Scary Home Videos That Will Give You Chills

These Home Videos Have Captured Something Sinister!

From the scary home video of a resident poltergeist to footage of a ghostly nun in a chapel, these are scary home videos that will give you chills.

5. Creepy Nun Filmed in Abandoned Chapel

This scary home video was uploaded to EXPLORING WITH DANNY‘s YouTube channel in April, 2019. At the beginning of the clip, Danny explains that he has decided to return to an abandoned chapel alone to do some more filming after experiencing paranormal activity during several previous live sessions on Facebook.

As Danny is searching the premises, he can be heard taunting any spirits present to throw a cup at him.

Suddenly, he hears a sound coming from another room and decides to investigate. Cautiously he enters the room and begins looking around.

He approaches a World War 2 memorial plaque on one of the walls that contains the names of several soldiers that died in the war. Curiously, one of those that perished was actually named Bert Death.

Suddenly, Danny hears another noise and turns in the direction it came from.

There, watching him through a window is what appears to be a ghostly looking nun.

He lets out a loud scream and immediately runs from the chapel.

Once outside, he attempts to process what he has just seen. Still clearly distraught he turns to focus his camera on the outside of the building.

If you look closely at the roof, on the left side of the screen, you can actually see some sort of ghostly figure standing on the roof! Danny doesn’t seem to notice it at the time. However, he does mention it in the video’s description.

He soon notices something in one of the upstairs windows and zooms in to take a closer look. It appears to be the face of the nun that spooked him inside the chapel!

Not wanting another confrontation with the supernatural entity, Danny wisely decides to leave the area.

Since the footage was released, viewers have hotly debated its authenticity. Some think that it has to be staged while others believe that Danny’s reactions seem very genuine.

What do you think? Has this YouTuber really recorded the ghost of a nun inside this spooky old chapel? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Chilling EVP Recorded in Living Room

This chilling clip was posted to Huff Paranormal‘s YouTube channel in October, 2013.

Steve Huff has been posting spooky EVP videos to his channel since 2012 and in my opinion this is one of the clearest to date.

According to the video’s description, Steve’s dog had been staring at something in their living room on the three nights prior to this recording.

He decided to do some filming with his camera and managed to capture this very creepy EVP. At first, it sounds like a young child saying the word ‘Mommy!’ However, when the footage is reversed it actually sounds like ‘Mommy, come out!’

While the audio is a little quiet, you can clearly hear the words if you turn it up.

Steve claims that the house was completely quiet when the voice was heard which makes the recording even more eerie.

The video continues and includes several more voices and auditory anomalies. However, they are hard to hear and what is being said can easily be debated.

It is the clarity of the first voice that leaves little doubt that someone or something is indeed attempting to communicate with Steve.

What do you think? Has this YouTuber actually captured the ghostly voice of a young child?’ Or could there be another explanation for these scary sounds?

3. Mysterious Creature Grabs Woman

This scary home video was uploaded to dbowieism‘s YouTube channel in March, 2012. The couple in the video explain that they are filming in a park somewhere in North Hollywood and go one to mention that a friend of theirs was chased out of the area a week earlier by a crazy person.

The man suggests that the woman walks into the darkness to test the range of the camera’s night vision. Then, when the woman is barely visible, the man hears a strange noise and appears to drop the camera.

Now scared, the women tells him to stop playing around and that it is not funny. Suddenly, something that is moving very fast grabs the woman and she disappears off screen.

If you adjust the brightness of the video, you can just make out the woman being dragged away.

While there is very little information available about this video it’s difficult to comment on its authenticity. However, the thing that grabs the woman appears to move far too quickly to be a human. The title of the video suggests that if might have been an alien while others believe that some sort of poltergeist could be to blame.

Unfortunately, without further information this unsettling event will remain a mystery. At least for the time being.

2. Shadowy Ghost Haunts Old House

These scary home videos were all posted to the YouTube channel, Ghosts Of Carmel Maine. In this one entitled DAYMARES, the owner of the channel, Kent shows some of the most chilling things he has witnessed in his house.

While he believes that there are several supernatural entities present, there is one in particular, which he has named Shadow Dude that seems to make is self known more so than the others.

Kent says that while Shadow Dude has never physically attacked him, his attacks are more mental as he often scares Kent by appearing suddenly.

In the first clip, Kent has supposedly captured Shadow Dude standing at the bedroom window before suddenly disappearing. It’s almost as if he flies right out the window!

In another clip, Kent sets up a camera at the bottom of the stairs after hearing some mysterious noises. After a few minutes, a ghostly face can be seen peering around the corner.

It’s hard to see at first but if you look closely at the top of the left side of the stairs you can clearly see the face peeking out. Shortly after it disappears, the camera is mysteriously knocked over.

Later in the video, Kent enters his bedroom and notices that his curtains are moving in a peculiar manner. Suddenly, a black shape appears to leap from the window!

In the first clip on another video, Kent decides to investigate some strange sounds that he can hear coming from the second level of his house. He cautiously climbs the stairs and enters his bedroom. After asking if there is somebody up there, he returns to the stairs. Suddenly, he hears a noise and re-enters the bedroom.

There, standing right in front of him is a dark shadowy figure! Scared by what he has just witnessed, Kent lets out a mighty scream and the video abruptly ends.

Many viewers believe that the footage Kent posts to his YouTube channel are some of the most authentic paranormal clips on the internet.

While it’s difficult to say for sure, many of the incidents do indeed appear to be genuine. Is this house really haunted by a shadowy ghost? Or could Kent’s footage reveal something else entirely?

1. Witch Filmed in the Woods

In October, 2018, a man named Greg tweeted that he was now living in his recently deceased grandpa’s house deep in the woods. He claimed that something weird was happening and began documenting the events on the social media platform for all to read.

He started to discover mysterious artifacts made out of bone and wood around the outside of his house. Then, one day after returning from town he saw a mysterious, robed figure lurking in the bushes outside the house.

Scared, Greg headed down to the nearby lake to process what he had just seen.

Noticing that it was getting dark, he soon headed back to the house. However, he did not want to spend the night there so decided to drive into town and get a motel for the evening.

As he approached his car however, he spotted the same eerie figure that was lurking in the bushes just hours before. This is the video he posted to his Twitter account.

The figure seems to stare forwards with a blank expression on its face then, suddenly turn towards Greg who immediately runs away.

Many who’ve read Greg’s story have likened it to that of Dear David, the Twitter tale posted by Adam Ellis (@mobydickhead) about the ghost of a dead child that was haunting his house.

But are the stories real? Many think so or at least want to believe so. However, with Ellis’ tweets being optioned for a film deal the more skeptical readers think that Greg’s chilling tale might simply be another cleverly disguised marketing campaign for a very spooky story.

Whether the tale is true or not is still open to debate. However, one thing is for sure. If it does turn out to be authentic then this clip has to be one of the scariest home videos ever captured.