Mysterious Videos Guaranteed to Creep You Out

It's Certainly Hard To Explain These Mysterious Videos

What makes a mysterious video? It’s something that after viewing makes you feel a little uneasy. From a glowing orb on train tracks to a woman who appears to walk through a wall, we look at mysterious videos guaranteed to creep you out.

6. Woman Disappears Through Wall



Uploaded to YouTube by Casper Web TV, the first mysterious video on our list is certainly far from normal. While there is little information on where the footage was actually captured, the strange events that have been recorded speak for themselves.

The clip is comprised of four different camera views in what appears to be the hallway of a building. First, we see a man with short, dark hair walking along the corridor. Next, a woman in a white blouse and skirt can be seen waiting for an elevator. Then, another woman dressed in similar attire makes her way down the hallway. She stops about half way down, turns towards the wall, then appears to step right through it!

Even more mysterious is the fact that her actions seem to be performed right between two actual doorways.

When this footage first surfaced online proponents of the supernatural where quick to label the woman a ghost. However, others who were more skeptically minded thought that the clip might have been edited in some way.

What do you think? Is there really something paranormal happening in this building’s hallway? Or is there another way to explain the woman’s apparent ability to walk through walls? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Mysterious Videos: YouTuber Catches Paranormal Activity on Camera



While filming a prank phone call, popular YouTuber, Joe Weller has inadvertently captured footage of what some are hailing as evidence of the supernatural.

In the video, the handle on a piece of gym equipment in the background begins to swing back and forth. What’s even creepier is at one point the actual machine itself seems to move.

At first, it’s easy to think that the apparatus was most likely bumped by someone off camera. However, those who witnessed the event swear that no-one touched it.

As Joe continues to talk on the phone, the handle maintains its swinging motion for about 40 seconds. Initially unaware of the strange movement, it was later brought to his attention by several keen-eyed viewers.

In an effort to debunk the video, Joe and his friends attempt to re-create the scene. They soon determine that there was no one close enough to have bumped the gym equipment in the footage. Not only that, but when the machine is moved this time, the handles only swing for around 5 seconds – far less than the 40 seconds or so seen in the original video.

To make matters even more mysterious, as they attempt to re-enact the situation, they manage to capture an odd-looking blue orb. While Joe notes that he has previously seen regular, white dust particles flying around in front of the camera, this blue orb is truly unusual.

What do you think? Could the appearance of this strange light be somehow related to the inexplicable movements of the gym equipment? Or is all merely a coincidence? Either way, I’m sure the whole experience has this YouTuber wondering if he’s sharing his house with some sort of paranormal presence?

4. Mysterious Shape Seen Over Texas



When Andrea Dove was using Google Maps to get directions to her aunt’s house in Jacksonville, Texas, she discovered this mysterious image. Shortly after, she contacted ABC News affiliate KLTV to share the bizarre find.

The reddish colored UFO has since had the people of Jacksonville on high alert, preparing for a potential alien touchdown.

Reporter, Jamey Boyum from KLTV decided to do a little more investigating. After looking up the image for himself he showed it to several residents of the town. While none claimed to have seen the mysterious object firsthand, they were understandably amazed.

Since the UFO was first spotted on Google Maps back in 2012, it seems that the Street View of the area has been re-photographed and the shape can no longer be seen in the sky. However, looking at the original image it’s easy to see why the object has been compared to something you might have seen in a low budget 1950’s, sci-fi flick. The object certainly does resemble the classic flying saucer that was often depicted at the time.

Ever since Google Street view was introduced to the public, thousands of keen, armchair sleuths have used it to find all manner of strange things including several mysterious objects seen in the sky.

What do you think has been captured in this image? Could the UFO actually be extraterrestrial in origin? Or is it more likely to be lens flare or an unexplained reflection of some nearby object? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Presenter Loses Front Teeth Live on Air


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During a Coronavirus news update on Ukrainian TV, reporter Marichka Padalko felt her tooth come loose while she was speaking. According to Padalko herself, the broken tooth was originally the result of a bedroom accident in which she was hit in the face by a heavy metal alarm clock that her young daughter was swing around like a toy.

While losing a tooth is likely to be alarming for most people, the reporter manages to carry on as if nothing has happened. She simply places her hand in front of her mouth to catch the loose tooth.

Although the bizarre event went largely unnoticed by those watching the broadcast, some keen-eyed viewers did spot the tooth and soon posted the footage on social media.

Padalko saw several of the messages and decided to comment saying, ‘Yes, I actually lost part of my front tooth today during the live TSN broadcast at 9:00 p.m.’ She went on to note that it was probably the most curious experience she has ever had in 20 years as a presenter.

A colleague of hers replied personally, praising her composure in the awkward situation, saying: ‘You responded as if you lose your teeth every day.’

This footage is certainly very strange and it appears to prove that this presenter is able to keep a cool head no matter what situation she finds herself in. What would you do if you suddenly realized you front tooth had fallen out for no reason? Panic? Or remain calm and carry on? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. Mysterious Videos: Strange Object Caught on Dashcam



In this mysterious video, uploaded to YouTube by Dash Cam Owners Australia, several viewers have noticed what appears to be a strange object that can be seen in the sky. The video, which is comprised of dash cam footage shows the object emitting what appears to be either a red mist or something that looks like tentacles.

As the dash cam is bumped out of position, the bizarre object comes into view. Several opinions have been offered by viewers attempting to solve the mystery. Some think that the shape was somehow caused by the initial incident. Others are not so sure, suggesting that the object could be some kind of supernatural or extraterrestrial entity that was inadvertently recorded when the camera shifted positions.

To date, no one has been able to definitively prove what the strange object seen on this dash cam actually is. What do you think? Is the shape really hovering in the sky? Or is it more likely to be something stuck on the car’s windshield? Unfortunately, without further information, this video will have to remain a mystery. At least for the time being.

1. Mysterious Ball of Light Crosses Train Tracks



This mysterious video was uploaded to YouTube by user Andrei Trukhonovets. He was walking home along a railway during a thunderstorm when he suddenly heard some kind of high-frequency noise. When he turned around he saw a glowing, blue sphere floating above the embankment. He quickly began to film the peculiar object as it crossed over the railroad tracks.

In the footage, you can see that as it does, it seems to release some kind of electrical jolt that creates sparks as it glides across the rails. Then, as the ball reaches the other side, it shoots out another bolt of electricity that hits the light post, causing it too to spark.

Form there, the glowing orb continues down the grassy mound and into the nearby trees. There is no further information on what happened next, but viewers have speculated many different scenarios.

Some believe the orb to be an example of ball lightening. A very rare meteorological event that is seldom ever caught on camera. Others have speculated that the mysterious light could be extraterrestrial in origin.

Whatever the case is, this is certainly a very mysterious video and a truly strange experience that this YouTuber will unlikely forget any time soon.