5 Places More Dangerous Than the Bermuda Triangle

Would you visit these mysterious locations?

Here are 5 Places More Dangerous Than the Bermuda Triangle.

Our planet is a strange and wonderful place, filled with marvelous spectacles that inspire and thrill us. But some areas on our planet have a darker history. For whatever reason, there are certain locations that are hotspots for strange disappearances, UFO sightings and other paranormal activities. The Bermuda Triangle is one well known location, but there are numerous other mysterious triangles all over the world. Listed below are five of the scariest paranormal triangles around the world.

5. The Matlock Triangle

is one of many Places More Dangerous Than the Bermuda Triangle
Sharon Rowlands Footage

Located in Derbyshire Dales, Britain, the Matlock Triangle, as it’s come to be known, has fast become recognized by some as the UFO capital of the world. Since the early 2000s, this location has been the center of numerous unusual sightings including undefined glowing objects, cigar shaped craft and one particularly unusual object that was said to have the shape of a bowler hat.

There have been at least 25 prominent sightings in the area. One spectacular occurrence was actually recorded by Bonsall Moor resident Sharon Rowlands on October 5th, 2000 at around 9:15pm. The 44 year old was at home with her husband when they became aware of an unusual noise outside of their home. When they went out to see what had caused the strange sound, the Rowlands witnessed the incredible sight of a large disc with unusual markings and yellow and blue lights in the sky approximately two miles from their home. The craft drew very close, but the Rowlands stated that it was completely silent, not emitting sounds the way a conventional aircraft would. Mrs. Rolands caught the entire event on her camera and eventually sold the footage to an American film company.

No one is really sure what is taking place at the Matlock Triangle. There are many firm believers in the theory that UFOs are hovering over Bonsall, so many in fact that a documentary has been made about it. Others aren’t so easily convinced. Skeptics believe that the sightings are the result of planes traveling to and from Manchester Airport.

4. Bass Strait Triangle

The Bass Strait Triangle is one of many Places More Dangerous Than the Bermuda Triangle

Considered to be Australia’s Bermuda Triangle, the strange and mysterious Bass Strait Triangle is a body of water located between Victoria and Tasmania off the southern coast of Australia. Bass Strait Triangle is rampant with stories of strange happenings including disappearances, alien abductions and mysterious sea creatures.

Planes started having trouble in the vicinity as early as 1920 when a military single engine bomber crashed while searching for a ship that was lost in the area. This was followed in 1934 by a flight that disappeared during a trip from Launceston to Melbourne. The flight was last in radio contact at around 10:20am and nine passengers and two pilots disappeared along with the plane. Additional planes were lost in the Bass Strait during military bombing practice during World War ll. The most controversial plane disappearance occurred in September 1972 when a 1930s Tiger Moth disappeared during a flight from Canberra. The passenger of the plane, environmentalist Brenda Hean was taking the flight to protest against the flooding of Lake Pedder by the Hydro Electric Commission of Tasmania. Both she and her pilot were lost with the plane. There was a lot of speculation about the disappearance of Hean. She had received death threats in the days before the flight, with an anonymous caller telling her “I hope you can swim”.

Things took an even stranger turn on October 21, 1978 when while going on a training flight in a Cessna Frederick Valentich contacted air traffic control to inform them that he was being followed by an unidentified craft approximately 900 feet above the Cessna. Valentich and his plane disappeared a short time later. In his last communication he stated, “It’s not an aircraft”. The same evening that Valentich and his plane disappeared, Roy Manifold took a highly unusual photo of Bass Strait. In the photo, a strange object could be seen in the sky. It was later proven that the photo hadn’t been manipulated in any way. Roy’s son Jason, who was with him at the time, claimed that he heard a plane overhead at the time that his dad took the photo. The unusual thing about what he heard was that the sound of the plane didn’t fade off into the distance but instead came to a sudden stop, much like a radio being shut off. Manifold and Jason both felt that the photo and the sound of the plane were directly related to the disappearance of Frederick Valentich.

Investigating scientists claim that the Bass Strait Triangle is as safe as any other stretch of water, but there are many out there who would argue against that point; noting how unlikely it is for so many disappearances to occur in one specific area. The Bass Strait Triangle remains a mystery.

3. The South Atlantic Anomaly

The South Atlantic Anomaly is one of many Places More Dangerous Than the Bermuda Triangle
Science Direct

Not only do we have mysterious paranormal triangles scattered across the Earth, we also have one in space as well. The South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) was first discovered in 1958 and is located near the coast of Brazil. It is the site where the Van Allen Belt, a band of radiation, is the closest to the surface of the Earth.

The SAA has caused all sorts of problems with spacecraft and satellites that pass through it. Onboard programs malfunction, sometimes shutting down completely, resulting in the space program having to take special precautions when approaching the SAA. The International Space Station doesn’t schedule spacewalks when it passes through the SAA, which can occur up to five times daily. Observation functions are shut down on the Hubble Telescope when it moves through the SAA. Even astronauts have reported strange happenings while passing through the SAA, stating that they have seen unusual “shooting stars” in the area while passing through.

No one is completely sure about what causes these strange happenings in the area of the South Atlantic Anomaly. The main theory speculates that higher than normal levels of radiation tend to accumulate at the location, causing the glitches and irregularities. Other scientists think that the SAA is the result of a weakening in the Earth’s magnetic field, so much so that the Earth’s magnetic poles are getting ready to flip, much like they did 780,000 years ago. A lesser theory states that the Anomaly is due to alien tampering.


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