Extreme Poltergeist Activity Caught on Camera

These clips will give you the creeps!

5. Ghost Caught on Live Stream

While live streaming, Youtuber Rubzy caught something truly chilling.

It’s alleged that Rubzy was minding his friend’s cat when he encountered some poltergeist activity while live streaming Skyrim on his Ps4.

He ran several streams while staying at his friend’s place but nothing particularly odd happened. However, on one particular stream weird things started to occur.

As he’s chatting to his friends on voice chat and text, a door opens behind him. It then slams shut. He gets frightened and people in the chat begin to react. Suddenly, a light inexplicably turns on and off right in front of the camera.

The chat room lights up as Rubzy investigates what’s going on.

Over the course of the night, the door continues to open and close, the light flickers on and off and a box on the table even flies across the room.

Rubzy’s reactions appear to be genuine. With each chilling occurrence he looks honestly startled. The weirdest thing is that as the haunting progresses over the night, he gets strangely used to it and doesn’t leave the apartment which could hint at a hoax.

However, in a follow-up video Rubzy talks about his experience and even goes back to the apartment for a second stream.

After the first stream was uploaded to Youtube it gained a fair amount of exposure and thousands of requests rolled in asking if he’d go back and live stream in the house.

It’s this second stream, coupled with his explanation that makes this haunting seem genuine.

Rubzy says he felt awful prior to entering the apartment. He left it to the last minute before entering and didn’t want to go in.

Shortly after setting up his equipment and going live, the door behind him opens and closes just like the first time. This time however, Rubzy is noticeably shaken. He looks scared and his demeanor is off.

In his explanation, he talks about trying to communicate with the entity. Several people in the chat suggested he say that he comes in peace and just wants to help. At this point Rubzy says he went completely numb. He couldn’t feel his face or hands. He even says he blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened for several minutes. The last thing he remembers is coming to in front of the banging door.

On the verge of tears, he apologises to the stream and says he has to leave immediately.

Rubzy has since said that he will never go back to the apartment no matter what he’s offered.

If you want to watch the full haunted stream or check out what else Rubzy has been up to, you can suss his Youtube channel here.

4. Poltergeist Destroys Kitchen

In this video diary, a man is investigating some strange noises. He walks about the house checking rooms looking for any evidence of the noise. Finally he asks the spirit to show itself and all hell breaks loose. A loud bang goes off. The entire kitchen gets destroyed. Shelves, drawers and chairs are thrown about the room. The house alarm manically rings out. The curtains are mangled, paper and food are strewn about the floor. His friend lies in agony, writhing about on the ground. They both quickly run to the car and drive away.

3. Boy Levitating from Poltergeist Activity

This chilling little clip shows the moment a young boy was caught levitating a metre above his bed.

A terrified mother runs to her child’s aid when she hears screams coming from the bedroom. As she runs into the room you can see her son eerily floating above the bed. Then camera drops suddenly to the ground.

The video claims that the footage is being studied to better understand the nature of paranormal activity.

The problem with this clip, and many commentators have already pointed this out, is that a mother wouldn’t run and get a camera if she heard the distressed screams of her child. This errs the footage on the side of suspicious more than anything else. The visuals are very convincing though, which makes some believe that this footage is genuine evidence of a poltergeist haunting.

2. Girls Scream at Ghost

This is a terrifying clip uploaded to Youtube in 2012.

Two girls are sitting having a snack when one of them becomes unsettled. She points to the darkened laundry and says she sees something. She’s clearly freaked out and keeps insisting that something is there. Her friend, or perhaps sister, laughs it off saying that there’s nothing there. Even the mum says there’s nothing there. But surely enough, the girl is driven to tears and runs to her mum’s side.

It’s what happens next that will surely give you chills.

In the second half of the clip, the girl who said that there was nothing there turns to have another look. This time she pauses and let’s out an awful scream. She sees something standing there and immediately bursts into tears.

It’s not known what the girls see as the camera doesn’t pick anything up. Some say children are more susceptible to seeing spirits or entities that others can’t perceive.

Is a ghost lurking in the shadows, trying to make contact with these girls?

1. Boy Gets Dragged by Entity

This tense, 46 second clip, captures the moment a young boy is dragged off the couch by some unseen force. As he sleeps on the lounge he begins to be pulled by the feet. The entity is so strong it drags the boy right off the couch and along the carpet. It eerily pulls at him, pauses for a moment, then pulls him along once more.

Some skeptics think that it’s nothing more than a doll being dragged with wire. While others think the little boy is in a trance and couldn’t wake up even if he wanted to.

What do you think, real or fake? Let us know in the comments below.