10 Scariest Haunted Hospitals Around the World

Would you stay in any of these haunted hospitals?

5. Pennsylvania Hospital

The Pennsylvania Hospital is one of many haunted hospitals that will make your blood run cold.

Pennsylvania Hospital was established in 1761 and is arguably the most famous haunted site in Philadelphia. It’s yet another hospital with a history of mistreating the mentally ill.

But what makes Pennsylvania Hospital unique among other haunted facilities is the “dry moat” that ran the length of the grounds. Here, patients were forcibly made to exercise. The moat runs became a well-known spectacle, with local townsfolk coming by to watch and make cruel wagers.

There was also a statue on the grounds of the philosopher William Penn. According to rumours, this statue was cursed and would come to life on the night of a full moon.

Whatever you believe, this is undoubtedly a place with a very dark history.

4. Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is one of many haunted hospitals that will make your blood run cold.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is one of the most notorious haunted hotspots in Kentucky. It’s said to be brimming with supernatural activity, with hundreds of terrifying accounts from those brave enough to venture into the dilapidated building.

The Sanatorium first opened its doors in the early 1900s. Although it began as a treatment facility for tuberculosis sufferers, western medicine at the time was proving ineffective at treating TB. Out of desperation, the doctors began performing experimental surgeries and procedures, inadvertently killing many of their own patients. Some say their spirits still roam the halls of Waverly Hills, trapped between this world and the next.

Paranormal investigators have also uncovered Waverly Hills’ hidden death tunnel, which was used to discreetly dispose of corpses. The Death Tunnel today is pitch black and gives visitors feelings of overwhelming despair. Many who’ve passed through it say they felt the presence of malevolent spirits grabbing at them.

Finally, there are two commonly sighted resident spirits at Waverly Hills: the ghost of a little boy who is often heard bouncing his ball through the hallway, and the ghost of Mary – a spirit known for playing twisted games of hide and seek with ghost hunters.

3. Old Changi Hospital

The Old changi hospital is one of many haunted hospitals that will make your blood run cold.
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Built in 1935, the Old Changi Hospital has become known as one of Singapore’s most infamous haunted locations. It originally served as the Royal Air Force Hospital but was later taken over by Japanese and used as a prison camp. During that time, many POWs died while being subjected to a torture chamber.

These days, visitors frequently report seeing apparitions that are believed to be the victims of the Japanese. The now-abandoned building has since been the site of many paranormal shows, with dozens of film and television crews attempting to capture footage of an otherworldly presence.

Visitors to the Old Changi Hospital have reported hearing and seeing many frightening and unexplainable things in the decrepit hallways. These include strange moaning sounds, unexplainable feelings of nausea, and stories of hostile spirits following them even outside of the hospital grounds.

2. Ararat Lunatic Asylum

The Ararat Lunatic Asylum is one of many haunted hospitals that will make your blood run cold.

1867 saw the opening of the largest asylum in Australia, the Ararat Lunatic Asylum. This mental healthcare facility housed tens of thousands of patients – some of whom were among the most dangerous and violent psychotics in the world.

During its 130 years of operation, a staggering 13,000 patients died in this facility. This is no doubt why the Ararat Lunatic Asylum – now known as the Aradale Mental Hospital – is considered one of the most haunted places in all of Australia.

The facility closed in 1998, but was unexpectedly reopened three years later and transformed into a campus for the Australian College of Wine.
With such a tragic history, it’s no surprise ghost sightings and strange phenomena still commonly occur today. Many have spotted the spirit of a nurse who haunts the women’s wing. Then there’s the unexplainable banging in the men’s isolation cells, and the icy wind that passes through the old director’s office.

Perhaps creepiest of all is the old men’s surgical wing, where anyone who passes by experiences phantom pains and sensations of being touched.

1. Pennhurst Asylum

The Pennhurst Asylum is one of many haunted hospitals that will make your blood run cold.

Finally we come to Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania, undoubtedly one of the most frightening hospitals in existence. In its 78 years of operation, Pennhurst developed a long history of neglecting, abusing and torturing its patients. There are many tales of patients being chained to the walls. Children were kept in cribs for years at a time, and there are even reports of murder.

The building was initially a state school for the physically and mentally disabled. It spanned an impressive 120 acres and housed over 10,000 patients at a time. But it’s clear that housing so many patients caused the quality of care to suffer, as this facility faced countless accusations of abuse and dehumanization before it was eventually shut down in 1986. During this time, the buildings were abandoned, with patients’ belongings and medical equipment left as eerie reminders of the past.

These days, brave ghost hunters continue to visit Pennhurst Asylum to document its strange happenings. They’ve found a long list of spooky phenomena, including unexplainable audio recordings, sharp drops in temperature, and objects that move without explanation. Visitors have even been pushed by unseen hostile forces, and sound recorders have picked up angry voices shouting things like, “Go away!”, “I’ll kill you!” and “Why won’t you leave?”

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