Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can’t be Explained

Can we actually shift between different realities?

From thousands of people who claim to remember Nelson Mandela dying in jail to a movie starring comedian, Sinbad that never actually existed, we look at real examples of the Mandela Effect that can’t be explained.

7. The Mandela Effect

Nelson Mandela - Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can't be Explained


The term ‘Mandela effect’ was coined by paranormal consultant, Fiona Broome. It is based on a memory shared by possibly thousands of people that South African political leader, Nelson Mandela actually died while imprisoned during the 1980’s.

Many claim to be able to remember specifics about the event including the funeral broadcast on TV, the following period of mourning in South Africa and even a legal row over a book deal that involved his widow, Winnie Mandela.

If these memories were true, Nelson Mandela would never have become the President of South Africa.

Broome and others have speculated that these memories may actually be real, caused by sliding between parallel realities. Realities where certain events had different outcomes to those recorded in our history books.

Others have suggested that these shared false memories may be the result of similar factors that have affected multiple people.

6. Are Your Memories Correct?

The Mandela Effect in popular media - Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can't be Explained


False memories shared by large amounts of people are more common that you might think. In fact, many people remember famous lines from movies and lyrics from songs as they never existed.

For example, in the film, The Empire Strikes Back, the iconic line that Darth Vader says to Luke as he reveals that he is his father is often misquoted.

Countless people think the line is ‘Luke, I am your father!’ when in actual fact it is ‘No, I am your father!’

Similarly, the famous line from the film, Forrest Gump is also often misquoted. Many think that Gump says ‘My mom always said life IS like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’ When the line is actually ‘My mom always said life WAS like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’

Another example of the Mandela Effect is the mistake often made to the lyrics of the famous Queen song, We Are The Champions. Freddy Mercury does not sing ‘…of the world’ at the very end of the song as a number of people think he does.

Other examples include the iconic Monopoly man, Rich Uncle Pennybags. Contrary to popular opinion, he has never worn a monocle and the famous Pokemon, Pikachu has never had a black tipped tail.

How is it possible then, that so many people remember these things differently?

5. Agatha Christie’s Disappearance

Agatha Christie - Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can't be Explained


On the evening of December 3rd, 1926, writer Agatha Christie disappeared from her house in Berkshire, England, after a fight with her husband. The only clue to her whereabouts was a note that she left for her secretary saying that she was heading to Yorkshire. Soon after, her abandoned car was found perched above a chalk quarry. Inside was her expired driver’s license and her clothes.

News of Christie’s disappearance made the front page of The New York Times as pressure mounted to find her. As a result, a search was conducted that consisted of over 1,000 police officers, 15,000 volunteers and several planes that were employed to scour the countryside.

Despite the huge efforts, Christie was not found for 10 days. She was eventually located at the Swan Hydropathic Hotel in Yorkshire, registered under the alias of Mrs Teresa Neele from Cape Town.

Christie was later diagnosed with amnesia and also thought to have been suffering from depression due to overwork and her mother’s recent passing as well as her husband’s infidelity.

At the time, many believed that Christie’s disappearance may have been an attempt to frame her husband for murder. Strangely, the whole event was never mentioned in her autobiography despite the exhaustive manhunt and worldwide attention that it received.

Today, a large number of people share the memory that Christie was never actually found after she disappeared. Some recall books they read as children that mentioned how she was never found. Others even claim that they were taught about her mysterious and permanent disappearance at school.

One in particular, remembers writing a paper on Agatha Christie. About how it was an intriguing coincidence that she spent her life writing mystery stories and that her life had also ended in mystery. Years later, they wrote about Christie again for a school exam. However, this time it was as if history had been re-written. Christie had disappeared but this time she was discovered just 10 days later.

How is it possible that all these people have the same false memory? Did they all just remember the details of her disappearance incorrectly or could it actually be possible that they have collectively experienced events from a different timeline?

4. Billy Graham’s Funeral

Billy Graham - Real Examples of The Mandela Effect That Can't be Explained


Billy Graham was a popular American evangelist who preached to large audiences all around the world. In fact, it is believed that he may have spoken to as many as 210 million people in more than 185 countries.

Graham provided spiritual counsel for every U.S. president from Harry Truman to Barrack Obama and has been recognized as one of the most influential Christian leaders of the 20th century.

He passed away on 21st February, 2018, at the ripe old age of 99, however numerous people seem to remember history differently.

They can remember him dying many years earlier and some even claim they can recall his funeral being broadcast on TV.

One person who commented on the popular website The Mandela Effect, even claims to remember a discussion they had with a friend who was 100% certain that Graham had died years earlier. After looking him up on Wikipedia however, they were both shocked to discover that his death was indeed listed as having occurred on the 21st, February, 2018.


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