These Creepy Videos Just Get Weirder and Weirder

Sometimes, the best way to get a good scare is through the unexpected. Jump scares, plot twists, and unexpected turns are some of the best ways to give yourself a fright, especially if the scares are based in reality. Just when you think you know what’s happening in these creepy videos, something happens to make them even eerier. Check out these creepy videos if you dare.

6. Truck Moves on Its Own


In a series of creepy videos shared by GMA Public Affairs, what initially seems to be a truck rolling with its handbrake off quickly becomes a click that gets weirder and weirder. Additional strange details make this sighting weirder and weirder, providing more questions than answers.

The grainy CCTV footage of a private parking lot shows a series of vehicles parked in a line against a wall late at night. Everything seems normal at first, but then, a truck in the middle of the line of vehicles begins slowly backing out of its spot. A close-up of the truck’s cab shows that the driver’s seat is definitely empty.

Even if someone had been crouched on the floor operating the pedals, it would be impossible for them to steer the truck at the same time. Plus, the footage before and after the incident gives no indication that anyone has entered the lot. Once the truck is all the way out of the space, things get weirder when the door closest to the camera opens on its own. No one exits the vehicle through the open door.

As if this video wasn’t creepy enough, viewers and paranormal investigators who have examined the footage closely have pointed out details that make it even weirder. One viewer spots what appears to be a tall shadow creature pushing the truck from the front grille. Additional viewings by investigators show that there is actually a group of three shadow creatures visible in front of the truck. The figures stand in a line in front of the truck, but don’t seem to be touching it in any way. Yet, the truck begins to move.

It is unclear how exactly these shadowy shapes could be moving the truck. However, the image of three eerie shadows working in tandem is certainly a chilling sight.

5. Creepy Videos: Poltergeist Moves Chair?



According to YouTuber Cristian AVR, recording creepy videos in the place where he works isn’t unusual. The place often experiences bizarre events that occur without explanation, and on this occasion, he was lucky enough to catch it on camera.

In this clip, the YouTuber is working in a former dining hall that is now used occasionally for special events. He writes that the room is generally only occupied once per week, and only for a few hours at a time. The room is large and vacant, only containing a few tables with chairs stacked on top of them. The YouTuber is working alone in the empty room when he begins to hear strange noises. These noises are not unusual, at least not in this seemingly haunted location, but he decides to grab his camera in hopes of capturing evidence of a possible haunting.

After recording for a few seconds, something happens: a small stool that had been tucked under a table begins to slowly slide across the floor. It moves several feet before coming to a stop. Who or what could have caused such an eerie phenomenon?

In the video’s comments, the YouTuber indicates that there is a medical facility right next to the building where the dining hall operates. People often live their final days in medical facilities, so it is possible that the spirit of a deceased resident has made its way into the dining hall and is causing mischief. The YouTuber states that the bizarre incidents have continued to this day, but the staff of the facility are no closer to an explanation.

4. Weird Creature Caught on Cam

Creepy Huh?? from r/SlappedHam


Redditor MR. PARANORMAL GUY uploaded this strange piece of footage. It shows a house in the midst of renovations.

The CCTV footage shows an almost empty room in the middle of a home improvement project. The walls are entirely bare, with two step ladders placed near the center of the room. There is an open doorway that seems to lead outside, as it is filled with a bright light. Clearly someone, or something, took the open door as an invitation to enter.

A few seconds into the video, a strange creature walks into the room. It’s only about as tall as the step ladders. Its head is a bizarre, clearly not human, shape, and it seems to have large, black eyes and very long, thin limbs. It doesn’t seem to be wearing any clothes. The creature’s appearance resembles many depictions of extraterrestrials in popular media, leading many to speculate that the creature is an alien. Others believe it could be some sort of child spirit, or perhaps even a demon.

Its actions in the room make the footage even weirder. It takes a few steps into the room, stopping near the first step ladder. Then, it seems to teleport, moving in a semi-transparent blur across the room at a speed that is clearly not human. It stops near the second step ladder, then seems to disappear into thin air. Seconds after the creature vanishes, the second step ladder begins moving across the floor, sliding and scraping until it is out of sight.

A moment later the strange being returns. It takes a few steps before zooming off at high speed once again.

Who or what was this strange entity? And why did it enter the room only to drag a stepladder across the floor? For now, these mysterious questions remain unanswered, but the homeowner might be wise to keep the doors closed from now on.

3. Truck Appears from Nowhere



Some creepy videos are caught at a time when the bystanders are lucky to make it out alive. In this video, a mysterious vehicle almost causes a collision that could have cost the passengers their lives.

A group of men are driving down a dark highway late one night. A large truck is driving slowly in front of them, so they decide to go around it in the left lane. The lane looks clear, so they make their move. As they are passing the truck, they are suddenly blinded by bright headlights that appear from nowhere. The driver quickly swerves into the snow-covered grass on the side of the road to avoid a collision.

There had been no indication of a vehicle on the road moments before the near-collision. If you slow the footage down, it does seem like the truck manifests out of nowhere.

So how did this large truck suddenly appear?

Some viewers believe that the truck was there the whole time, it just didn’t have it’s headlights on. But then one has to ask why a truck would be speeding down a snowy highway in the dark without it’s lights on? Others believe the truck genuinely appeared out of nowhere, suggesting time travel or even a glitch in the matrix.

Thankfully, the passengers of the car were safe, but this video could have had a much different ending.

2. Weird Sighting in Sky


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In a bizarre video from paranormalactiviry_world, a shot of a startled crowd turns into something much more sinister when the camera pans to the sky to answer the question, what is everyone looking at?

The footage begins with a shot of a group of people staring up into the sky. Some of them are pointing, and others are holding up their phones to record whatever strange sight has captured their attention. The camera focuses on the crowd for several seconds before turning to capture a shot of the strange happenings in the sky.

When the camera finally swings upwards, what it captures is shocking. There is a large, dark circle in the gray sky. The circle is irregular, and almost seems to change shape and size as the camera rolls. The gray color on the inside of the circle is darker than the surrounding sky. It almost seems to be a whole in the sky.

Although a crowd of people witnessed the strange event, no one seem to be able to offer an explanation of what could have caused such a strange atmospheric phenomenon. However, seeing something so strange in nature is quite unnerving.

1. Creepy Videos: Pope Imposter?


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Even if you aren’t religious, you are most likely familiar with the Pope. As the leader of one of the largest religions in history, the Pope is an international public figure. However, this video from paranormalxchile raises questions about who Pope Francis really is.

This video shows a close-up of the Pope’s face as he stands amid a crowd. He leans his head down and reaches his hand toward his face. You might be expecting him to rub his eyes or scratch his nose, but what actually happens is baffling.

The Pope appears to grab the skin just above his nose and pull it away from his face. It seems to stretch far more than any real skin could. As he pulls, his eyes appear sunken and hollow, like the eye holes in a mask. This has led some to speculate that this is not the real Pope. One theory is that the Pope has a body double who sometimes participates in public appearances, keeping the real Pope safe in some alternate location. Other viewers of the video suggest that the Pope is, and always has been, something not human, such as a lizard creature.

There are no clear answers here, but this video has caused many to have second thoughts about the popular Pope Francis.