6 Strange Creatures Spotted on Camera

What do you think, real or fake?

3. Desert Creature Spotted

There’s not a lot of solid information about this clip but when it surfaced in early 2016 it sent the paranormal community into a frenzy. Filmed in the Portuguese desert, the footage shows a strange, bipedal creature with long arms walking through the brushland. It takes a few lumbering steps before disappearing behind a bush.

When the footage was shared to social media it got more than 200,000 views, sparking fierce debate as to what the creature could be.

Skeptics have dismissed the poor quality footage as a hoax, while some locals are claiming it to be the chupacrabra, a mythical beast that sucks the blood from livestock.

2. Mothman

There are strange creatures spotted on camera
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The Mothman is a mythical creature that’s become notorious in West Virginia, USA. The winged beast entered local folklore in the mid-60’s when various locals reported seeing a large unknown creature flying through the air. It’s said to have a wingspan of up to 14 feet with a solid body, like that of a fully grown man. It’s eyes are bulbous and it has sharp fang-like teeth.

The first sighting occurred on November 12, 1966 when 5 men, who were digging a grave in a cemetery in Clendenin, West Virginia, spotted a large flying creature that they described as ‘man-like’. It flew low to the adjacent tree line, hung for a moment in the air then flew off into the distance.

Just days later, two couples from Point Pleasant had a similar experience. They were driving along a highway near an old World War 2 munitions base, when they spotted a giant, winged beast with glowing red eyes. They said it was a ‘large flying man with ten-foot wings’.

One of the most famous Mothman sightings is linked to the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1967. In the middle of peak hour traffic the bridge suddenly gave way, sending cars, cement and metal debris crashing into the river below. 46 people lost their lives in the accident. Many witnesses claim that the Mothman was present that fateful day and was responsible for the structural failure.

Mothman is a strange creature spotted on camera

Sightings of the legendary Mothman became rare until the above photo surfaced in 2016. A man, who had only recently moved to Point Pleasant, snapped this picture while driving down State Route 2. As he drove, he noticed a large creature jumping from tree to tree. The photo has clearly captured evidence of a large humanoid creature with spread wings. Could this be the famous Mothman of West Virginian folklore? Or is it just a hoax designed to drum up tourism and interest in this old mythic tale?

1. The Creature of Jodhpur

This is one of the strange creatures spotted on camera.

This photo was taken on August 3, 2015 in Jodhpur in western Rajasthan, India. It shows a strange, long-limbed creature, with four fingers, no thumbs and bulbous black eyes.

Villagers claim they were digging a well when they came by the animal deep in the ground. The man seen holding the creature in the photo said he had no idea what it was and was baffled when they unearthed the bizarre looking critter.

When the picture was posted to Facebook it got shared thousands of times, many quick to claim that it’s a subterranean alien from another planet. Others thought it was perhaps a malformed fetus of some kind. Some dismissed the photo as an outright hoax. However, even to this day there has been no solid explanation for the mysterious creature.

Well there’s 6 strange creatures spotted on camera. Did this listicle creep you out or are they just hoaxes? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.