These Scary Videos Are Leaving People Rattled

From sinister spirit boxes to baffling bar encounters, the internet has it all. While much of the content being published online can be easily dismissed as hoaxes, there are certain scary videos that seem to defy explanation. Let’s take a look at a few scary videos that have been leaving viewers rattled.

6. Creepy Shadow in Jail Cell



Most people who get arrested fear being alone in a jail cell. According to this footage from Paranormalactiviry_world, there might be something very different to fear.

In this video, we see a man behind bars in a maximum security cell. He is standing alone in solitary confinement looking through the bars. When the man in the cell takes a small step to the side, things get really bizarre.

When the prisoner steps to the side, he no longer seems to be alone in his cell. With his body out of the way, we see a bizarre shadow figure lurking behind him. The shape is terrifying; it almost appears to be part human, part arachnid. It has a human head, but seems to move on a set of spindly legs, staying down near the floor. The shadow quickly disappears, stepping back behind the man after he moves. Clearly, this entity has some attachment to this unfortunate prisoner, using him to hide from other prying eyes.

Imagine being trapped behind bars, all alone, when you realise there may be a shadow person sharing the cell with you.

5. Scary Videos: Funeral Home Encounter



YouTuber hablemosdemisterio might have expected some strange encounters when they took a job at a funeral home. However, it is unlikely they were expecting to capture evidence of a bizarre encounter on film.

In this footage, we see what appears to be the lobby of a large funeral home. The video is taken from a distance, but appears to focus on the entrance where visitors come into the funeral home. At the far end there’s a row of metal poles used to direct large crowds.

As the employee’s camera rolls, we can see a metallic glint coming from the other side of the lobby. On closer inspection, we see the silver metal bar of one of the poles move on its own. It rocks back and forth. It’s quite clear that there’s nothing around that could be moving the pole.

This footage was taken in a funeral home, so some sort of ghostly entity is an obvious culprit. Perhaps the spirit of someone whose funeral was held in this building lingered long after the services ended?

The powerful movement of the pole indicates that the spirit is a poltergeist, and a strong one at that. This could suggest the spirit left this world in significant turmoil or suffering, causing it to linger long after death.

4. Cleanwater Demon House



YouTube channel The Haunted Side – Paranormal Investigations is no stranger to scary videos. They frequently share footage of eerie things that investigators spot in their visits to abandoned and haunted places. This video, however, is enough to leave even the most seasoned paranormal aficionados feeling rattled.

This investigation takes place at the Cleanwater Demon House in Reno, Nevada, USA. According to the stories surrounding this property, more than a dozen people have met tragic ends in this house. There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity taking place there. The investigators visit the property in hopes of finding evidence of demonic activity.

The investigators use numerous pieces of equipment, including a night vision camera and spirit box. Spirit boxes operate by scanning through radio waves in supposedly haunted places, allowing any entities in the area to make their voices heard using the waves. As the investigators explore the house, the spirit box quickly begins talking. It says a lot of random words, but one quickly stands out: “nail.” As the box speaks this word, the investigator looks down and realizes that he was inches away from piercing his foot with several large nails.

As they continue exploring and the spirit box continues chattering, the investigators locate bones on the floor. Just as they spot the bones, the box states “break.” Moments later, one of the men claims to have seen a figure pass the door. They then discover strange symbols written on the walls. They ask the spirit what the symbol means, and it says “anti-pray.”

The camera begins detecting movement in various places around the room, then heads up the stairs. The investigators decide to explore the second floor. They hear strange and disturbing sounds that resemble footsteps as they continue their exploration.

A curious shadow figure appears to be following them around the building. At one point as the crew are walking back into the house, an ominous black shape can be seen standing in the window. However, seconds later the shape is gone. A second camera that was simultaneously filming the inside of the house shows that there was no one inside the building when the shadow figure was seen in the window.

If you slow the footage down, there is indeed a tall, dark shadow in the window.

The appearance of the shadow figure is followed by disturbing growling noises, footsteps, and knocks on the walls and ceiling, terrifying the investigators. The motion-sensing camera picks up a clear humanoid figure standing nearby. It appears to be attempting to close a door, but is unable to do so.

Near the end of the investigation, the entity appears to become more powerful. It takes a lot of energy for ghosts to move objects. But it eventually moves a plank of wood during an EVP session in a completely empty room. It also knocks over a bike that is leaning against a wall in the empty room. It seems that the attentions of the investigators have made the spirit stronger, or perhaps just bolder.

3. The Exploding Pint

A pub should be a place to relax and unwind after a long day. Unfortunately for the patrons of Barney Mac’s bar in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland, their time at the bar isn’t always peaceful. The bar was a regular haunt of a man named Joe Murphy for years. Not long ago, the regular unfortunately passed away. However, the staff at the bar believe that he still occasionally comes to visit.

In this footage recorded by the bar’s CCTV system, we see a pint of beer on a table in front of a guest. One of the patrons stands up and while he’s not looking, the pint glass explodes, sending beer and shards of glass all over the table. After the explosion, the patrons simply stare at the broken glass, flabbergasted.

According to the staff, this isn’t an unusual occurrence. Ever since the passing of Joe Murphy, exploding pints have been an occasional problem. Those who work there have gotten used to the strange emergences of their late customer, but it still terrifies customers who aren’t used to Joe’s shenanigans.

2. Scary Videos: Ghost Caught in Online Class

A lot of people are working and attending school online these days, but meetings and classes don’t usually yield scary videos. At least, that’s what Twitter user freddygzzr thought.

The teacher claimed to be alone in his recently purchased home in Nuevo Leon, Mexico while teaching the class. Yet, the students attending seemed to think that something else was present that day. The teacher is presenting against a blank wall with a doorway just behind his left shoulder. It is this doorway that becomes the center of attention when a pale face seems to peek into the room. The entity appears to be a pale young woman with dark hair.

The teacher glances over his shoulder several times, but is unable to see the creepy entity. At one point, he closes the door to end the distraction that the strange entity is causing. Toward the end of the video, he moves the camera around the house to show that he is alone except for his dog. Some of the students who watched the video think it was staged, but others are certain that it was a real ghost attending class that day.

1. Abandoned Care Home



Abandoned hospitals and other places where the sick and dying meet their ends are popular locations for scary videos. In this exploration by YouTubers FINDERS BEEPERS HISTORY SEEKERS, they visit a former care home. According to the stories about the place, it would seem the elderly residents who lived at the facility had a difficult time during their residence there. The facility was reportedly shut down because of widespread accusations of abuse, neglect, and deplorable living conditions. Given the history of the building, it’s unsurprising that numerous ghost hunters have found their way to this building.

The investigators take their time moving through the building, examining the run-down state of the place: a perfect setting for a ghost hunt. They even find a log book containing complaints issued by visitors who were horrified by the conditions their relatives were living in.

As they head to the second floor of the building, the investigators are surprised by an unexpected visitor: a shadow figure walking across the top of the stairs. It only appears for a second before disappearing into the shadows, but then when the men reach the floor where the shadow vanished, they discover that there is nothing but a wall. This indicates that nothing corporeal could have caused the mysterious shadow.

If you slow the footage down, you can indeed see a solid shape move at the top of the stairs.

Could a former resident be lingering in the place where they met their end?

Love to hear your opinions on this one in the comments below.