This Micro Pig’s Grin Will Make You Question Eating Meat

Micro pigs are so on fleek right now. Miniature pigs or micro pigs are a breed of pig that are bred to stay small and make for unusual pets. They have enjoyed a recent surge in popularity when Paris Hilton bought one in 2009, since then people all over the world are rushing to get their hands on one.

Cue the flood of amazing Youtube micro pig clips.

When this adorable little micro pig pops a grin after having his belly rubbed you can’t help but smile. The world fills with abundant joy but then like a pin in a balloon your happiness disappears as you stop and think about bacon for second. Immediately you feel like a murderous hypocrite, you cry and run around the room as an inconsolable mess. Then you come back to that grin and you laugh and life isn’t so bad.

Either way look at how damn cute this micro pig is!