Mysterious Videos You Really Need to See

Strange creatures, unidentified flying objects, and freakish felines are just a few of the things that you can expect to see when you explore mysterious videos on the internet. Are they terrifying or tedious? Truth or tricks? Watch these six mysterious videos and judge for yourself!

6. Mysterious Creatures Captured on Security Camera

Hi looking for someone to tell my what these small bipedal beings are . from r/UFObelievers


In 2013, the idea for the video doorbell was first introduced. Since the product has been mass marketed, users such as Redditor Luvcrystals from Dallas, Texas have been picking up strange things in their doorbell footage. It seems that these cameras are good for catching glimpses of more than just human intruders.

The camera that recorded this footage seems to have been placed near the top of the user’s garage. The footage shows a driveway and a parked car outside the user’s house late one night. It isn’t unusual for these cameras to pick up mysterious videos of passers-by or animals; however, this footage shows something else entirely.

In the driveway near the car appear two small bipedal creatures. They wander around the driveway for several seconds, and when they approach the car itself, we can see that they are about the same height as the tires: most likely between 15 and 19 inches. The creatures are an odd shape, with extremely small legs that cause them to walk with a waddling gait as they explore the user’s driveway. They are entirely in shadow, making it impossible to discern any specific features.

The viewers of the video on Reddit have suggested that the creatures could be something as normal as large birds such as owls. However, others are less sure. It is odd to see such large birds walking on the ground for such a lengthy time. Others believe that the creatures are some sort of cryptid that resembles a gnome, or perhaps even garden gnomes that have come to life!

Without additional footage or sightings, it is difficult to determine what these unusual creatures might be. Perhaps this Redditor’s security camera will yield more mysterious videos!

5. Mysterious Videos: Paranormal Activity at Fire Station

Yeah its an “electrical error” from r/Ghosts


According to a post uploaded by Redditor datboi475, working in a fire station has dangers other than fires. In this footage, we see what many believe could only be ghostly activity.

This video, which appears to be recorded on a smartphone camera, begins in chaos. The camera holder is in the office area of the fire station, and everything around them is pandemonium. The lights on the phones and other electrical equipment are blinking on and off rapidly, as are the lights on the ceiling. The person holding the phone, whips the camera around, attempting to take in the full scope of the chaos. At first, all of the crazily blinking lights seem as if they could be caused by some sort of electrical malfunction, even if the scope of the chaos is massive. However, there is another aspect of the footage that isn’t as easy to explain away.

As the person behind the camera records, a wooden door suddenly slams shut. It is unlikely that a simple wooden door would be in any way connected to the building’s electrical system, suggesting that something else is happening here. Typically, ghosts that are able to interact with the physical world are considered poltergeists: a specific type of spirit with incredible strength.

It’s said that most poltergeists are only able to perform small feats, like moving an object or turning off a light. A spirit with the ability to cause this much turmoil in such a short period would have to be unusually powerful, making this footage one of the most frightening poltergeist encounters ever caught on camera.

4. Mysterious Craft Spotted in Texas Sky



It’s a bit unusual to see mysterious videos from USA TODAY, a highly reputable news source. So when this news outlet shared these strange and unexplainable videos, the internet paid attention.

In a series of videos recorded in Texas in the United States, a group of amateur sky watchers who regularly watch and record aircraft flying over the area spotted something strange.

About six miles above the ground flew three triangle-shaped aircraft that resembled nothing they had ever seen before. The triangular crafts’ front ends resembled stealth bombers; however, the back ends of the crafts were straight, not jagged like a typical stealth bomber. A week later, another enthusiast spotted the same type of craft flying over Kansas, also in a formation of three planes.

The witness in Kansas has a significant amount of professional-grade equipment for monitoring aircraft. He claims that on the day in question, he heard air traffic controllers communicating with the craft, giving them clearance. The United States Air Force would not confirm this claim, and no crafts resembling these mysterious planes have ever been seen up close.

Could the aircrafts be extraterrestrial in origin? Their communication with air traffic controllers makes this scenario seem unlikely. Most witnesses are apt to believe that they are some type of secret transportation craft developed by the US government and kept under wraps. The true purpose of such aircraft remains a mystery.

3. Live Stream Mystery



Live streams, such as those created by YouTuber Conman 167, can cover a number of topics. However, it is less common for live streams to feature mysterious videos of ghosts.

In this live stream video, our YouTuber appears to be discussing women’s professional wrestling. The screen is mostly covered with information about the fighters and a running commentary by viewers, but the streamer is visible in the upper left corner of the stream as he talks. Suddenly, he breaks off his commentary and looks behind him in confusion. He asks if any of the viewers saw a strange white line floating down by his face.

If you watch the video closely, there does appear to be something floating in the air on the left side of the screen. It only appears for a moment, and then it is gone. Some viewers believe that it could be dust capturing the light or even smoke floating past the camera. However, others who have watched the video in slow motion insist that the motion of the white line doesn’t look like anything natural.

Is this a bit of dust, or perhaps even a hoax created by the live streamer? Or, is this a supernatural sighting? Watch the video closely and judge for yourself.

2. Cat Disappears into Thin Air

Ghost Cat – The Extended Edition from u/davidcorkill


In another strange video recorded by a home security system, Redditor Davidcorkill provides possible evidence that humans are not the only ones who haunt the living after death.

The camera that recorded this video seems to be mounted on the back of the user’s house. We can see a large, empty backyard and a small terrace. It appears to be early morning in the dim light of dawn. Everything is still and quiet. Suddenly, the stillness is interrupted when a cat emerges suddenly from the plants along the side of the terrace. The cat appears to be all white, and it almost seems to glow in the dim light. It walks along the side of the terrace, then pauses for several seconds. It stands almost eerily still, staring back at the house. Then, it turns toward the opening in the terrace and trots off toward the yard. However, just as it crosses onto the grass, it vanishes.

The Redditor who shared this video has no idea how to explain the ghostly feline. Often, things seem to appear or disappear in CCTV footage because of a glitch in the video. However, the cat in this clip gradually fades away over the course of a few seconds, making it impossible to explain it away as a glitch.

Sightings of ghostly pets are not uncommon; over the years, many witnesses have told stories of spotting their beloved pets after death in photos and videos. It’s possible that the cat that appears in the video is the spirit of a much loved pet that lived in the area at one point coming back to visit its old home or to check on its former family. However, cats have been known to cause mischief in life, so it is possible that the ghostly feline is up to no good.

1. Mysterious Videos: UFO Filmed From Plane



If YouTuber 2Sense 14 is to be believed, mysterious videos can be recorded thousands of feet above the ground. This video raises questions about what strange and unexplained things could be happening far above the clouds.

The footage appears to be filmed on a smartphone camera recording through the window of a commercial airplane. According to the YouTuber, their friend’s brother captured the footage when he spotted something truly unusual during a flight in 2019. The video shows what appears to be two long entities flying in the distance, visible just under the plane’s wing. They almost resemble kites with long tails flying behind them; however, no kite could possibly reach the same altitude as a commercial plane.

The viewers of the video have suggested several possible explanations. Some skeptics believe that the video merely shows two ordinary aircraft flying in formation in the distance, leaving exhaust trails behind them. However, others insist that the long trails are too dark to be caused by ordinary exhaust. They believe that the strange shapes were caused by alien aircrafts investigating Earth, possibly for nefarious purposes.

Is this video evidence of an extraterrestrial presence in the skies above Earth? If so, what could be the purpose of such strangely shaped aircraft? Whatever the explanation, seeing such bizarre shadows outside of an airplane would be enough to make anyone consider staying on the ground.