These Time Travelers Claim They’ve Visited Parallel Universes

Are these time travel stories plausible?

5. Lerina Garcia

These Time Travelers Claim They Visited Parallel Universes

What if you woke up one morning and discovered that your job, relationships and many of the other things you knew weren’t quite the same? This happened to Lerina Garcia one strange day in 2008.

Garcia woke up on what she thought was just another ordinary day and headed to work. However, the department she had worked in for 20 years wasn’t there when she arrived at her office. She then returned home to discover that her estranged partner was there. What’s more, he was completely unaware of the fact that the couple had actually been separated for six months. That’s when things got even weirder. The man she had been seeing for several months had all but vanished into thin air. Garcia was unable to locate him with the help of a private investigator.

Unlike most people who slip into parallel universes, Garcia hasn’t been able to slip back out. The woman is still stuck living in a dimension that she claims isn’t her own to this day.

4. Pedro Ramirez

These Time Travelers Claim They Visited Parallel Universes

The year was 1986 when a man named Pedro Ramirez claims he was teleported to another dimension while driving in his car outside of Seville, Spain.

Ramirez was headed to a town called Alcalá de Guadaíra when he suddenly realized that the once-familiar route had suddenly turned very unfamiliar. He claims that he came around a curve and suddenly found himself on a six-lane highway he had never seen before. Unknown structures and strange terrain unfolded all around him. He also heard voices in the distance. All of the cars that shared this new and strange highway with him passed at intervals of precisely eight minutes. These cars had narrow rectangles where traditional license plates would normally be.

Ramirez claims that he drove on the bizarre highway for about an hour before turning off toward the left. He was able to get to his destination safely. However, he was never able to explain how he got there or how he ended up on a highway that didn’t resemble anything in our world.

3. Four Girls in the Nevada Desert

These Time Travelers Claim They Visited Parallel Universes
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Four college girls claim that they were zapped into another dimension while driving through Gadianton Canyon in May of 1972.

The event supposedly happened just as the girls came upon an intersection after crossing into Nevada from Utah. They watched as the black pavement on the road in front of them suddenly turned into white cement. The confused girls assumed that they had taken the wrong path and attempted to turn around. However, they encountered a terrain of pine trees and fields instead of a desert landscape once they did. The girls claim that they then stopped at a tavern on the side of the road to ask for directions. However, that move was thwarted when mysterious egg-shaped vehicles began chasing them. The chase resulted in a wreck that left the car they were driving with busted tires. The girls waited in the car until morning. They then hiked to Highway 56 and flagged down a state trooper.

The mystery of what really happened was never solved. However, the girls believe that they somehow passed through a portal into a parallel version of our planet.

2. Håkan Nordkvist

A Swedish man named Håkan Nordkvist arrived home one day in August, 2006 to discover that water had collected under the sink in his kitchen. That’s when this ordinary problem turned into an extraordinary event.

Nordkvist claims that he was transported to another dimension when he reached for a pipe while trying to fix the leak. A wormhole located under the sink pulled him into the future and brought him to the year 2042. Nordkvist claims that he was able to meet up with himself at 72 years old and have a chat. He thought that no one would ever believe him so he took out his phone and filmed a short clip.

The above video is what he captured. It allegedly shows Nordkvist in the year 2042 having a chat with himself in the future. They hug each other and even compare a unique arm tattoo.

Skeptics noted that the tattoo on the older man is as fresh looking as Nordkvist’s, claiming that it’s probably a close relative, possibly even his father.

Nordkvist said it was a really pleasant and unique experience and he doesn’t care whether people believe him or not.

However, the whole story was eventually outed as a viral marketing campaign for insurance company AMF. So sadly, this intriguing story is nothing but a hoax.

1. Frances Peterson

These Time Travelers Claim They Visited Parallel Universes

Frances Peterson was traveling home with her husband and four children in 1935 when the Iowa resident slipped into a strange version of our world.

Peterson claims that her family decided to take a detour through a scenic valley area. It turns out that this quaint area operated very much like a place that time forgot. The Peterson family admired lovely scenery and scenes of women in old-fashioned clothing as they drove along. They delighted in the way the residents of the area tended to their goats, collected firewood and pulled water from wells.

The Peterson family enjoyed their time visiting the area so much that they wanted to do it again in the future. Unfortunately, they could never quite find it. Nobody else seemed to know what they were talking about when they described the place to others who lived in the area. In fact, there is no record of any such place existing in the area at all. It was as though Frances Peterson and her family temporarily slipped into a place that doesn’t exist in our version of reality.

Well there’s our look at time travelers visiting parallel universes. Do you think these time travel stories are plausible? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on any of our socials.