The Top 4 Hotels for Digital Nomads

The entire world is your office as a digital nomad, as long as you have access to great WiFi speed and suitable working spaces. You explore far-flung locales whenever the urge takes you and enjoy gorgeous views while you check in on your business or clients. Hotels can be hit or miss with WiFi quality and proximity to coworking spaces or good cafes, but these four hotels give you a great headquarters to give you – and your business – a much-needed vacation.

1. Waldorf Astoria New York

New York is an excellent working location for digital nomads who love the big city’s high energy. Coworking spaces are plentiful and provide valuable networking opportunities, particularly if you want connections with marketing, advertising or media companies. Hipmunk deals at Waldorf Astoria New York give you the opportunity to enjoy this famous hotel and its high-quality WiFi and amenities without a large price tag.

2. Hyatt Regency San Francisco

San Francisco is a must-visit location for digital nomads working in the technology industry. Cutting-edge technology combines with the area’s creative attitude and an amazing ocean view to provide an excellent spot for all aspiring nomads. The Hyatt Regency hotel in San Francisco has high ratings on the free WiFi, so you can get your work done without any hassle. If you need to meet up with clients or colleagues in San Francisco, the Hyatt has 35 meeting rooms available on site, in addition to a restaurant.

3. The Palazzo Las Vegas

Who says you can’t get any work done in Las Vegas? The Palazzo Las Vegas is centrally located in the middle of it all and has some of the best free WiFi hotels have to offer. This luxury hotel gives you all the comforts of home in your room, so you feel like you’re in a guest house instead of a hotel. You have a printer and faxmachine included in your room for essential work duties. Once you’re done with work, you can head to the rooftop garden to play.

4. Liaison Capital Hill DC

The nation’s capital provides excellent opportunities for a digital nomad, especially if you are a government contractor or work with one of the many consultant firms in the area. The Liaison Capital Hill DC puts you right next to Union Station and high-quality coworking spots. The rooms come with an iHome dock and comfortable desks, while the restaurant downstairs is headed by a James Beard award-winning chef.

This post was posted by TheHipmunk on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on 10/02/2016.