Terrifying Videos That Really Need Explaining

Do Not Watch These Terrifying Videos Alone!

From a video of a ghost haunting a popular restaurant to footage of a spirit attacking a young boy we look at terrifying videos that really need explaining.

5. Ghost Caught on CCTV

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLtvnPdsbrI[/embedyt]

This terrifying video, uploaded to pooperness‘ YouTube channel in March, 2018, is supposedly an excerpt taken from a CCTV camera where they work.

It shows what appears to be the ghost of a young child lurking under a stairwell. You can see the pale and seemingly transparent figure slowly making its was into the darkness before suddenly flying forwards at great speed.

The clip has received a lot of attention from paranormal enthusiasts who believe that the figure is indeed a ghost. Some have even questioned the history of the building itself, curious to know if there has ever been any deaths recorded on the premises.

While its unclear if there has been, there is certainly no denying that the figure does resemble the ghost of a young child. Its body, head and arms all appear to be visible as it eerily moves about.

What do you think? Has the security camera captured evidence that there really is a ghost of a young child haunting the building? Or is the mysterious figure something else entirely? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Creepy Doll Found in Abandoned House

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2f8_OPbVPM[/embedyt]

This scary video was uploaded to the YouTube channel, Interesting Creepy and Abandoned in October, 2016.

The clip begins as the YouTuber and his companion are walking through the woods in an unknown location towards an old, abandoned house. He mentions that the area is extremely isolated and that there is no road around for at least a mile.

As they approach the house, they notice that the words ‘Don’t Enter!’ are written in large letters across the roof of the property.

Keen to continue their exploration, the YouTuber and his companion decide to enter the house via a broken garage door. Inside, the floor is littered with dirt and debris. They make their way down some stairs where they come across what at first, appears to be an old, uncovered vent.

However, when the explorers look inside they notice that there are actually several light fixtures that lead off into the darkness suggesting that it could possibly be some sort of secret tunnel.

The pair think about entering the space but eventually decide not to and continue their exploration of the house.

They make their way around the side of the property and enter through a broken window. Inside, there are several pieces of old furniture strewn about and the walls are covered in graffiti.

Soon, they enter another room that contains a fold out bed. Although worn, the bed looks as though it has recently been slept in.

Cautiously, the pair make their way up a flight of stairs where, after exploring several more rooms they discover a ladder that seems to lead into an old attic space.

The camera holder decides to climb the ladder to take a peak and is immediately startled by what he sees. There, in the middle of the attic is a creepy doll hanging by a rope.

The discovery becomes even more terrifying as he zooms in to get a closer look. The doll slowly begins to rotate as if it is aware of the YouTuber’s presence.

Scared, the explorers decide to leave the house and the video soon ends.

Since the footage was released, some have suggested that the building might have been used for Satanic rituals. If you look closely, just in front of the old cardboard box you can see what appears to be an open book placed upside down. Could this be some sort of tome filled with evil incantations?

Whatever the house was used for, one thing is for sure. These explorers are unlikely to return for another look any time soon.

3. Paranormal Activity in Haunted Restaurant

This eerie footage, uploaded to Facebook on 11th October, 2017, was taken from an after hours security camera at Cronies – a restaurant in Southern California. The clip shows one of the bar stools begin to move then suddenly tip over!

The creepiest thing about the video is that nothing else seems to move. This has lead many viewers to suspect paranormal activity.

Then, less than a week later, this startling clip was uploaded to the restaurant’s Facebook page. This time, the incident occurs in the middle of a room full of hungry diners.

Without warning, one of the chairs begins to tip backwards as if there is a ghostly presence sitting in it. Several patrons witness the bizarre disturbance which bothers one of them enough to actually get up and check the chair.

The startling footage even made the news where some noted the perfect timing of the events which occurred just weeks before Halloween. This lead several skeptics to suggest that they might have been staged in an attempt to attract extra patrons to the restaurant.

While this is possible, the fact that we see one of the diners examining the chair in the second clip suggests that it could indeed be genuine.

Many viewers also seem adamant that the events were caused by something supernatural. Even the bar’s co-owner thinks there could be at least two resident ghosts in the building. He blamed the place’s originals – Ralph and Don adding ‘Whenever something funny happens, it’s their fault!’

What do you think? Is this Californian restaurant really haunted by ghosts? Or is their another explanation for the mysterious movement of the chairs?

2. Ghostly Face Seen in Attic

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4myXQ0FxeNk[/embedyt]

There is very little information available on this video other than it was apparently captured by a young man who was home alone one evening. He began hearing unusual noises coming from the second floor and decided to investigate.

The video begins as he makes his way up a flight of stairs. He then pans the camera around a cluttered room and cautiously heads into the darkness.

Suddenly, a flash of light appears. It’s so fast that it seems as though the man doesn’t even notice.

However, if you slow the footage down, you can actually see that the flash looks like some sort of terrifying face. It is pale with dark, sunken eyes and a wide open mouth. It almost looks as though it is silently screaming at the man before it suddenly disappears.

Sadly, as there is very little information available on this video it’s hard to know for sure what this man has actually caught on camera.

What do you think? Could the mysterious face be the cause of the sounds that the man heard coming from the second floor? Or is it more likely to be an optical illusion or even a clever Photoshop job? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Ghost Attack Caught on Camera

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=693wo2e9SQQ[/embedyt]

In a previous video we covered a story from November, 2010 about an 11 year old boy from Spanish Town, Jamaica who claimed to have been haunted by a ghost.

The clip begins as the boy is sitting in a chair whilst being interviewed by a reporter. Suddenly, he appears to be grabbed by some sort of unseen force. A family member then catches him before he is thrown from the chair.

Shortly after, the boy tells the news crew that he can see the ghost that attacked him standing by a wall. He walks over to stand next to it and just as before, something appears to grab him. This time, it seems to pull violently on his leg.

The boy claims that the ghost was actually a friend of his who had passed away four year prior. He says that it appeared to him one day and had been causing havoc ever since.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=586Mn1Geyr4[/embedyt]

In this follow up video, the news team returns to the boy’s home to get an update on his condition. While they are there, a bishop from a local church named Rohan Edwards attempts to provoke the supposed ghost into throwing objects at him.

While the ghost doesn’t seem temped to throw anything this time, it’s not long before it appears to attack the boy once again. After the bishop calls the ghost a ‘coward’ the boy is suddenly pulled by an unseen force and has to be restrained by a family member.

The bishop taunts the spirit once again. This time the boy is flung to the ground from where he is sitting.

Convinced by what he has just witnessed, the Bishop begins to sanctify the property. He then blesses the boy by anointing him with olive oil. Finally, he advises the boy to call out the name of Jesus if he feels the spirit bothering him in the future.

In this case, it seems as though the blessing might have actually worked as the boy later told the news crew that although he can still see the ghost, it no longer attacks him like it did before.