Caught on Camera

Paranormal Events Caught on Live TV

From a ghostly presence caught on camera to a UFO seen during a live TV news report, we look at paranormal events caught on live TV. 6. Ghostly Figure Spotted During Presidential Visit [embedyt][/embedyt] […]

Chilling ghosts caught on Live TV
Caught on Camera

Chilling Ghosts Caught on Live TV

Do you believe in ghosts? If you don’t already, then these videos will have you questioning everything you know. Check out these 6 chilling ghosts caught on live TV. 6. Ghosts Caught on Live TV: […]

Caught on Camera

Are These Children Haunted by Ghosts?

From a child that claims to see ghosts to a baby fascinated by a floating orb, we ask the question, are these children haunted by ghosts? 7. Toddler Sees Ghost? [embedyt][/embedyt] Children haunted by […]