Seriously Creepy Videos That Will Test Your Nerve

Are You Brave Enough To Watch These Seriously Creepy Videos?

Do you get a thrill out of spooky videos that make you jump out of your seat? Then these seriously creepy videos below are sure to test your nerve, so brace yourself and get watching.

6. Singer Watched by Mysterious Entity


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Sometimes the most seriously creepy videos are filmed when it is least expected. That certainly seems to be the case with this clip that Instagram user captured at her school!

The eerie footage opens up with a teenage girl singing in a room. Although she appears to be alone, there are still voices that can be heard in the area. However, they do sound like the typical voices of teenagers talking in the hallways. The video only captures about half her face and the slanted angle allows for the viewers to glimpse a mirror in the background.

The girl’s voice is very beautiful, and it’s obvious that she cares a lot about her song. In fact, her talent is so good that is seems to attract a ghostly figure that can be seen in the mirror. Eventually, something startles the girl who then runs screaming from the room.

While it’s unclear what actually spooked the girl, her reaction certainly seems genuine. That, coupled with the eerie face seen in the mirror definitely makes this one seriously creepy video.

5. Mysterious Ball of Light Chases Train



Uploaded to Mudfossil University‘s YouTube channel, the next seriously creepy video on our list shows footage that was supposedly captured somewhere in Russia.

As the clip begins, we can immediately see an intensely-glowing ball of light right in the middle of a railroad track. And, even though it is broad daylight the orb has an absolutely commanding presence.

The footage appears to have been captured from the back carriage of a train. The ball of light stays close behind while appearing to intermittently vary its speed. Then, just as it’s about to touch the train, it seems to fall back before once again attempting to catch up.

Several theories have attempted to explain this bizarre anomaly. Everything from lights reflecting off the inside of the train’s windows to energy surges, ball lightning and even supernatural and extraterrestrial origins. However, it seems that a definitive explanation has yet to be confirmed.

What do you think this mysterious ball of light could be and why does it keep following the train? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Doorbell Camera Catches Ghostly Figure



Seriously creepy videos certainly seem more likely to be captured at night time. Just like this one, uploaded to YouTube by Shogun that shows footage from a Ring doorbell security camera.

With the advent of modern technology, it has become extremely easy to monitor one’s home while out and about or, more likely in this case, safe inside at night. The idea of such devices is to be able to record evidence of anyone who visits the property or is otherwise loitering around for no apparent reason.

Since their use has become more common, they have helped to deter and solve many robberies and other crimes. However, it seems that the footage caught on this particular occasion does not show a potential thief.

The camera is positioned facing the street. There are a few cars parked along the side, and all seems quiet. However, from the right side of the screen, a shadowy figure begins to take shape. It almost looks like the visage of a human who is wearing a hoodie of some kind, looking toward the ground as they walk. Although they don’t approach the house, it’s easy to see that the figure is transparent. As it passes, you can clearly see the cars through its body! Then, just as the ghostly figure reaches the opposite side of the screen, it seems to vanish into thin air.

Do you have a doorbell camera installed? If so, what is the creepiest thing that you’ve ever captured? Let me know in the comments section below.

3. Floating Man Struck by Lightning



This bizarre video was uploaded to Bruce Lee‘s YouTube channel. There is little information available, other than it was supposedly captured in Shanghai, China.

The camera holder focuses toward the sky as an ominous storm is brewing. From the audio, it seems that a crowd of people has gathered in the nearby area.

The camera then zooms in on a strange, black shape hovering near one of the buildings. As the footage stabilizes, it soon becomes apparent that the shape looks like a human being, levitating in mid air.

Suddenly, two bolts of lighting appear to hit the figure in quick succession, creating a fleeting, eerie glow. The crowd screams as the hovering figure is struck again several more times. It almost appears as though the person could actually be summoning the lightning, commanding it to fill their body with energy.

Then, as the sky continues to light up, the footage suddenly cuts out leaving the viewer wondering what it was that they just witnessed. Many viewers have compared the figure’s apparent superpowers to those of Thor, the God of thunder and even the lightning wielding character, Raiden from the Mortal Kombat video games.

While this clip obviously has its skeptics, could it be possible that the camera holder actually managed to capture evidence of a real superhuman? Unfortunately, until more information surfaces we may never learn the truth behind this mysterious video.

2. UFOs Seen Over New York City



Seriously creepy videos aren’t usually the typical fare of the nightly news. However, sometimes they do show an occasional clip just like this one posted to YouTube by American Television Broadcasting Company, CBS.

The footage opens up showing what appears to be a trio of three white orbs set against the backdrop of a clear, blue sky. As the camera holder focuses in on the object at the top, it soon becomes apparent that the orb actually consists of three smaller objects that are similar in appearance.

The objects swirl through the sky. All the while, maintaining their close proximity to one another. They spin in a circle, almost as if in a practiced pattern. Then, as the footage continues, they begin to form a straight line before starting to spread further out from each other.

A large crowd has gathered on the streets below, marveling at the mysterious sight set high in the sky, They stand side by side curiously discussing among themselves as to what the strange shapes might be.

Eventually, the orbs begin to fade into the distance as the baffled crowd continues to watch, perhaps waiting to see if they will return.

While UFOs are often seen flying through the sky in formation, this is certainly some of the clearest footage that has ever appeared online. What do you think? Could these UFO’s have been extraterrestrial in origin? Or is there another explanation for the mysterious orbs? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Ghostly Figure Filmed in Cemetery



This seriously creepy video was uploaded to the YouTube channel, Refried Minds. The videographer was originally hired to film a Confederate war memorial ceremony at the historic Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suffolk, Virginia. However, he soon discovered that there was much more going on behind the scenes at this graveyard than met the eye.

The grounds are the final resting place for several soldiers who fought in the American Civil War and some believe that their restless spirits still haunt the grounds to this day.

Hired to record the service alongside the graves of soldier, James Jasper Phillips and his wife, the videographer inadvertently managed to capture something rather chilling.

If you look to the right of the footage, you can see what appears to be the ghostly form of a Confederate soldier watching on. As several viewers have noted, he looks as though he is performing a standing salute with his hat clasped in one hand, covering his chest.

While many agree that the figure does indeed look like a soldier, some have even suggested that he appears to be on horseback. Others have also noted that the figure’s uniform looks very similar to the Confederate uniform worn at the time.

It is a common belief that ghosts and spirits often remain at the site of their death or as in this case, where they were buried. This explains the numerous ghost sightings at graveyards over the years. It is also thought that spirits may linger if they met a particularly tragic end in life as is often the case with those who fought in wars.

At the end of the video, the uploader mentions that, to this day no one knows for sure just who or what the figure really was. However, that has not stopped the many viewers who insist that this ‘ghostly’ soldier is simply standing by, paying his respects to a former comrade.