This Time Traveler Ran for US Presidency

Is he telling the truth?

Extraterrestrial Activities

Time Traveler Ran for US Presidency

In addition to using the machines built by his father and Tesla to move through time, Andrew Basiago also had the opportunity to teleport using the technology. He went to numerous places, but his most exciting trips involved traveling to Mars to observe and communicate with extraterrestrials. Basiago was in good company in his alien endeavors; according to him, none other than Barack Obama, who was also a participant in Project Pegasus, often joined him on these trips.

Basiago was very successful in his missions to Mars. He claims that he was the first to discover evidence of life on Mars, first observing signs of water, then actual extraterrestrials. Because of his success on Mars, he also visited Venus and found alien life there as well. According to Basiago, the extraterrestrials on Venus are more fragile than the solidly built Martians.

In one truly epic trip, Basiago and three other members of Project Pegasus were attacked by pterodactyl-like creatures on Mars. Luckily, Basiago was able to save everyone and make it back to Earth with the full team intact.

Presidential Conspiracy

Andrew Basiago is a Time Traveler that Ran for US Presidency

According to Basiago, several of the USA’s presidents didn’t get elected by chance; Project Pegasus identified certain individuals and went back in time to help set them on their paths to becoming president. George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump were all Project Pegasus targets. Basiago has never given any indication about why the CIA and DARPA have chosen to interfere in this way.

2016 Presidential Campaign

Time Traveler Ran for US Presidency
Try Not to Laugh

Obama, Trump, and the Bushes aren’t the only people Project Pegasus has identified as presidents; according to Andrew Basiago, his forays into the future have assured him that he himself will take office sometime before 2028.

He made his first attempt at the presidency in the 2016 election. He ran as an independent, stating that it was too costly to get on the tickets for either major party ballot. Unfortunately, Basiago didn’t make it past the primaries in 2016. In the seven primaries in which his name was on the ballot, he received a total of 96 votes. However, he plans to run again in 2020, continuing his platform of truth, reform, and innovation.

Campaign Proposals

Andrew Basiago has a total of 100 campaign initiatives that he promises to implement when he becomes president. For example, he wants to reveal the time travel technology and the goals of Project Pegasus that the CIA and DARPA have been hiding. He also wants former living presidents to admit that they were aware of the technology and how it impacted their presidencies.

Basiago also seeks to reveal the truth about the government’s communications with extraterrestrials. He also proposes to publicize information about how nuclear detonations ripped a hole in the space-time continuum, allowing for contact with alien life forms.

One of his most exciting proposals is to make teleportation technology available to the general public to solve the country’s transportation issues. However, he believes making time traveling widely available would cause chaos, so only teleportation would be available.

Basiago also proposes to ban fluoride and aspartame, which he believes to be toxic. He also wants to put protections in place for the Sasquatch species and investigate the decline of the USA’s technology (e.g. Microsoft’s replacement of Office 2003 with the inferior Office 2007).

For more information on his 2020 campaign, visit Basiago’s website.

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