Mysterious Disappearances That Left Authorities Stumped

What really happened?

2. Edward V

These mysterious disappearances left authorities stumped

There are some mysterious disappearances that go back centuries but are still unsolved. One of these disappearances is that of Edward V of England.

Edward V was the son of Edward IV. Royalty is often a hub of controversy and conspiracy, and Edward V’s brief time on the English throne is no exception. Upon his father’s death, a dispute arose about Edward V’s claim to the throne. His uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, claimed that Edward’s father’s marriage had not been legitimate. Parliament ruled in Richard’s favor. However, Richard feared that the people of England would still be loyal to Edward V, so he locked him and his brother away in the Tower of London. They were never seen again.

Years later, two skeletons of young boys were found in the Tower of London. Many believe that the skeletons belonged to Edward and his brother. However, historians are unsure.

Many believe that Edward V was murdered by his uncle to preserve his right to the throne. The theories are gruesome, ranging from suffocation and drowning to having their arteries cut out. Others believe that Edward died because of some mysterious illness. Some proponents of this theory believe that Richard allowed the illness to go untreated or that he ordered treatments that actually led to his nephew’s demise.

However, some people at the time, and some historians today, believed that Edward actually escaped from the Tower. There is no evidence to support this claim, but there is also no evidence to support claims of his death. For this reason, the case remains a mystery.

1. Sweden’s Mass Disappearance

These mysterious disappearances left authorities stumped

There’s nothing more mysterious than a mass disappearance. When one person goes missing, it’s easy enough to come up with plausible explanations for where they could have gone. However, when a large number of people seem to vanish at one time, that truly is a mystery.

One example of an unsolved mass disappearance is a case in Sweden in 1965. In Gothenburg, three friends who worked in the local shipyard got into a car, drove out of town, and were never seen again. This case was peculiar from the start because it took authorities days to realize that the men had left town together. This caused the investigation to get off to a slow start. Authorities then realized that none of the three men had a driver’s license. So why did they drive away together in a car?

Friends and relatives had no idea why the three men had suddenly left town. None of them had taken any large amounts of money with them. Additionally, one of the men was soon to be a father, so why would he suddenly choose to disappear?

To make matters even stranger, on the same day that the three men disappeared, a local art student also vanished. Before he went missing, he mailed his family a cryptic postcard reading, “All is well, don’t worry!” Authorities suspected the cases may be connected, but there was nothing concrete to link them.

Finally, a third bizarre event unfolded in the town that day. Two men, one dressed in drag, robbed a local bank. The robbers eventually fled to the river, stripped off their clothes to reveal full scuba gear, and disappeared into the water. Again, authorities considered a connection to the other cases but found no evidence of a link.

A few days after the disappearance, the sister of one of the vanished men saw a stranger standing outside her brother’s apartment wearing her brother’s sweater. When she confronted the man, he said the brother could be found in the pub district. However, the brother was never found, nor were any of the other men involved in these three cases. Was there some mysterious link between these disappearing men? Or was it just a crazy day in Gothenburg? Authorities still don’t know the answer.

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