Real Ghostly Spirits Caught on Camera

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When the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and you’re all but certain that a pair of mysterious eyes are watching you from the shadows, you don’t often have proof of your encounter with ghostly spirits. However, with the prevalence of phone and CCTV cameras today, more and more paranormal entities are being captured on film. Let’s take a look at a few terrifying examples of ghostly spirits popping up on camera.

7. Ghostly Spirits – Eerie Figure Caught on Camera

There’s something eerie about structures that have been abandoned to time, especially when nature has begun to retake the walls. Perhaps this eerie feeling comes from the ghostly spirits that inhabit long-forgotten places. In this video by YouTuber チャンネルゴロンボ, a bizarre and creepy entity makes itself known when an amateur explorer enters its domain.

It is difficult to determine what the purpose of this structure was. After years of being abandoned in the dense foliage, only a few bits of the walls, floors, and railings remain. The explorer takes us on a tour of the structure, focusing on the places where trees and flowers have reclaimed their rightful place among the walls. Although the explorer is alone in the ruins, a ghostly figures make itself known. Its appearance is so brief and sudden that it is only when replaying the video that we are able to really see it.

The figure appears as the camera is panning past an empty doorway. The spirit is still, almost blending into the walls. In a slow-motion replay, we see that the eerie figure is dressed all in white. However, the most terrifying aspect of this entity is what it is missing: a head. It holds something round and dark in its hands; perhaps this shadowy orb is the creature’s missing head? This figure could be an Yūrei: a Japanese spirit often depicted in all-white garments.

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6. Water Pump Moves on Its Own

Although it is more common for ghostly spirits to appear in isolated spots, the Facebook page Real Ghost Videos shows us that apparitions can appear just about anywhere. This video was shot from a phone camera on a busy street bustling with people somewhere in India.

While several groups of onlookers watch in amazement, the handle of a water pump begins to inexplicably move up and down on its own. Although numerous people surround the pump, no one can be seen touching the apparatus. Some viewers have speculated that the video was faked by moving the pump with a piece of fishing line. However, the amazed onlookers who surround the water pump and take videos of its movements suggest that no one was nearby moving the pump manually.

Other viewers have proposed that the unexplained movement could be the work of a djinn: a supernatural creature found in Islamic folklore. Descriptions of djinn vary widely, but they are typically believed to be benevolent. That seems to be the case with this djinn, who takes the time to pump some water for any who might visit the pump. Or perhaps, as some viewers have suggested, the djinn was just feeling thirsty. There has been no concrete explanation for this video, but most seem content to believe that it was the work of a mysterious spirit.

5. Ghostly Spirits – Man Investigates Eerie Sounds

When you keep hearing sounds and find out what causes it from r/veryspookyvideos

Reddit user Amajormalfunction shared this mysterious piece of content in January, 2020.

The original uploader learned the hard way that you shouldn’t investigate bizarre sounds in your home unless you are prepared to witness something spooky. He and his roommate were enjoying a relaxing night at home when they heard something strange: a mysterious tapping noise coming from their storage area. According to them, the noise sounded like someone lightly tapping on one of the storage area’s doorknobs. They decide to grab a camera and head through the door to investigate.

The area is relatively small, containing only a washer, dryer, and rocking chair. However, there are smaller storage areas within that are blocked off by closed doors. The pair decide to check inside one of these smaller closets to search for the source of the sound. While nothing can be seen at first, the ghostly spirits inhabiting the room eventually make their appearance. Just as the guys seem like they’re about to give up, the one holding the camera notices movement; the rocking chair in the corner of the room has begun to move on its own. They hypothesize that some sort of entity is sitting in the chair. Then, the closet door that they had just opened slowly pushes itself closed. Moments later, the lights turn off. It is then that the two have had enough terror and quickly bolt from the room.

Several viewers have suggested that the video could have been staged with clear wire. However, other who claim to have inspected the footage carefully are certain that ghosts are to blame.

4. Our Lady of Holy Death

So my brother is a Doctor in a Hospital in Hermosillo Mexico, he told me that a nurse was so confused and scared because she saw the Santa Muerte when they were running to see a patient that had a heart attack. from r/Ghosts

Hospitals can be a creepy place to work. Often, people enter the hospital only to breath their final breathes behind its walls. According to Redditor Kyrotoasun, there may be more than just ghostly spirits lingering in the hospital’s halls.

The Redditor’s brother works as a doctor in a hospital in Hermosillo, Mexico. When dashing down the hall to attend to a patient who had recently had a heart attack, a nurse claims she got the fright of her life. Standing at the end of the hallway, she spotted a woman in a dark dress who she believes to be Santa Muerte.

According to the Mexican Catholic believers in Santa Muerte, she is a personification of death associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife. However, she has often been associated with Mexican crime organizations who have formed cults around her, praying to her for aid with their nefarious deeds.

Because the nurse snapped the photo on the way to attend to a patient suffering from a heart attack, it’s possible that Santa Muerte was there to escort them to the afterlife. Some viewers of the photo believe this was just an ordinary woman standing in the hallway, but others are certain that the picture depicts something far more unusual. On closer inspection, it almost looks like the figure is floating.

3. Ghostly Spirits – Poltergeist Interrupts Craft Tutorial

There are certain places where you’d never expect an encounter with ghostly spirits. For example, craft tutorials are not typically attractions for the supernatural. However, as we see in this video by YouTuber Benivey2, spirits can appear at any time in any place.

As the crafter begins his presentation, something unusual happens in the background: a cabinet door opens on its own. A few moments later, the door slams shut without anyone approaching it. The sound startles the man, who immediately turns around to investigate. He opens and closes a few of the cabinets, searching for the source of the sound, but comes up empty.

Typically, a ghost with the ability to manipulate objects in the physical world would be considered a poltergeist. Poltergeists are often playful nuisances, but can sometimes cause more serious harm. Hopefully, this poltergeist will stick with simply messing up YouTube videos.

2. Ghost or Intruder?

I photo from our security camera. We don’t know what it is and when we checked outside nothing was there. from r/Ghosts

When Reddit_Watcher04 saw something unusual on their security camera, they didn’t know what to make of it. Upon investigating the incident, they were left wondering if they should be afraid of fellow humans or something paranormal.

The security camera shows an image of the user’s back yard late one night. There is little light, but the night vision camera was able to pick up something terrifying: the figure of a person standing among the yard’s bushes. The figure’s clothing seems to glow white in the dim light. However, the most terrifying aspect of its appearance is its face; although its clothing comes across as relatively normal in the photo, its face is a complete blur.

Some viewers who have seen the photo believe that the figure was entirely human: most likely a thief with a stocking over his head scoping the house out as a potential target. However, when the homeowner went outside to investigate, they saw no evidence of a person lurking in the yard. No one can say for sure whether it was a spirit or a criminal that was captured on the camera. Either way, this homeowner has good reason to be frightened.

1. Found Footage of Demon Possession

In this final video, YouTuber Cody brings us one of the scariest ways to encounter ghostly spirits: through possession. The video depicts an extremely emaciated man breathing heavily as he lies on a bed in a darkened room. As the camera examines him, a closet door slowly creaks open on its own. In the few seconds it takes for the cameraperson to close the door, the possessed man disappears from the bed, only to be found standing eerily in the corner of the room staring at the camera.

The footage then cuts to images of the possessed man tearing off his own fingernails as he sits crouched on the unkempt bed and audio of him laughing evilly as he writhes beneath the sheets. He groans and yells monstrously as his skeletal frame thrashes and heaves on the bed. A single shot shows the person grinning at the camera.

Evidently, the ending of the footage is highly disturbing as the final images are censored.

While there is no way to prove whether the man in the video was truly possessed, the footage is disturbing nonetheless. He has clearly been starved practically to death, and shots of his face show bruising, scabs, and mangled teeth. Whether these horrifying conditions were caused by demonic possession or something far more human, the footage is appalling to watch.