Real Ghost Footage You Have to See!

4. Ghost Caught on Security Camera Bogota

In mid-2013, an eerie woman was spotted by security cameras in Bogota, Columbia.

Three separate CCTV cameras spotted the ghostly figure wandering down the street. The woman appears to be dressed in an old maids outfit. She walks a few steps, pauses, then walks another few steps, and pauses again. Each of the three cameras capture her bizarre walking pattern.

Ordinarily this footage could be dismissed as merely a person walking strangely down the street, however it’s what happens when she reaches the end of the road that will give you chills. Two of the three security cameras show the woman vanish – she just completely disappears.

A local news station in Bogota investigated the area where the footage was taken and even invited a priest to comment on the incident. They found no plausible reason for the disappearance of the woman.

3. Ghost Follows Man into Taxi

This security camera footage from Japan began surfacing in mid-2016. It shows a man getting into a taxi but what happens next will give you chills. As the man enters the taxi, some kind of dark figure follows him. The entity has long black hair and is wearing a dress with a hunched over posture. It eerily clings to the man then vanishes into the side of the vehicle.

2. Japanese Ghost Girl in Mirror

This is some old footage uploaded to Youtube more than ten years ago. It’s taken from a Japanese documentary series that looks at famous ghost footage.

In the video we see a young girl sitting in front of a mirror brushing her hair. A woman calls out getting the young girl’s attention. As she turns around, her reflection on the right pauses. It doesn’t follow the little girl’s movements at all.

This footage has been analysed dozens of times over the years. Some critics have noted that it could be easily manipulated in post-production, taking multiple shots and splicing them together. Others maintain that the footage is real and hasn’t been tampered with in any way. Some believe it to be solid evidence of a paranormal world that humans can’t normally perceive.

1. Ghost Girl Spotted in Mexican Cemetery

There’s not a lot of background information on this video, other than it’s from an unknown reality TV show. Uploaded to Youtube more than 10 years ago, the video shows a man exploring a cemetery somewhere in Mexico. In the darkness he begins to hear a young girl crying. When the man yells out, the little girl cries out for her mum. He searches in the darkness, desperate to find the disembodied voice. This goes on for several minutes, as the man gets more and more terrified.

Finally he spots an eerie figure sitting by a grave. It looks like a young girl with long black hair, wearing a white dress. She moans ‘mum’ then turns to the camera revealing glowing eyes with grey, gaunt facial features.

The man runs scared and screaming into the dark of the night.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we can find on this video. Supposedly it’s from a Mexican reality TV show. The producers of the show heard stories from locals that mysterious crying was emanating from the cemetery at night. The host of the show decided to investigate and this is the footage. Allegedly, the host was so traumatised by the experience that he had to get therapy.

Well there’s 8 pieces of real ghost footage. Did this listicle scare you silly or are they all just fake? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.