Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can’t be Explained

Can we actually shift between different realities?

3. Shazaam. The Film That was Never Made

Sinbad - Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can't be Explained


Perhaps one of the greatest examples of the Mandela Effect, is the collective memory shared by thousands of people that sometime in the 1990’s comedian Sinbad starred as a genie in a film titled Shazaam.

In this timeline, the film never existed, however that hasn’t stopped those that insist that the film was actually made.

Even Sinbad himself has taken to Twitter to set the record straight:

In 2015, news site VICE, posted a popular article that led thousands of people to the sub-Reddit r/MandelaEffect. That is when the discussion about the film really took off.

Many who insist that the film is real even claim to be able to remember intricate details about it. From specific scenes, right down to the cover and poster art.

The film’s plot supposedly revolves around two children who summon a genie. They wish for their dad to fall in love again after their mother dies, however the genie is unable to grant the wish.

One Redditor goes even further, recalling that one of the children also wished for her broken doll to be fixed and that the film’s finale took place at a pool party.

The same man, who used to work in his uncle’s video store even remembers ordering two copies of the film. He claims that people would often return the tape to the store saying that it didn’t work, so he had to watch it over and over again to find the problem.

For countless people, finding out that Shazaam never existed was like losing a piece of their childhood. Some have even gone as far as to call it a conspiracy, suggesting that the movie may have actually been recalled. Others believe that those who can remember the film may have experienced a slip into an alternate timeline.

How is it that so many people remember a film that never existed? Could it actually be possible that the memory is shared by thousands of people who are originally from an alternate reality?

If you have memories of this film, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

2. Different Versions of Earth

Different Versions of Earth - Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can't be Explained


The Mandela Effect may also explain why so many people have memories of certain landmasses originally being located in different places.

One of the most common is the belief that Sri Lanka used to be located directly south of India, not to the south east as it is depicted on maps now. Even a number of Indians believe that Sri Lanka was always located directly south of their country.

Another country that many people claim is no longer where it used to be is New Zealand. Many believe that it was always located north east of Australia not south east as maps today show it to be.

1. Cars Disappear From Existence


If the Mandela Effect is actually a result of shifts in different timelines, then how does an event or object simply disappear from existence. This video, uploaded to Bluebeard2011’s YouTube channel in 2017, may hold the key.

The uploader claims that the footage was sent to him via email by a Russian subscriber. It is taken from a dashcam and supposedly shows two cars disappearing from existence at exactly the same time.

Shortly after the silver car is seen moving across to the left hand lane it completely vanishes as does the car directly in front of it.

Moments after they disappear, a black car drives by on the left hand side. The driver also seems to have witnessed the bizarre disappearance and, seemingly distracted by what he has just seen swerves into the right lane, narrowly missing a parked car.

Could this video actually show proof of the Mandela Effect in action? Is it really possible for objects to disappear from our reality only to appear in another? If so, could this explain how thousands of people around the world all share memories of events that supposedly did not occur in our timeline?

We’d love to hear your thoughts it in the comments section below.