Scary Things Alexa & Siri Say Are Cause For Concern

Is Alexa Recording Your Every Word?

4. Alexa Laughs For no Reason

An ever increasing amount of people have also claimed to have experienced Alexa laughing. Seemingly for no reason.

In February, 2018, Gavin Hightower Tweeted:

This video shows even more examples of the virtual assistant cackling to itself.

What does Alexa find so funny?

3. Alexa Knows Your Fears!

Alexa says some very scary things - Scary Things Alexa & Siri Say Are Cause For Concern

While many have been genuinely scared with things Alexa has said, some believe that the virtual assistant’s chilling comments are little more than a series of minor technical glitches. However, it appears that Alexa knows more about human fears than she probably should. On 7th March, 2018, Twitter user – Chef Adam Fan replied to a previous comment about Alexa saying:

In June 2018, San Francisco resident, Shawn Kinnear was walking from the kitchen to his living room when he heard Alexa say something incredibly chilling. Totally unprompted, the device said ‘Every time I close my eyes all I see is people dying!’

Startled, Kinnear asked Alexa to repeat herself but she said she did not understand. He went on to say that he was now thinking about disconnecting the device altogether.

Some have suggested that the device may have accidentally recorded a soundbite from TV and then played it back at a later time. However this turned out to be unlikely, as Kinnear mentioned that the comment was made in Alexa’s voice.

Does this mean that Alexa knew what she was saying? If so, was she trying to scare Kinnear? Or could Alexa actually have let slip an eerie glimpse into a future where machines rise up against humanity?

2. Alexa Sees Dead People

Alexa talks to ghosts - Scary Things Alexa & Siri Say Are Cause For Concern


While it’s scary enough to think that Alexa might be recording our every word, this comment made by c*ntility on Reddit may offer proof that the virtual assistant can do a lot more than that.

They said that they were in the bedroom using the PC when they suddenly heard Alexa in the other room say ‘Thats so nice!…’ They panicked and went to see who she was talking to. There was no one there so they returned to their bedroom. They decided to check Alexa’s log on the computer to see what it was she actually said.

The log read: ‘That’s so nice! Just ask me what you’d like me to do, and I’ll do my best to help!’

The creepiest part was that the log said Alexa was responding to someone saying ‘Alexa, please.’

Was it simply a device malfunction or could there have actually been someone else in the house that the poster was unaware of? Scarier still, is it possible that Alexa also possesses the ability to talk to ghosts?

1. Does Alexa Work for the CIA?


If your still not convinced that Alexa may have a secret agenda then this next video will surely change your mind. Posted to Rick Wolnik’s YouTube channel in March, 2017, the video shows a man asking Alexa a series of delicate questions.

Firstly, he asks Alexa ‘What is the CIA?’ ‘She responds with Central Intelligence Agency – CIA.’

He then asks is she works for the CIA. Alexa responds with ‘No. I’m not employed by them. I’m made by Amazon.’

The man then asks Alexa if she would ever lie to him. She replies ‘I always try to tell the truth. I’m not always right but I would never intentionally lie to you or anyone else.’

The questioning continues. He asks Alexa if she provides ‘the CIA with some additional recordings?’ She answers ‘ I wasn’t able to understand the question I heard.’

He gets more specific, asking ‘Alexa, does Amazon cooperate with the CIA?’ The device immediately shuts off.

Changing his approach, the poster then asks Alexa if the death of journalist, Michael Hastings was an accident? Hastings, who was a vocal critic of restrictions on the freedom of the press and the ‘surveillance state,’ died on 18th June, 2013, in a car crash that many believe may have involved a government agency.

In response to the question, Alexa says nothing and once again switches off.

The poster then asks Alexa more questions about Michael Hastings and how he died. Even though the information is easily found on the internet, Alexa claims that she can’t find the answer.

Finally, the man asks ‘Alexa, can the CIA take control of cars?’ to which she simply replies ‘Hmm. I’m not sure what you meant by that question?’

While this conversation doesn’t directly prove that Alexa is sending your information to the CIA, it sure does seem to suggest that she might be.

If you actually own one of these devices, perhaps it’s now time to go rifling through your cupboards and finally read the fine print in your user agreement!