the role, such as: Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Max Martini, Joe Mangeniallo, Richard Armitage, Matthew Goode, Luke Evans and Wes Bentley.

3. Ben Affleck got ripped

These are the top ten facts about Batman vs Superman

As he prepared for the role of Batman, Ben Affleck stacked on 30 pounds (13 kg) of pure muscle, dropped to eight percent body fat all while forging near-cast iron 17 inch biceps. He did it by eating 5000 calories per day, hitting the gym five to six days per week doing heavy weights and intense cardio sessions. Then during filming he spent two hours per day with his trainer and ate nothing but lean meats, green veges and protein shakes.

2. Batman’s Motivation – In the trailer for Batman vs. Superman we get a glimpse as to why these two titans have beef. The trailer shows Bruce Wayne witness the complete destruction of a Wayne Industries building along with the potential deaths of hundreds of employees but is it as straight forward as it appears? One fan, with way too much time on their hands, has noticed that the heat vision bursting out of the side of the building mirrors the destruction in a scene in Man of Steel which is actually caused by General Zod and not Superman.

1. Christian Bale gave Ben Affleck some advice – so what sage wisdom did Bale offer about playing Batman? Was it vocal coaching on how to do the voice? Was it tips on how to do the choreography? Was it some deep insight into the character? Nope. His advice was ‘make sure you can piss in that suit’. Director Zack Snyder later confirmed they did indeed build a fly into the suit so Affleck could relieve himself between takes.

So there’s our top 10 list on Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Will this listicle of facts satiate your fandom until the release of the movie? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.