Terrifying Footage Going Viral on Social Media

These Viral Videos Found On Social Media Will Give You Chills!

From a mysterious flying creature caught on camera to a possible ghost spotted on a long dark road, this is terrifying footage going viral on social media.

7. Demon Caught on Camera

Not sure if this is a repost, but it’s my first time seeing it. Anyways, who wants to debunk this first? from r/Ghosts

This terrifying footage posted by Reddit user, TurtlesFly315 shows two separate clips of the same unsettling occurrence.

The video begins as a strange, winged animal is seen crawling up the side of a church. The creature is dark and menacing, looking very similar to the classic depiction of a demon or even a gargoyle.

As the beast is some distance away, it is difficult to gauge its size. However, it seems to be about the size of a fully-grown man with an impressive wing span and what appear to be very sharp claws.

It crawls its way up the side of the church. Once it reaches the apex, it perches on top a large cross.

While skeptics have been quick to dismiss this footage as an elaborate hoax, others are not so sure. Captured by two different people at the same time, the duel perspectives of this ominous creature have led many to believe that the sighting is indeed real.

Both clips capture the demon as it perches on the cross. It then extends its wings before leaping off. The beast glides through the air as both camera holders attempt to follow its movements. Unfortunately, they lose sight at it disappears behind the building tops.

Was this a real demon caught on camera? Or is more likely to have been a clever editing job? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

6. Creepy Footage of Mythical Creature

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOAoPpdaJUw[/embedyt]

This piece of truly terrifying footage was uploaded to YouTube by user, chebonk182. It features some sort of strange creature. However, its true identity has been the subject of hot debate for some time.

While the clip is grainy, if you look closely at the beast, it appears to have a body similar to that of a dog or wolf. It also looks as though it has a mane, surrounding its white, human-like face.

However, as the video’s title suggests, many believe that this beast is actually a kuyang – a mythlogical creature thought to exist in South East Asia.

According to legend, the kuyang is a monster that possesses the ability to detach its head from its body. Its head is then free to float through the air with its internal organs trailing below the neck.

This existence is thought to be a punishment for those who sinned horribly during their lives. Cursed in the afterlife to live as such horrible beings, the kuyang must live off of rotten and raw foods, or, in some cases, raw flesh and blood. It is said that if the floating head of a kuyang cannot return to it’s body by morning then the creature will wither and die.

While little is known about the origins of this video, if it truly is footage of the mythical beast, then it’s possible that it may have later attempted to seek revenge against those who so cruelly captured it.

5. Eerie Man Spotted on Road

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksJFgmvLDhI[/embedyt]

This terrifying footage uploaded to the YouTube channel, Mumbiker Nikhil features the notoriously haunted Aarey roads of India.

Late-night travel in this area is discouraged as it is not only a hot spot for ghost sightings and thieves but the thick vegetation along the roads also hides wild animals like leopards.

These leopards usually prey upon smaller animals. However, in recent years, increased human encroachment into their natural habitat has turned some leopards into man-eaters.

On 22nd December 2016, the headless body of a 22-year-old man was also found in the area. Rather than suspecting the dangerous leopards, the Mumbai Police thought that it could have been a human sacrifice performed by local Tantrik babas.

Many who are familiar with the area report tales of ghosts trying to hitch rides with those foolish enough to travel the roads at night.

As the clip begins, we see a man traveling by motorcycle. It’s dark and there is already an uneasy feeling that something is not right. Suddenly, a figure appears on the road. Reacting quickly, the biker does his best to avoid a collision. He then briefly looks back but is unable to see the mysterious person.

Confused, the biker then stops and turns his headlight in the direction of the figure. However, there is nobody there.

While it is unclear just exactly who or what the figure was, it is possible that it could have been a criminal. Luckily the rider does not hang around to find out and speeds away from the area.

Interestingly, if you slow the footage down, the figure actually seems to have no head. Given the story of the man whose headless body was found in the area, the figure’s appearance suggests he may, in fact, have been the headless ghost of that very man. Perhaps attempting to hitch a ride out of this horrific spot once and for all.

4. Broadcast Highjacking

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njpd8yYm2JY[/embedyt]

Uploaded by YouTuber, Frank Wilcox this next clip captures a truly historical televised event. Apparently airing in Jacksonville, Florida in 2007 and interrupting a daytime broadcast of Matlock, the footage has since been immortalized online.

The telecast was completely normal until it was suddenly hijacked, much to the surprise of those watching. The terrifying footage shows a man dressed in a bird mask, closely resembling an old-time plague doctor.

Throughout the hijacked broadcast, the man’s purpose remains unclear. He speaks with a distortedly low voice that constantly changes pitch and there are heavily warped film and audio effects overlaid, obscuring both the man and his voice.

However, the fact that he is not heard making any demands seems to make the clip even creepier, as viewers are left feeling that they might have been exposed to a message that was far more insidious.

3. Creepy Face Appears in Train Window

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUu86u_x5-o[/embedyt]

We’ve all had moments when we’ve been home alone and felt some sort of presence around us. At these moments we often run to look out the window or turn on all the lights in the house in the hopes of scaring away whatever it is.

Sometimes the more terrifying version of these moments can occur when we are alone, yet in a public space. While our guards may be up toward those around us, we may not often think of the possibility of running into a supernatural being while in such a mundane setting.

Such an occurrence was captured on a subway security camera seen in this video posted to the YouTube channel, Ghost and Demon. A single passenger is sitting alone in an otherwise abandoned carriage. As the train sets in motion, a ghastly face begins to materialize in the window closest to the left of screen.

The mouth, nose and lips of the face are clearly visible and the eyes appear dark and sunken. It seems as though it could be staring directly at the person seated in the subway car, who appears totally unaware that they are being watched.

What do you think this security camera has actually captured? Is it really the ghoulish face of a ghost or demon? Or could it be something else entirely? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. Poltergeist in Loading Bay

Security cam shows something unseen in load dock… from r/veryspookyvideos

Posted to Reddit by user Amajormalfunction, this security camera footage might actually show some sort of poltergeist activity. Waiting until just after the only worker present has left the area, the supposed spirit seems to immediately begin moving a nearby cart.

The cart dislodges from its position and appears to move in a purposeful manner before falling from the ledge, sending all of its contents crashing to the ground. Given the manner in which the cart moves, it seems that there could be more at play here than just simple physics. That, coupled with the fact there are several similar carts nearby that remain perfectly still, tends to indicate that a mischievous poltergeist might be involved.

What’s more, the angle of the camera clearly shows that there is no one nearby. Given the different directions in which the cart moves, it would seem that if a person was responsible for its motion, then they would have surely shown up on the film.

What do you think? Could this footage really show evidence of a resident poltergeist? Or was the cart’s sudden movement just a huge coincidence? Unfortunately, without more information we may never learn the truth behind this mysterious video.

1. Terrifying Screams in Forest

Cougar mating call from r/veryspookyvideos

Last in our list of terrifying footage going viral on social media is this clip posted to Reddit by user, supremegalacticgod. However, it’s not something visual that makes this video so unsettling but rather a scary sound that was captured by the camera’s microphone.

Supposedly recorded by hunters in an unknown location, the sound is unlike any a human could possibly make. The terrifying screams are heard echoing throughout the forest, the hunter’s voices sound shaky as the guttural whaling continues to reverberate throughout the surrounding area.

While the title of the video suggests that the noise is actually a cougar’s mating call, other viewers have noted that is sounds more like something not of this world.

Either way, whatever is making this ghastly sound does not seem friendly and the hunter’s would be best advised to leave the area immediately.