These Paranormal Disappearances Left Historians Baffled

Are there reasonable explanations?

2. The Lost Colony of Roanoke

The lost colony of Roanoke is an Historical Events No One Can Explain
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Many history books teach that Jamestown was the first colony to be established in what is now the United States. However, before the Jamestown settlers ever set foot on the North American continent, another group of colonists arrived and established the colony of Roanoke. Unfortunately, this colony is another of the most baffling paranormal disappearances in history.

The colony was settled on Roanoke island off the coast of what is now North Carolina. A group of men arrived and successfully set up the colony before returning home across the ocean. Hoping to create a more permanent settlement, Roanoke’s patron, Sir Walter Raliegh, sent a second group consisting of men, women, and children. The group of approximately 150 colonists arrived in Roanoke in July 1587.

The colonists quickly realized that they hadn’t brought along enough supplies to survive in the new colony. Roanoke’s new governor, John White, reluctantly agreed to return to England in late August, leaving the colonists to continue building the settlement in his absence.

Unfortunately, shortly after White landed in England, the Spanish Armada attacked the British. Because of the raging battles, White was unable to return to Roanoke for three years. When he made it back to the new world, he was shocked at what he found.

Or rather, he was shocked at what he didn’t find. The colony was deserted. He searched for any sign of life or clues to what could have happened. The only bit of evidence was the word “Croatoan” carved into a nearby tree. Historians have been unable to unravel this cryptic clue.

Many skeptics provide simple explanations: the colonists died of starvation or disease or were attacked by local Native American tribes. However, important questions remain. If the colonists died of natural causes, what happened to the bodies? If every one of them was afflicted, at least a few bodies would have been found. Additionally, if they had been attacked, why were there no signs of struggle? These questions have yet to be answered, leaving the fate of Roanoke shrouded in mystery.

1. The WWI Vanishing Battalion

These Paranormal disappearances historians baffled
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War is the perfect backdrop for the paranormal; some of the world’s most haunted locations are former battlegrounds. However, it isn’t often that you hear about an entire battalion vanishing into thin air.

This is exactly what happened on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. In August of that year, the Sandringham unit of the British military was instructed to carry out an offensive under vague orders. The mission’s objective was unclear. Additionally, many of the men were sick from traveling, so the mission was not an easy one.

During the advance, the battalion accidentally took a wrong turn and was separated from the other units taking part in the offensive. They decided to press on and continue to the location they were instructed to attack. Unfortunately, they soon found themselves under a barrage of machine gun fire. In an attempt to take cover from the bullets, the entire battalion ran into the nearby trees, even though much of the forest was on fire from the shooting. The battalion disappeared into the smoke and was never seen again.

Many assumed that the group had been captured and kept as prisoners of war. However, the enemy denied any knowledge of the missing battalion. After the war, when the British government made efforts to recover the bodies of as many fallen soldiers as possible, no evidence of the unit was found.

Years later, eyewitnesses came forward with a truly bizarre account. The witnesses claim to have seen strange clouds hovering over the battlefield, unmoving even in the high winds. According to the witnesses, they saw the battalion run into one of the mysterious clouds. The cloud was so thick that they lost sight of the men. While the battalion was within the cloud, it rose into the air, seemingly taking the soldiers with it.

Did the entire battalion get killed or taken prisoner during the war, or were they the victims of one of history’s most bizarre paranormal disappearances? We may never know.

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