Scary Moments Caught on Camera

It's a spooky world out there

These scary moments caught on camera have left social media on edge. From an eerie ritual caught on camera to an urban explorer possibly catching a ghost on film, these scary moments are sure to keep you awake at night.

6. Scary Moments Caught on Camera – Eerie Ritual

We’ve seen a lot of scary moments caught on camera, but this video sent in by Slapped Ham viewer JunkedUpKitten is one of the creepiest we’ve seen yet. In this video, the viewer explains he’s been hearing an odd whistling sound. His dog even seems to be on edge as he pans over to the confused looking pup.

It wouldn’t be a video worth talking about if the man behind the camera didn’t choose to check out the source of the sound for himself, and JunkedUpKitten chose to do just that. As it’s late at night and it’s cold outside, he’s certain there wouldn’t be cause for any visitors who’ve happened to make their way into his yard.

Making his way out into the snow with his canine companion and flashlight, JunkedUpKitten is determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious late-night visitor in his yard.

Making his way over to a chicken coop, it becomes apparent nothing is disturbing the hens and the coop couldn’t possibly be the source of the sound. The full moon is out and he is determined to find the source of the eerie whistling – supernatural or otherwise.

There’s a lot of ground for him to cover, 20 acres, and as it appears the sound has stopped, he makes his way back toward his house with his dog. As he walks by a shed, something appears to be off as the dog begins to bark in the distance. Making his way back into the yard in search of his dog, he’s flabbergasted by what he sees.

Off in the distance is what appears to be a fire. As he walks towards the light source he notices effigies or odd dolls hanging off of a nearby tree. Convinced that something truly odd must be occurring on his property, JunkedUpKitten calls out to his dog.

The camera holder makes his way closer to the light and realises it’s a circle of candles. There’s an eerie assortment of recently abandoned ritualistic materials including a set of tarot cards. It becomes clear the dog attempted to chase off whoever, or whatever, had been there.

The dog continues to make its way deeper into the woods. The camera cuts out as JunkedUpKitten sees another set of ritual candles. The last thing he utters: “I gotta get out of here.” Truly one of the creepiest moments out there!

What do you think is going on this clip? Is there really a person or group performing secret rituals on this viewer’s property? The setup is far too elaborate to be a hoax and the cold, snowy weather makes it even more unlikely that anyone would be playing a prank. Love to get your thoughts on this mysterious piece of footage.

5. Japanese Urban Explorer Captures Ghost on Cam

We’ve seen our fair share of scary Japanese ghost videos, both in the city and out in the countryside. This clip captured in an unknown Japanese city continues this trend, proving that these occurrences can happen in even the most densely populated areas.

This dark video shows a man walking through what appears to be an old hospital. He focuses on several objects in the seemingly abandoned building including what almost looks like an ritual altar.

Something resembling a skeleton is shown in what is more clearly shown as an empty hospital. Abandoned equipment and beds add to the creep factor as one is sure they are about to see some scary moments caught on camera.

Walking down a hall, a shadowy figure appears at the opposite end. Most of the lights appear to be off, save for some emergency lights. The camera holder doesn’t seem to notice this mysterious figure.

At the very end of the clips, the explorer places the camera down to have a better look around. Just as the explorer returns to the camera, a sinister figure is seen moving behind him, seemingly unnoticed, as the video cuts out.

4. Scary Sounds Caught on Camera Deep in Mine

This video uploaded to YouTube by user Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places seems not to have been intended to capture any eerie or odd activity. Rather, the disclaimer at the beginning of the video claims the uploader had been in the mines in order to do a review of a new flashlight.

Instead, the brave explorer was confronted with a series of scary moments caught on camera. The Youtuber make his way to the entrance of the mine, braving heavy rain and wind in the middle of the night.

The camera holder passes bats and other creatures typically found in mines as they make their way deeper and deeper into the mine in order to test the limits of the flashlight’s capabilities.

The Youtuber makes a point to highlight that they have chosen to complete this video all in one take, without any cuts. This becomes important later on as the audible odd noises were clearly not part of the footage the explorer had meant to capture.

The explorer continues to make his way through the mines, looking for anything interesting to highlight within the mine. The video continues as normal, with the explorer examining timbers left in the mine for support. As the explorer continues to explain the purpose of the supporting structure, he pauses and turns around, asking the viewers, “do you hear that?” A subtitle on the video explains that very strange noises seem to be emanating from another tunnel in the mine.

The explorer is clearly thrown by the noises and turns around, making a point to investigate the source of the odd sounds. The sound is similar to that of a distant wheezing noise. The explorer questions whether or not the sound is wind knowing there is something off about the origin of the noise. Unsure if the camera is picking up the noise, the explorer moves closer to the source of the noise.

As he comes closer, the camera picks up what sounds eerily like chanted whispers echoing through the mine. The sound stops as the explorer asks if the viewer can hear the noise, clearly thrown. He backs away, explaining that the sound is certainly not wind but hoping that it’s something easily explainable such as birds or snakes. The chanting gets louder and the explorer explains that in all the time he’s spent in mines, he’d never heard anything as creepy as that sound. The viewer is certainly left feeling as thrown as the explorer, as the sound does not seem easily explained away.

If you isolate the sound and increase the volume, it does certainly sound like a person chanting. Ordinarily, the sound of chanting is creepy enough, but hearing chanting down a deep, dark tunnel of an abandoned mine is a whole other level of freaky.

Love to get your thoughts on this one, what do you think the sound is and where is it coming from?

3. Scary Moments Caught on Camera – Urban Explorer Sees Ghost

In this video which appears to be more odd footage of an urban explorer in Japan, the setting is drastically different. Set in the daylight this time in the wilderness, the man explores what appears to be an abandoned underpass. Odd markings are present on the ground. The man walks further into the underpass just as odd, echoing, slapping sounds are heard in either direction.

Panning the camera back and forth, it becomes clear that no one else is present. In what appears to be another one of many scary moments caught on camera, the man continues to hear the sound echoing around him.

If you slow the footage down, a shadowy figure appears to be present on either side of the camera, barely in the frame. This figure is seemingly the source of the echoing sound, as both the figure and the sound appear to travel between either side of the man. The viewer is left feeling thoroughly creeped out and glad the man left to tell the tale as his footage makes it clear something odd was happening in that tunnel.

2. Poltergeist Activity Caught on Camera

This video uploaded by YouTube user Haunted Explores displays some seriously scary moments caught on camera. The cameraman makes a point to show the viewer his home as it appears in the daytime in order to explain the footage that is yet to come.

Making his way through his rooms, he explains there is little to no room for anyone to hide behind his furniture, and no room for his furniture to move naturally. The viewer is sure that something eerie is about to be revealed in the video to come as the man is making such a point to explain there will be no natural explanation for the second set of footage. Placing the camera down, he shows the same angle of the room in daylight, so the viewer is able to have complete context for the upcoming clip.

The man explains he and his family had heard odd sounds in their home for a while. Initially convinced the sounds were coming from their cats, they began to suspect otherwise and set up a camera in order to have some explanation of what was going on.

When the footage begins to roll, an odd figure is shown in the peripheral as objects begin to move. The windows are closed, and yet the blinds clink, seemingly on their own. Unexplainable noises are heard as well as clear rustling and tapping. The shades begin to move more and more as an object on the table is seen wiggling violently.

The shade is drawn more and more as the blinds behind the TV also begin to move. An odd light appears on the couch. Its glow becomes more and more intense, before disappearing. It later becomes apparent, when the odd light appears for the second time, that it’s actually a torch sitting on the couch. But how it manages to turn on and off by itself remains a mystery.

The TV turns on by itself, apparently the final eerie happening in what appears to be some truly extreme poltergeist activity caught on camera.

1. Huge UFO Revealed During Lightning Storm

There’s something creepy about most UFO sightings. This video uploaded to YouTube by user misterio canal is no different. Seemingly depicting a huge UFO in a lightning storm, the viewer is confounded as to what else they could be looking at. Confronted with what appears to be a series of multiple lights floating across the sky in an arc, the appearance of the strange object certainly seems extraterrestrial.

In one of the most scary moments caught on camera and uploaded to the internet, the entire figure is illuminated in a single flash of lightning, revealing an eerie and huge floating craft in the stormy sky.

If you slow the footage down, when the lightning strikes it becomes obvious that there is more to the floating lights than first thought. An outline of a much larger object is revealed, an object most viewers are calling an alien craft.

The video uploader explains the craft he saw in the night sky was the size of a mountain. He also goes on to explain he saw the craft floating, surrounded by a mist he believes was meant to keep the craft hidden, only to have its cover blown by the thunderstorm.

What do you think this object in the sky could be?