Scary Ghost Voices That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

These EVPs are scary!

These scary ghost voices have left the paranormal community dumbfounded. From horrific screams recorded in a basement to eerie EVP of a little girl trying to make contact from beyond the grave, these scary ghost voices will send chills down your spine.

6. Ghost Voices – Ghostly Whaling Coming From Basement

Perhaps more unsettling than the idea of seeing a ghost in your home is the idea of hearing the sounds of eerie ghost voices. That is exactly what happens in this series of videos uploaded to YouTube channel Blake Smiths Gaming Blitz.

In the first video, the uploader explains that he has been hearing strange noises coming from his basement. The noises were so disturbing, he claims that he has called the police over to investigate.

After hearing the sounds of banging and walking around, as well as a distressing cry, the man can take it no longer, feeling extremely unsafe in his own home. He explains that the police did take his concerns seriously, believing he had some sort of home invader, but that they only found wet footprints walking off into a corner of his basement.

Having captured the sound coming from his basement on video, listeners are exposed to a very distressing cry still being emitted from the basement, with no presence to be seen.

In a second video, the uploader decides to leave his phone in the basement. He sets it to record and captures some very creepy audio. The sounds once again echo what is possibly a child crying or screaming. The haunting sounds are disembodied and have no apparent source.

In a third video, the uploader once again hears the ghostly crying coming from his basement. This time it is at night. He heads down with his phone set to record. However, just as he gets down into the basement, his phone dies. The ultimate fate of the distressed presence in his basement is unknown.

5. Voice of Ghost Spooks Investigators

Posted to YouTube channel Haunted Finders, this next clip was recorded during a ghost tour with Calverton Ghost Walks. While exploring a wooded area just outside of Nottingham, often referred to as the most haunted forest in Britain, the crew appear to have captured a truly eerie piece of audio.

While no video is seen, the audio played is creepy enough on its own. The snippet appears to feature a female entity whispering: “please come closer”. At first it’s hard to make out, but once the audio is cleaned up a little, the eerie voice becomes apparent.

Calverton Ghost Walks take participants around some of the most haunted locations in Nottingham. Not only do these haunted walks explain the town’s often eerie history, they also give participants the unique opportunity to utilize some professional paranormal equipment. Effectively turning their tour into a ghost hunt.

Given the context of the haunted forest, this clip becomes even more disturbing. Although the audio is slightly garbled, the words can nevertheless be made out.

With audio like this you do have to place a fair amount of trust in the uploader – it could easily be faked.

I’ll throw this one out to the audience. Is this a genuine EVP recording? Or just a person whispering into a mic? Let me know in the comments below.

4. Ghost Voices – Ghostly Girl Attempts to Communicate

Uploaded by YouTube user Dead Explorer, this next clip comes from a another notoriously haunted location. Filmed during Grey Ghost Paracon 2013, a conference for paranormal enthusiasts, the audio was captured in the USS Hornet in Alameda, California.

Known to be one of the most haunted warships in the American Navy, over 300 people have died on board from apparent freak accidents. Alleged to have the most suicides recorded of any ship in the Navy, the USS Hornet has been featured on MTV’s Fear, Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, as well as Ghost Adventures. Named one of the Scariest Places on Earth by Beyond Investigation Magazine, this ship is undoubtedly one of the most haunted locations known to exist.

The group of paranormal investigators enter the ship with their gear, fully decked out and ready for any potential ghostly activity.

The voice the group captured on camera seems to beg with the listener, asking, “Can you tell me why they forgot me?” The voice sounds like that of a small girl and comes in very loud and clear. All at once, the group reacts to the sound of the voice, visibly disturbed and amazed at how clear the voice comes in.

As the group remains in the USS Hornet, the ghost appears to be quite talkative, and the group is left to ponder just what sort of fate the small girl could have met on a notorious warship such as this.

3. Chilling Scream Caught on Camera

Posted by YouTube user Travis Cosentino, this next video was recorded in the uploader’s sister’s bathroom. Although the uploader states that his sister lives in a newer apartment complex, not more than 10 years old, she still believes her bathroom to be haunted.

He also explains that his sister has the tendency to attract bad spirits wherever she goes.

One night when the sister felt a particularly uneasy feeling in the bathroom, they decided to set up a sound recorder.

The result is one of the most chilling ghost voices ever captured. He explains that listeners will at first hear his sister’s baby crying. He also explains that a constant clicking sound can be heard under the complete audio, although he has since checked all over the bathroom in an attempt to find a source, to no avail.

Next comes the alleged ghost’s blood-curdling scream. Described as one of the scariest EVPs ever recorded, the scream sounds truly distressed.

Again, the uploader states that he and his sister remained asleep the entire night, and definitely didn’t hear a scream. Is it possible the sound recorder picked up audio wavelengths that are not detectable by human ears? This recording would certainly suggest so.

The uploader goes on to explain that his sister moved out of the apartment not a month later but insists she’s still followed by other ghostly entities.

2. Ghost Voices – Man Communicates With Possessed Doll

Posted by YouTuber spunkflunk, this next series of videos documents an eerie encounter that began accidently. While recording a run of the mill YouTube video in which the uploader is seen requesting viewers to follow him on Google Plus, a doll is seen sitting on his bed in the background.

As he speaks to the audience in the first clip, the doll begins to move, seemingly by itself. The doll’s hand moves upward. It’s subtle but it definitely moves. There doesn’t appear to be any wires or someone hiding that might be secretly moving the doll.

The uploader continues with his video as normal, seemingly unaware of the doll moving independently behind him.

However, once the original video was uploaded, the doll’s actions could no longer go unnoticed. After clipping the weird movements separately, the uploader downloads an EVP app in order to try and evaluate the presence of a potential spirit in the doll.

During a second video, the uploader decides to attempt to communicate with the doll using a phone app. After first messing around with the app without the doll, nothing is registered by the EVP app for a full 3 minutes.

He then proceeds to fetch the doll in order to see if the EVP app would capture any ghost voices. According to the uploader, The first thing the doll says is “listen” at the 2:10 mark.

The second thing the ghost is heard saying is “evil”, heard roughly at the 2:44 mark. As though that were not creepy enough, the spirit is heard to say “not ghost” at 3:18, “helpless” at 4:15, and “free me” at 4:49.

When compiled together in this way, the ghost’s communications seem to craft a narrative of helplessness. It seems that whatever the context, a spirit is potentially trapped in the body of that doll, making this one of the creepiest hauntings out there.

1. Film Crew Catch Creepy EVP

In 2004, the American television program Ghost Adventures visited the Goldfield Hotel, where cast members Zak Bagans and Nick Groff conducted a paranormal investigation. The investigation became famous for a specific incident in the basement when a brick was seemingly flung across the room on its own, provoking a terrified response from Bagans.

In this video, a news team from Reno, Nevada returns to the site with another team of paranormal investigators. When attempting to communicate with the alleged resident spirits, they captured two chilling EVPs.

As the newscaster explains at the beginning of the broadcast, the audio snippets they captured drove the paranormal world into a frenzy. These two clips were some of the clearest EVPs ever captured at the time, making them a boon to paranormal investigators everywhere.

The clip begins with the news team exploring the old property.

Once the crew reach the fourth floor of the building they experience something truly odd. They claim some kind of force can be felt rushing toward them. Footsteps and clanging sounds are heard right in front of them.

Then in the basement, an even more unsettling encounter takes place. When questioned about the thrown brick that happened during the Ghost Adventures investigation, a ghostly voice responds, “thank you, but we’ve done it.” When played a number of times the EVP is clear as day.

When asked again about the brick another one of the ghost voices responds, “didn’t mean to hurt anybody.”

After capturing the pristine audio, the news crew felt there was little doubt that a ghostly presence is haunting the Goldfield Hotel.