10 creepiest Youtube videos
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10 Creepiest Youtube Videos Ever Made

From a man lost in the catacombs of Paris to what it would be like to hear voices inside your head, join us as we explore the 10 creepiest Youtube videos.   [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C3Oumrg9r4[/embedyt]   […]


8 Most Alien-Like Creatures On Earth

From wasps that lay their eggs directly into living insects to animals that are impervious to almost everything, we count 8 of the most alien-like creatures on earth.   [embedyt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ1fzeQfems[/embedyt]   8. Tardigrades Izlesene Also […]

Maria Rubinke's sculptures are the most disturbing pieces of art.
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10 Most Disturbing Pieces of Art

Great art has the potential to inspire all sorts of emotions. The following disturbing pieces of art happen to bring out feelings of dread, horror and complete hopelessness. So why not spare a few minutes […]

Exploding toilets and exploding whales? These strange explosions are sure to leave you wondering. You just have to see these weird and strange explosions.
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Strange Explosions of the World

Strange Explosions of the world Today is all about strange explosions. Splosions. Kablamos. Explationez. We look at 5 of the strangest explosions that will make you reassess your world. Strange Explosions No. 5. In 2014 […]