Scary Videos to Watch Late at Night

I didn't need sleep anyway...

There are plenty of scary videos on the internet. Some are easily watched and then forgotten, while others stick with you for longer. Listed below are some of the creepiest scary videos that we just can’t seem to shake – or explain.

Scary Videos – Strange Creature Spotted on Hunting Cam

Escaped gorilla at night or something much more sinister caught on tree cam? from r/veryspookyvideos

This video begins with eerie night time footage caught on trail cam. While these videos are routinely uneventful, this footage is an exception.

Watching closely, you’ll see a large dark figure emerge from the bushes.

One’s first instinct is to assume the figure to be a relatively medium-sized bear, but this is immediately disproven when it begins to alternate its odd walking pattern. Going from all fours to leaping around on its hind legs, the figure begins to more closely resemble a gorilla – or something more humanoid, at least.

There’s no plausible explanation for an escaped gorilla to have appeared stalking around the woods, but this explanation is more comforting than the alternative.

A closer inspection of video zoomed in reveals the creature’s face to be unsettling. While the creature’s distinct features remain indistinguishable, the outline does not resemble that of the common gorilla.

The figure’s odd gait, coupled with the outline of odd features, makes this video all the more disturbing. As a viewer, one feels thankful they were not the ones left out alone at night with the odd creature.

Scattered Toys

There are a plethora of scary videos online detailing inexplicable phenomena, but this video uploaded by YouTube channel Audena Hezuba presents one of the more obvious pieces of evidence of potential supernatural activity.

The user noticed that stuffed toys in his spare room kept being scattered, inexplicably, around the room. He often heard strange noises in his house and saw objects moving on their own, so he finally decided to film the event.

The video begins with the user recording a table in his spare room. Scattered on the floor near the table are a handful of stuffed bears. The user goes on to explain that they had all originally been placed on the table, only when he would return to the spare room, he would find them scattered on the floor once again.

While explaining this in detail to the viewer, the video focuses on the lone bear left on the table. The user laments that he does not know what is going on in his own home and he finds it to be very odd.

As he continues to explain the odd situation he has found himself in, the user and viewer are able to see the disturbing phenomenon firsthand as the sole remaining bear is pulled back and off the table onto the floor by an inexplicable force.

The user then verbalizes exactly what the viewer is thinking as he says, “What the hell was that?” Wasting no time, the user takes off, running away from the room as the footage cuts out.

It is clear from the viewer’s perspective that there is nothing touching the bear, and that it was neither knocked over, nor did it fall on its own. What is depicted in the footage is a stuffed bear being pulled back forcefully by forces unknown, making this one of the most scary videos out there.

Scary Videos – Eerie Shadow Filmed in Lighthouse

Shadow being caught on film lurking between rooms in unoccupied house from r/veryspookyvideos

St. Augustine is one of the oldest and most historic cities in Florida, home to many notable sites that date back to the Civil War. Old war stories and inexplicable ghostly phenomenon go hand in hand, as many know.

The historic lighthouse in St. Augustine is no exception to this rule, with its own long history of ghost stories and rumored haunting abound.

This disturbing video taken in the lighthouse appears to begin peacefully, showing off a seemingly quiet and undisturbed corner of the lighthouse. For a few moments, the viewer is under the impression that there is nothing unsettling happening. The lighthouse is quiet and there isn’t a soul around.

Or so one thinks, until they are confronted with a shadowy figure between two of the lighthouse’s rooms. One may originally assume that the figure is that of a shadow of another lighthouse visitor, but there is something odd about the shadow.

The shadow appears to float several feet off the ground, as though it is an apparition. Perhaps this could be explained by an odd trick of the light through the windows creating some weird refraction of the shadow, but then it begins to move.

The shadow travels eerily through the rooms, slowly floating off the ground. When it finally makes its way into the opposite room, the shadow begins to fade away before the viewer’s eyes.

This kind of odd shadowy behavior is not so easily explained away, but these sort of events are said to happen quite frequently at St. Augustine Lighthouse. Home to ghost tours given by the museum curators themselves, ghost sightings have become an important part of the lighthouse’s history.

Featured on TV shows like Ghost Hunters, many seem to believe the historic site to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, and occasionally, scary videos such as this reinforce the lighthouse’s infamous reputation.

Ghost Girl of Monterey

While these odd stories have been discomforting, no story of paranormal activity is scarier perhaps than that of one that gets personal.

Haunting or supernatural phenomena directly aimed at someone make them all the more terrifying. What’s more, when they’re happening in your own home and there seems to be no recourse things can get infinitely more disturbing very quickly.

That is exactly what happened to this Mexican family when Beto Salas had the misfortune of bringing a seemingly cursed object into his own home.

Detailing the backstory of this event, Salas explains that everything began when he was hospitalized, undergoing serious treatment. During one night in the hospital, as Salas slept, he dreamt a small girl brought him a stuffed dog that would help him to feel better.

Upon awakening, Salas’s wife explained to him that a girl from the hospital did in fact bring him a stuffed animal while he slept. To Salas’s surprise, the stuffed animal was the exact same as the one he dreamt of.

Taking this as a good omen, Salas brought the toy home with him as a sign of good favor upon leaving the hospital. This, Salas would later find out, would seal his fate.

In the video uploaded by JENCOR Videos, Salas depicts the odd phenomenon that has been occurring in his home ever since he brought the toy home.

As far as scary videos go, this one packs a lot of supernatural phenomena into a short video. The video begins in the family’s home as Salas explains the frequency of these odd occurrences.

As Salas takes the viewer through his home, he eventually shows the stuffed toy in question. As though on cue, the cuddly dog falls over on its own, exhibiting the first disturbing event of the video. This alone would have been eerie enough, as the viewer gets the feeling the stuffed dog is both sentient and aware Salas is talking about it, but there is more to come.

Continuing on, Salas explains that the odd activity is happening in all areas of his home, making he and his family feel unsafe. As Salas explains this, one sees the handles of a nearby scooter move not once, but twice, all on their own. It’s hard to tell if there’s anything making the scooter move, but it certainly looks like it’s genuinely moving on its own.

Salas seemingly takes this in stride, remarking that it is happening again, as though he has gotten quite used to these disturbing events happening in his own home. As Salas continues to move through the home, he hears a noise from behind his back. Turning around, one sees the fan behind him has started to move, then fall, all on its own. Aside from Salas, the room is empty. His family is asleep, seemingly braving these odd occurrences as though they have begun to learn to live through them.

Wanting to protect his family, Salas decides to light some incense and say a benediction for his family, hoping to drive any spirits away and keep his home safe. Walking through his home, Salas moves the incense through the all of the rooms in an attempt to rid the home of the spirit.

While doing so, Salas makes his way through a previously closed, and quite loud and creaky, door. If anything had opened the door, the sound would have certainly been picked up on camera. It’s no wonder that Salas is shocked as he opens the door to find the allegedly cursed stuffed toy has somehow moved to this room. It sits eerily on a pillow on the bed.

Salas laments that this is his home, and he should not have to feel so unsafe here. Looking round the room, a pillow begins to move on its own and a toy car exits from under the bed. More and more distraught, Salas’s pleas become more desperate.

Exiting the room, the door left ajar, a child’s voice can be heard moaning. It is not any of Salas’s children, as they’re fast asleep. Salas now prays, scared for his life and his children’s safety.

Closing doors as he goes and praying around his home, Salas gets more and more desperate to explain the conditions under which he and his family have been living. Extremely disturbed, Salas becomes more and more distraught. Just as he closes a door and walks away, the sound of distinct knocks can he heard on the other side.

A washing basket is thrown against the door and Salas becomes worried that the cursed, stuffed dog is angry with them. Having previously described the toy as having uttered, “Mama,” Salas is convinced the spirit of the little girl from the hospital is haunting the doll, wanting to return to its mother. Salas pleads that he will help the girl to reunite with her mother. As he says this, you can see a dark entity is now sitting at the rear of the bed.

If you slow the footage down and brighten the image, you can clearly see some kind of shadowy figure perched on the bed.

Fearing for his life, Salas runs away, just as the viewer has likely decided they have watched one of the single most disturbing malicious supernatural occurrences on the internet.