The Trees Have Eyes

Trees lookin' at you kid!

Is it possible that the trees have eyes? Are they watching your every move with a distant, unblinking stare? Well, after checking out these pics you’ll question whether trees really do have eyes…and several other body parts as well.

This tree has the power to see into your soul

A tree with an eye - The Trees Have Eyes


These pansies are on the lookout for someone to give them a good watering

Purple pansies that look like they are smiling - The Trees Have Eyes


Pretty sure if you walk between these two trees you will be sucked into another dimension

Two trees with eyes - The Trees Have Eyes

Shallow Cogitations

This tree is keeping its eye peeled for loggers

A tree with a large eye - The Trees Have Eyes

Gus Nicklos

Mother Nature sees all!

A close up of an eye shaped marking on a tree - The Trees Have Eyes


Forget CCTV to keep the streets safe. Just ask this tree about everything that’s been going down

A tree in the city that appears to have many eyes - The Trees Have Eyes


If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound? This one can tell you the answer!

A tree with jelly ear fungus - The Trees Have Eyes


‘Can you point me towards the nearest bus stop? I’m gonna pack my trunk and leave!’

A tree that appears to have two eyes and a mouth - The Trees Have Eyes